Thursday, September 22, 2011

PPT: JPress Designs

Time has seriously slipped away from me... It's been over a month since CSP's baby shower and I've yet to share her fabulous {if I do say so myself} invitations with you.

Colleen, her husband, and their son are set to welcome a baby girl any freakin day now.  Baby Girl P has a gorgeous eggplant, teal, and spring green nursery just sittin' and a-waitin' for her arrival, and I wanted to find an invitation that reflected her mama's good decorating tastes!

Have you ever tried to find a modern baby shower invitation in a color combination that doesn't include pink?  It's harder than I anticipated.  And let's not even discuss these sorts of atrocities.

Mine eyes!

Thank the paper gods for Etsy, ammIright?

After a little perusing, I stumbled up JPress Designs and spied a customizeable invite that fit the bill just perfectly!

After several convos back and forth with Susan {who is oh-so-sweet and prompt, I might add!} - - -  VIOLA! 

Pretty swell, eh?  

And feast your eyes on some of the other lovely stationery Susan has to offer... 

For more JPress Design goodies, check out Susan's blog - She does custom work as well! 

Peace, Love, & Pretty Paper! 


  1. LOVE your choice and all these goodies!

    I had to snicker at "JPress," however, because that's also the name of an ultra-WASPY clothing store based in New Haven... which is to say, a certain husband has quite a bit of their wares lying around. ;-)

  2. Oh wow!! I love so many of those!!! Definitely saving that link.

  3. the ultrasound invitation might be the creepiest thing i've ever seen. i can't even handle people posting their ultrasound pics on facebook. please don't send me an invitation with an up-close and personal shot of the inside of your uterus.

  4. Small world! Susan is one of my very good friends and she does fantastic work and my friends and I use her for EVERYTHING!! In fact one of your pictures is the invite for the baby shower thrown in my honor. One of my favorite designs she has ever done!

  5. Hey girl! I'm so excited to see this - thanks so much for the love! I totally read your blog and follow you on Twitter (JPressSusan) and I had NO IDEA that you purchased invites from me! Crazy internet! What will you come up with next?!


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