Monday, August 15, 2011

Missoni, Missoni

So, apparently, the Residence Inn is where wifi goes to die.  I mean, seriously, when's the last time y'all had to use an ethernet cord with your laptop?

Ethernet... no Bravo... single burner kitchen.

It's like living in the Stone Age.

Or a gloomy NYC 3rd story walk-up studio circa 2002.

{Sans the redeeming NYC part of that equation.}

Anyhoover... Enough whining!  More materialism!

Missoni for Target: What are we thinking?

Gagging in anticipation?  Cautiously optimistic?

karen espn boobs

Well, if your ESPN predicted HUGE BALLS OF AMAZINGNESS, give your breasts a pat on the back! 

Missoni 1
Missoni 10
Missoni 4
Missoni 3
missoni 6
Missoni 8
Missoni 2
Missoni 5
Missoni 9
Missoni 7
Missoni 11

Just go ahead and Sharpie in "Missoni for Target: Go Apeshit" for September 13th.  In the meantime, I'll be gazing at Target Style's Facebook page, frantically attempting to narrow down my Must Purchase List into something more manageable... I'm assuming buying all 400 items might defeat the "affordability factor."

What Missoni items are on your Target wish list?  


  1. Oh my gosh, so excited for this. Dangerously so. And your post has items I hadn't seen yet! I'm in trouble.

    What is your best strategy for shopping these Target collections? Online at midnight? Going to the store first thing in the AM? I am a little clueless as Target stores don't seem to operate themselves like a traditional clothing store when rolling out new lines..more like an overall sense of indifference...

  2. I just got a pair of zig-zag flats the other day in more muted colors. I MUST have these!! So glad you posted this! :)

  3. All I can say is thank you... I will now be obsessing over every excuse I can make up to tell my husband why I needed all of these items. Must plan now.

  4. I watched Mean Girls this weekend, so I'm actually thrilled I got your reference-ha! We stayed in a Courtyard for three months last summer while our house was being repaired from our great toilet supply line flood. Had to use the cord there too, annoying! If you aren't already, be sure you are signed up and getting Marriott points. You can cash them in to go somewhere fun down the road!

  5. I'm not going to lie, I am obsessed over this development. I am more excited about this release than I was about the last freaking Harry Potter and that is saying something. Get here now September 13th!!

  6. I'm getting ALL of it. I die.

  7. Ohhhhh I can't wait for this! I love those flats!

  8. Great, I had NO earthly idea about this until I popped on over here. Not that I wouldn't have been sucked in by my twice weekly trips to Target, but still. Those mugs! PS - You are handling Residence Inn like a champ.


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