Saturday, September 24, 2011

17 Weeks

Thank y'all for all the kind words on last week's post... all your comments made me glad I hopped on this preggo update train!  And an extra gracias for all your stroller + car seat tips and recs!  

Marination Time: 17 weeks {I officially change weeks on Tuesdays... photos taken Fridays... so, for all you Precision People out there, I'm 17w3d in this week's photo}

"This Shit is Weird" Moment of the Week {And By "Shit," I Mean "Pregnancy"}: You know how you get the Quad Boob with an ill-fitting bra?  I apparently have the Double Belly --- not resulting from a full-panel maternity pant, as one might assume, but from the complete migration of my Muffin Top Tire from it's original home in the hip area to the newly chosen under-breasticle neighborhood.  This week's photograph illustrates this phenomenon nicely.  

Weight Gain: No scale the Residence Inn so we'll have to wait until my appointment on Wednesday... my guess is a couple pounds since my 15 week appointment. 

Maternity Clothes: Same... maternity bottoms + normal tops and dresses, so long as they are flowy or stretchy.  Outfit I'm Loving:  My maternity jeans from GAP {Always Skinnies + Ultimate Panel Trouser} paired with SNUG Camis and silk Tucker tunics.  

Sex: Wednesday is the day... Fingers crossed for a Non-Prude Bebe! 

Movement: Yep... not too often, but Quesito does love a latte and evening TV time. 

Sleep: Same. Too much urination for my liking. 

Cravings: Sweet potato fries with lots of ketchup {bizarro}.  Honeycrisp apples and naval oranges.  Lucerne's coffee caramel swirl icecream.  Starbucks' turkey bacon and egg white breakfast sandwiches.  Spring rolls from Royal Thai.  Goat cheese.*

*y'all... it's PASTEURIZED. I swear, if one more person... just TRY and find non-pasteurized cheese of any kind at your local market... seriously, I CHALLENGE you.  CONSIDER THE GAUNTLET THROWN. 

Aversions:  Big chunks of chicken.  Chipotle.  Souvlaki or gyros {but totally not tzatziki}. 

Missing...  My normal boobs.  We've been all National Geographic up in here for weeks and weeks.  I know I'll never see the old girls again, and I know this is just the tip of the iceberg.  But, honestly, I'd be happy if they would just stop itching. 

Also: Booze.  Maybe we should all just mentally add that one to the list every week, to avoid 23 more weeks of repetition. 

Highlight of the Week: Our first baby gear shopping endeavor, if only for the Ridiculousness Factor.  The real answer is watching McCoy / Shipley: The Next Generation lead the Horns to their third victory of the season against UCLA... that's not baby-related but I'm sure the wee cheese was just as excited as we were.  


  1. You look great! People get crazy over stupid stuff!

  2. I am totally with you on the cheese thing only because people say to me, "Oh you'll have to stop eating that when you are pregnant." NO. NO I WILL NOT. That said, my favorite Whole Foods blue cheese & goat cheese (two separate kinds) tubs are made from raw milk so I think those are a no-go.

  3. I second you on the cheese. That's what I tell everyone, too. My other pregnant friend tried to get a soft cheese sample at our local grocery store and THEY REFUSED TO GIVE IT TO HER! I could not believe it. Honestly?

  4. O.M.G. I totally agree with you about the cheese freaks!! My husband and I got into a b&*ching match the other night at dinner with a woman who YELLED that "god will punish me for eating the wrong foods and drinking." I ordered a virgin pina colada (my current obsession) and a salad with feta cheese. Of course we asked if it was pasteurized (even though it's a 99.9% guarantee it is in the first place) but HOLY MOLY this woman went nuts on us. Finally the manager came over and escorted her + her totally embarrassed family out and gave us our $65 meal for free!! Take THAT all you crazy cheese people -- we preggers ladies aren't gonna take it!! ;)!

    Keep up the weekly updates!! I love them!!

  5. Please please please consider naming your kid Shipley. It could work for a boy or a girl!

  6. you look great! I attended a baby shower yesterday and there was mock sangria because the mama-to-be is also craving alcohol.

    grape juice, apple juice, sparkling water and fruits (lemon, lime, apples) was so good!

    so there might be ways to sort of get the craving fulfilled...

  7. You look fabulous - and I'm so glad I am not the only one who sports a double belly during pregnancy. I don't really find too much muffin top when I'm not pregnant, so where does this "cushion" come from? Crazy! Hope baby is ready to show off this week. Let it all hang out, little bean!

  8. I WILL eat cheese when pregnant. If I have to give up booze and cheese it may not be worth it.

  9. I am loving the pregnancy updates. Your sense of humor makes everything entertaining, even to those of us who are a bit baby-squeamish. And I had no idea there were rules about cheese! The booze I understand, but cheese? Sheesh.

  10. I really appreciate the fact that you use the word "sex" instead of "gender." Hear, hear! It might be pedantic of me (especially because I study gender relations), but I think it's mostly just respectful. My friend was fond of telling people she'd find out her baby's gender "oh, in a decade or two, I suppose." ha.

  11. i am 17 weeks pregnant with my 2nd babe and i have the same double belly right now. so weird. i am ready to look pregnant and not just like i have a beer belly.

  12. I truly hate words like "radiant" or "glowing", but you look so happy and pretty and all those cliched mama-to-be words! So thrilled for you!!

  13. How cute are you?!?! You look fantastic! Good luck on Wednesday!

  14. I am also 17 weeks pregnant and I am so over the judgment. People be trippin! I am barely surviving without wine. Taking away cheese would just be cruel.
    I also have the double belly. I am kind of ready to have a little more roundness so I don't look chubby but rather pregnant.
    Regarding the itchiness, I started using the "Mama Mio tummy rub stretch mark butter". It smells good, is not greasy, and can be used on your itching boobs. It has worked wonders for me so far. Loving the updates!

  15. Can I just say how much of a trooper you are for STILL being at the Residence Inn! I could not imagine being out of our house that long. As for your 17 week post, you are the cutest. Enjoy a piece of cheese and a glass of wine tonight!


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