Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ain't no party like a hurricane party

Well, that ho Irene sure caused a lot of dramz last weekend, yes?

Thankfully, for us Wake gals, it was mere "omg she bought the same prom dress as me" dramz... My thoughts are with those who experienced serious "bitch slept with my man" dramz.  

My mini-break started off with a bit of foreshadowing... After boarding my flight in a timely fashion on Thursday evening, we were escorted back off the plane and corralled for 2 hours whilst US Airways threw a hissy fit about a teensy-tiny storm system near the Carolinas.  As I would come to find out, our good friends at US Air seem to have an intense weather phobia. 

An airline respectfully cautious of the weather report?  Good. 

An airline who refuses to fly through anything but clear, sunny skies?  NOT SO GOOD. 

Anyhoover, I arrived in DC around 10:30 - greeted by Maggie who wracked up major Buddy Points for hosting me (a) at such a late hour (b) with a cold.  

We do a pretty good job of keeping up via Skype and email, but sitting down with Maggie in person is like a breath of fresh air.  There's just so much energizing goodness there.  And y'all?  Her home?  Is so entirely charming... If it were a man and I was a single lady, I'd totally let it touch my boob on the first date.  I wanted to curl up in the guest bedroom's cheery chevron sheets and never leave.  I am equally smitted with her Eastern Market neighborhood.  A little Friday morning exploration had me dying inside just a little bit when I remembered that, oh yes, I live in Dallas.  

Also?  We ate breakfast at a short order counter that served maple syrup out of  heated coffee carafe.

Can't beat that with a stick. 

After our morning, I bid Maggie a sad adieu {I did in fact take a photo of the two of us but it appears my camera cord is not currently residing at the Residence Inn so just imagine M looking awesome and me looking chubby in front of her happy red door} and met up with my Wake girls for Day 1 of our WGR!  

We enjoyed a late lunch al fresco and then hightailed it to the Mall for a stroll, stopping to dip our feet into the fountain at the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden and enjoy the musicians tuning up for Jazz in the Garden. 


We continued our jaunt up the mall - passing the Newseum, which had been in the plans pre-Irene {NEXT TIME} - and my little con-law-loving heart geeked out.  

On ward we pressed past the Capitol to take in some glorious rooftop views of the city, courtesy of JJO's little brother's apartment. 

We also ambled through Chinatown and experienced the Metro at rush hour... I heart public transportation... and spring rolls. 

After our afternoon of touring, we gussied up for dinner at Masa 14, which was well worth the wait!  

And then we almost died in Gandhi's cousin's 3 seater cab... all 6 of us {8 counting the fetuses}.  Par for the course.  

I'll pause to mention that, in between the hours of 3:00 pm and 2:00 am, our ombrophobic friends at US Air cancelled my return flight home, not once, but twice.  The first time, I was rescheduled for 1:30 pm Monday afternoon... but apparently that wasn't far enough removed from the utter devastation that was going to be Irene, so US Air decided to cancel all their Monday flights as well up to 7:30 pm.  Really?  We're going to preemptively shut down 2 days worth of flights from our nation's Capitol 48 hours in advance?  Seems a bit hasty, especially when no other airline joined in on the cancellation rampage.  {And my friends flying American and Delta?  Were right on schedule Sunday afternoon.}  

Saturday morning brought brunch at the Silver Diner, dark skies, and rain.  We were able to explore our lovely hostess' CEM's Arlington neighborhood on foot before the skies really opened up... and, once again, I cursed the urban sprawl that is Texas.  After a brief workout to ensure our blood did not stop flowing during the "hunkering down" hours to come, we settled in for some much needed girl time, proving once again, it's not the fancy-pants plans that make the weekend but the people you spend your time with.  

Sunday morning arrived, bright and breezy.  Irene blew through DC with very little fanfare, much to the local meterologists' chagrin.  And wouldn't you know it?  Flights began taking off at DCA and BWI around noon.  EXCEPT FOR US AIRWAYS.  Big props to Southwest - forever my boo - for hooking me up with a lovely flight home... they even let me use one of my rewards, so that sucker was free.  

And that's my recap.  

Moral:  I'd happily weather any storm {tropical or otherwise} for these women.  

They fill my heart straight up.


  1. I'm sorry you missed the Newsuem - it's, hands down, my favorite museum in Washington!

  2. Such a lovely weekend, despite wet weather and flight cancellations. I'm also quite envious of Maggie's neighborhood -- and did you order the Blue Bucks?? Yum! Also, Nick and I eat at the Silver Diner every time we visit his friends in Arlington. Finally, I know I don't need to tell you this, but squeeze in as much travel and girlfriend time as you can before the bambino arrives!

  3. Girrrrrrrl, those chevron sheets are yours anytime you want!

  4. My gosh you make me laugh every single time.

  5. What a fabulous time! A few of my bffs live near Eastern Market and I neverrrrr want to leave when I visit. You & your friends are just TOO purdy!

  6. ah....US Air....loathing, loathing, loathing.....SO MUCH sympathy

  7. Ahhh, Eastern Market! It's the best spot in DC, I just love it!


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