Thursday, August 25, 2011

email exchange

Note: E calls the wee one "she" even though the PSYCHIC POWERS THAT BE (both maternal and professional) predicted Boy.  SCOFF.

E to Kate:  You need to be sure to eat plenty of Calcium.  Baby needs it and if she doesn't get what she needs, she will take Calcium stored in your bones.   If you don't give it, she will just take it.  I like the way baby thinks.  She'll do what she wants.

Kate to E:  So basically you're saying our child is a honey badger?

E to Kate:  Yep.  Baby don't give a shit.

2 minutes later.

E to Kate:  Eat your kefir.


  1. Ha! That's great! I love that youtube video!

  2. Y'all are too cute. Here's to the little Honey Badger!

  3. To DIE for! Keep sharing these nuggets, pure gold, I tell you!

  4. You guys are too cute. And that video-absolutely hilarious!

  5. I'm dying. That is one lucky baby you're growing with such fun parents :-)

  6. Ha!

    What is Randall narrated your pregnancy?

  7. Too funny! My friend told me a horror story about that yesterday. She is a twin and they took all the calcium from her mom and her mom's teeth fell out. Got me to take more calcium!

  8. "thanks, thanks for the calcium stupid!"


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