Monday, September 19, 2011

fall wish list

In an attempt to be practical / assuming that belly will become large and in charge at some point in the near future, my "Gimme, Gimme! Grabbyhands" list is pretty light this autumn... 

School Spirited Ear Baubles

Drool-Worthy Riding Boots
frye paige

...and Cuddly, Creatively Draped Wraps
cable cardy
poncho cardigan

Allow me to live vicariously, por favor -- What's on your Fall Wish List? 


  1. Love them all! I have been eying those Frye's for awhile. I also really like the LEC emerson wedges and pulled the trigger on them as well as the merino poncho sweater you linked above as they FINALLY had a promo deal today. I have been waiting for what seems like months for them to offer something!

  2. If it helps at all, I bought the Lands End sweater with the pin, and it didn't work at all. And I was newly pregnant at the time. It was really big, had no shape, and the pin never looked quite right.

  3. This bag!

    and these loafers:

    and this green coat!

  4. I find myself wanting a large throw it over anything sweater, not sure I'd like how it looks on me but I love seeing them

  5. I am 100% a supporter of the Paige boots. I have them in brown AND black and would buy them in every other color available if I didn't have bills to pay!


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