Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sawdust, sawdust everywhere

Thank y'all all so much for the kind words... We are definitely feeling the love down here in Dallas!

With the help of 33 swamp fans and two dozen dehumidifiers, the house is just nearly dry... Dry enough to somehow trigger our security alarm with a fire/smoke warning yesterday afternoon. By the time I called the alarm company with our "safe word" {which I couldn't remember because E set the safe word and it is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous safe word in the history of safe words}, DFD was already on the scene.  At least we know they have an excellent response time {potential ax-murderers and water-heaters-considering-exploding beware!}.  This was after an 18-wheeler spit a rock at my window-shield on my commute home, causing a really impressive chip.

Can we all agree my three bad things have come and gone... for, like, THE NEXT YEAR OR SO?


Anyhoover, after our fire scare, we walked the downstairs with the adjuster, and the to-do list is pretty staggering.

I coped the only way I knew how... by making damn sure we don't miss any Real Housewives or Amsale Girls while we're classified as Displaced Persons. 

I've also discovered that, in the midst of an emergency or period of great stress, I become 100% concerned with something 100% irrelevant or unimportant to the situation at hand.  Por ejemplo, during my Near True Life: Sold into White Slavery Moment, I distinctly remember being HIGHLY IRRITATED that I wasn't wearing my tennis shoes... not because sneakers are much more effective for fleeing Italian rapists than sparkly Toms, but because ditching my luggage to escape would subsequently mean ditching my tennis shoes.  And if I didn't have my tennis shoes, how was I going to hike in Cinque Terre or climb the Duomo?  HOW WOULD I EVER ENJOY A BLISTER-FREE ITALIAN HOLIDAY WITHOUT MY DAMN ASICS?

You know, totally rational thought. 

Yesterday it was dust.  Specifically, sawdust.  All over everything.  My furniture, my photographs, the food in my pantry.... sawdust, sawdust, sawdust. 

Annoying?  Yes.

Priority Numero Uno?  No.

But I was a woman-possessed... 

Who's going to take care of this dust?  

What about the sawdust? 


Boo, indeed.

I was assured a major cleaning crew will render our things sawdust-free once the entire punchlist is complete. 

Oh you bet your sweet ass they will, Stan. 

In the meantime, we'll soon be saying farewell to our swanky digs at the Palomar in favor for something a bit more "Extended Stay Chic."  

Some of us are taking it better than others. 

"There'd better be 9,000 threadcount sheets at this new pile of bricks, bitches."


  1. So sorry that this is happening to you, but like usual your chin-up attitude makes me smile and want to be like you in any situation. Thanks for the reminder to be positive. :)

  2. On the upside, you definitely still have your sense of humor. It does royally suck, though! Ugh!!

  3. What a nightmare! We had a pipe burst under our house last summer and it was awful. They had to replace 2/3 of the hardwood in our house (which we had JUST put down ourselves the year before) but we ended up getting a massive upgrade to much nicer floors, and our kitchen got retiled. So in the end even though it was a huge inconvenience, at least we have better quality flooring to show for it. Hang in there. I know it seems like it will never end but you'll be home before you know it.

  4. I think you are totally handling this better than I would have. saw dust has to be a b to clean! argh. I think you most definitely deserve to hire someone to clean it really good after this.

  5. You are handling this way better than I would be! At least you have someone to come in and clean everything up for you.

  6. Oh, Kate, these photos make me so sad! But you are handling it incredibly well. I admire your positive attitude and totally think you and Evs (and The Boom, too) deserve a break after all this is said and done.

  7. Yes, we can definitely agree that 3 (or more)bad things have happened, and that should be the limit for the next 5 years or so. Hang in there. Things will get back to normal at some point. Precious photo of the Boom! XXXOOO

  8. Ugh, while I don't envy you the entire situation, I do envy you having someone else to clean up the sawdust. We switched some carpet over to hardwood recently, and I'm still finding items in closets with a nice layer of dust all over.

    Surely they can continue to put you up where you are in order to protect The Boom's delicate sensibilities. Who could disappoint a face like that?


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