Thursday, September 8, 2011

fall food lustings


Things are getting ugly 'round these parts.

I have an extended stay hotel room freezer chock full of roasted Hatches.

I have renewed, second trimester energy.

And I have a huge hankerin' to cook.

Sadly, I also have but one burner, a microwave, and a single decent All Clad saute pan {you should see the tin nightmares the Residence Inn calls "cookware."  shudder}. 

You know you've reached an all-time low when your husband gets super pumped about some extra sharp cheddar shredded over {fancy, organic -- BUT STILL} Hamburger Helper.*

*Although, that stuff is pretty damn tasty -- BUT STILL, BUT STILL. 

Alas - What's a displaced gal to do? 

Pin the shit out of some delicious fall recipes and drool over them for the next month. 

That's what.  

{Thank you, Rachel!}

Source: via Kate on Pinterest

And - obviamente - some tailgating goodies... 

{Gracias, Emily & Nick!}

What are you jazzed to cook for Fall?


  1. Ooh my gosh, love these. I can't wait to cook up a big pot of chili. Philly needs to quit with this muggy, damp weather.

  2. All of these recipes look amazing! I'm not quite out of the first trimester yet, so I need to find some energy to whip up some of these treats. Or better yet, someone to make them for me.

  3. OH my goodness. You're a blogger after my own stomach! Those ALL look uh-maz-ing!

  4. Yum! I've loved every recipe from SkinnyTaste that I've made so far! When do the contractors estimate you'll be back in your casa? I'm sure you're a bit tired of life in the Residence Inn....!

  5. Yum!! How long are you guys in the hotel for?

  6. Once you go All-Clad, you never go back. :)

  7. I've done the displaced-and-can't-cook thing. It ain't fun.

    Here's hoping y'all make it out soon!

  8. You will LOVE the oven fried pickles. We might make them again this weekend. Also on my fall food lust list: pumpkin ale homebrews and apple dumplings.

  9. And now I am super hungry!

    Hope you guys get out of there soon!

  10. I can only imagine how stir-crazy you must be going. Ughhhh.

    Over on Food Lush this week I wrote about my absolute favorite fall recipe. It's failry easy, and so freaking good. DO eeet.

  11. I've got a big weekend with pumpkin planned. In fact, I just finished off some pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon butter and I've got a couple of pumpkin bread recipes bookmarked for this evening. Yum!

  12. WOW - so much great stuff! I have to make that zucchini rollatini - fab!!

  13. OMG, I made those ham and cheese-stuffed pretzel bites last weekend (the same ones! from pinterest!!)...TO DIE FOR. Also could be filed under "took 3,000 hours to make and 60 seconds to disappear," but such is life...

  14. Confession: I made the broccoli mac n' cheese saturday. MAJOR FAIL. For some dang reason I ended up with twice as much sauce as she did and it tasted nottttt that cheesy. I don't know if it was me, but please make it and tell me how to not be stupid.


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