Saturday, September 17, 2011

16 weeks



I'm going to do these.

It only took me 10 weeks to make up my mind.

I'm nothing if not decisive.

If these kinds of updates make you want to hit the bottle, I totally feel you.

I used to be you.

And now I'm sitting around in my elastic waistband pants, wondering why in the world it's going to cost twice as much to send my little nugget to kindergarten than my first and second cars combined.

$12k for effing finger-painting? 

You people are smoking something way more high dollar than crack.  




Pregnancy Updates!  Let's do this shit! 

16w 3d
Hey Ostrich Neck!

Marination Time: 16ish weeks. {Not only am I decisive, I am exact as well.}

Weight Gain: 4 lbs total at my last appointment... but only one since Week 11.  My lack of bump seems to be disturbing my female coworkers, and after 87 Rounds of "Are You Sure You're Really That Far Along?," I started to get concerned.  Cue obsessing over blog friends' old preggo posts. Apologies to all those who experienced stat spikes indicating some sort of weird pregnancy fetish cyber stalker. T'was just me!  Needless to say, my mind is now at ease, but I do have a bit of Bump Envy.

Maternity Clothes: I never felt comfortable in BellaBands, thus all my pants and the majority of my work skirts now boast an elastic waistband.  The majority of my dresses still work, as do my tops. 

Sex: We'll have the anatomy scan in a little under 2 weeks!

Sociological Nerd Aside:  It really toasts my cookies when people talk about finding out the baby's "gender"... Sex is the biological and physiological characteristics {re: parts} that define male vs. female, and Gender refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women.  End soapbox rant! 

Movement: Mmmmmmmm, I think so, but I can't be sure.  Everyone says it feels like "flutters" but this feels more like a teeny tiny A.D.H.D. midget flicking me.   Perhaps Quesito takes after E already! 

Sleep: Crappy. I've never been good at going back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night... and now I wake up at least twice to pee.  The marshmallow Residence Inn bed isn't helping the situation much. 

Cravings: breakfast casserole {sadly, haven't had it though}; Sonoma chicken salad on Ritz crackers {ditto}; strawberry malt {super weird one for me} {thank you, husband and In-N-Out Burger}; Archer Farms Spaghetti Pesto from Target {constantly}; goat cheese with mango habanero jelly on top {gracias, madre!}; oranges {yummm}

Aversions: Mexican food {except quesadillas}; Greek food {except spanakopita}. 

Missing... Wine. I've had some mini-glasses, but 70 days of 100+ degree weather had me hurting for a huge, honkin' glass of Sauv Blanc or four.  And now that Fall is upon us, pumpkin ale is calling my name.

In the Non-Boozehound Category... Clear skin!  I've always had great skin - I consider it my consolation prize for never having an awesome metabolism.  Now, even my arsenal of Bliss products is no match for zit party on my forehead. 

Highlight of the Week: Technically this was last week, but hearing the heartbeat at my 15 week appointment - so much louder and more immediate than 11 weeks!  


  1. First, you look fantastic! Yay, you!

    Second, THANK YOU for the sex/gender discussion. That irks me, it's a total pet peeve. But I'm a med student, and can't really go around addressing that without coming across as a smarmy know it all, so I appreciate it when non-medical type folks take the time to note the difference between the two. You rock!

    Keep on, keepin' on - the bump will come! Bodies are amazing. Take care!

  2. So cute! I had the same skin issues (and similar metabolism...hmmm...). Try a prenatal facial (they have prenatal everything it seems) and sneak in a prenatal massage while you're at it. I found the massage helped my skin so much... At least that's what I told the husband. Also - Skin Authority products. They were Dr approved when so many other products weren't and they really seemed to help.

  3. My biffle is pregnant and she had only gained like 7 pounds up through month 4 or 5 and then BAM. All the belly started popping out.

  4. Love the update - I wish I had done them myself so I'm glad you decided to do it!

  5. Long time lurker and new mommy of a 4 week old... My face exploded and really helped me feel wonderful about myself during pregnancy (on top of expanding EVERYWHERE). On a visit to Sephora to desperately find a (salicylic acid free) miracle product, the sales lady, a mom of 4, told me to leave the fancy-shmancy, high priced potions behind and use witch hazel. I didn't learn this trick until 24 weeks, but it made SUCH a difference! And it's super cheap and safe for baby (that's what the docs have you use if you're lucky enough to get hemroids). Hope it works for you! Best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy, so happy for you!!

  6. Sex vs. Gender. Love it! I am glad I am not the only ranter about things like this around here...

  7. Haha! I hated these update things before I got preggo and thought they were so lame, and then when I got preggo I went back and ready every single one from every single blog friend that had kids. It was kind of creepy. I'm glad that I did them now, and I'm sure you will be also! Plus yours will be funny not lame! :-) And you look super cute as always! I think by this week i was large and in charge so I hope you didn't go back and look at my updates

  8. It's refreshing to see a pregnant woman indulging in modest sips of wine every now and then. I've never been pregnant but I've done a crap ton of reading on the topic and have some acquaintances who were pregnant whilst living in Europe (where drinking a little vino is no big deal-o) and my verdict is there is nothing wrong with a 1/2 a glass every few weeks or so once you're out of the 1st trimester. I guess the problem is some women don't know when to stop.

  9. oh and p.s., you look super cute too (of course ;))

  10. So glad you decided to do these! As a fellow preggo, I love reading how it's going for others. You look great!

  11. I'm so happy you decided to do these! I just had my first baby at the end of July and although I don't have a blog, I really enjoyed reading the weekly updates of others! You are one of my favorite bloggers Kate and I'm so excited you are going to allow your audience to follow along on the great adventure that is pregnancy!

  12. I think you'll be glad you did these ;) I love looking back at mine occasionally to see what was up in Baby Making Land. I also didn't really "pop" until after 20 weeks. Trust, the popping will happen!

  13. You look like a normal 16 week pregnant lady. I wouldn't listen to those women at work. I'll give you the flip side - I was HUGE then. ENORMOUS. All day I fended off "are you SURE it's not twins?" So you really can't win. Photo -

    P.S. Montessori rocks. :)

  14. You look great! I didn't get a bump until about five months. Just kept waiting for it. Still at the hotel??? When are you guys going to get to move back home?

  15. I could still wear my fat jeans until 18 weeks and have been told I didn't really pop until 21 although I thought I clearly looked prego before then. Now at 31 I'm starting the full on waddle stage. Bumps are fun for about 4 weeks, at least it was for me haha.

  16. You look marvelous :)

    Wish you lived nearby so I could have you over for breakfast casserole!

  17. I highly, highly recommend a sleep pillow now. It helped me tremendously. I have the Boppy (they have it at Target for $59sih), but I hear the Snoogle is good, too. It will help you sleep, I promise!

    (also, me at 16 weeks: I look like I drank a 6 pack of beer)

  18. You will have breakfast casserole and Sanoma chicken salad waiting for you upon your next trip to Austin in Oct.--unless it's a new and different craving by then. Promise!!

  19. I have a bad metabolism and good skin and I'm not pregnant....I'm scared for what might happen when I actually am!

  20. you look great, lady!!

    I always wondered about belly size too! I think you look totally normal :) but what is even normal, ha.

    the belly bands never worked for me. I thought my crack was still hanging out and my pants were falling down.

  21. ps - I for one...and one of many...are glad that you are going to do these posts :)

  22. Yay Kate - and I agree, the peeing in the middle of the night is ridic - so not fair! Can't wait to read more.

  23. You will not regret doing these weekly update posts! And I think you look great -- the bump will be noticeable soon enough. One thing I've learned over the past 40+ weeks is there is no "normal." Every woman is different; every pregnancy is different. Celebrate it!

  24. You so purdy! I love your tiny tummy! GAH! You are giving me baby fever. I want a quesita! (or o.) And your skin looks fab as usual. Stop being crazy, lady. You look amazing!

  25. When I was pregnant the first time, I started to wonder why it seems that no one knows how to describe those first feelings of movement, because it's so simple! Have you ever had a muscle twitch? Or even an eye twitch? THAT's what it feels like. A muscle twitch in your lower abdomen. Or maybe I'm just weird (or potassium deficient) and most people don't get muscle twitches? I do know for sure that the people who described it as feeling like "gas" must be a lot more in touch with their gastro-intestinal happenings, because the few times I've been able to say I could feel "gas," it was because something was going on and it was, like, painful. Definitely not like the subtle little twitches of the first movements!

  26. I mostly want to hug you right now...for some reason that's one of my secret pet peeves. I think people say gender because they think that it's the more politically correct of the two for inside babies since it's the more politically correct for outside people. But since most people have the scan to find out whether the kid has a penis or not, rather than to see if their wee fetus is waving a rainbow flag in utero, they're checking for the sex.


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