Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's that time again...

Not quite Christmas but almost just as jolly...

{It's actually the 16th year of Central Market's Fest, 
but I liked last year's poster better... Pretty Paper 4-Eva}

That's right!  It's time to stock your freezers and toughen up your tongues... Hatch chiles are in the hiz-ouse! 

Oh yes, I said hiz-ouse.  

I'm slightly miffed that our current living situation impedes a second year of at-home roasting, but at least I have a near empty freezer at my disposal.  You can bet your finest Buffalo Nickel that I'll be buying pre-roasted, pre-packed Hatches by the pound... whiling away the time until a newly renovated kitchen and cooler Fall temperatures beg for some Hatch-y goodness.  

Corn Muffin

To commemorate this most special time, I've compiled my favorite Hatch-worthy recipes... As you'll see from the ones I've "modified," any recipe where you spy "chopped green chiles" in the ingredient list is an opportunity to get your Hatch on -- Don't miss out!  

hatch chili

- White Chile Casserole via Tasty Kitchen {my notes

White Chile Casserole

- Chicken Tortilla Pie via Martha Stewart {my notes}

- Corn Chowder with Chiles via Pioneer Woman {my notes}

corn chowder

- Chicken Tamale Casserole via Cooking Light

- Hatch Chile Potato Casserole via Homesick Texan


I'm already dreaming of a steaming vat of chili bubbling away as the sounds of College Gameday drift idly from the living room!  

Are you a Hatch stockpiler?  Any all-star recipes I should know about?  


  1. I saw the hatch festival banner when I was there last week and I thought of you!

  2. Seriously Kate, when are you going to take a little trip to New Mexico with me during the chile harvest?

  3. I've been hearing the commercials on the radio and when I went into CM (on Lovers bc I live in Dallas now - what! what!) they were ALL OVER! I thought of your love for them and how I desperately need to try these chili peppers you're obsessed with. Hope the renovations go by super fast! OH! And I found a cute duplex right off lower Greenville and I looooove it! Thanks for the suggestions :)

  4. Must make Hatch Turkey Chili with Hatch Chile Cheese Corn Muffins. I just need to figure out where they're hiding in central Pennsylvania ... hmmm ...

  5. YUMMMMM! Thank you for compiling all your fave Hatch recipes on 1 post, I can't wait to try them all this year!

  6. I don't think we can get these in Oregon, but we're seriously addicted to the Hatch brand enchilada sauce at our local Whole Foods. Soooo tasty!

  7. So funny - I remember your obsession with them from last year - I'd never heard of them until you!

  8. I happened upon some of these little wonders yesterday and bought them just for the hell of it. I have no idea what to do with them but was comforted by telling myself to do whatever "EA (my pet name for you) would do" So here's to you and your obsession with hatch chilis. I can't wait!!


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