Saturday, October 15, 2011

20 Weeks


Musings on the Weekly Photo: Please ignore the Princess Buttercup Hair.  It worked on Robin Wright Penn at the time, but I just look like a scraggly sister wife.  My locks have a date with destiny in the near future.  In outfits like this, I can see the bump coming along.  Thank you for all the Long Torso Love last week... I am really hoping all that "no stretch marks!" chatter is going to pan out for me as well!

Marination Time: 20 weeks last Tuesday... Quesita is officially Half-Baked!  While I like my steaks medium-rare, we're hoping for a well-done baby, so I'm all psyched up for another 20 weeks of cooking! 

Weight Gain: 6 lbs total at 19 weeks.  I don't weigh myself in between appointments.  

Maternity Clothes: The top I'm wearing is the only maternity top that comes close to fitting right now.  I am officially sick of my "warm weather transition clothes" {ie: my regular tops and dresses} -- come on, cold front!  

Fruit of the Week: Baby Girl is the size of a cantaloupe this week which seems substantially larger than both last week's mango and the 22 week papaya... Me things The Bump hasn't made it to the farmer's market in a while.  

Movement: I feel like I haven't felt her as much this week, which makes me second guess past "movement" a little bit... but maybe she's just chilling over on my left side more? This anterior placenta thing is kind of a bummer.  

Sleep: It might be time to invest in one of those Snoogles or whatever they are called.

Cravings: Naval oranges; mustard; Hatch mac-n-cheese.  

Annoyances: Sciatic pain.

Highlights of the Week: (1) I started prenatal yoga and I love it.  Huge Bonus Points for my instructor who also teaches hypnobirthing and, as it turns out, is all buddy-buddy with my OB.  (2) Austin this weekend!  (3) I probably should finish Mad Men and Lost before diving into another series, but I started streaming The Parenthood this week.  Smitten / Obsessed doesn't even begin to describe my feelings for this show.  I'm pretty sure it's impossible for me to dislike anything Peter Krause or Michael C. Hall does.  


  1. You HAVE to get a snoogle!! BEST. PREGNANCY. PILLOW. EVER!! Seriously- This thing definitely allowed me to get more sleep and I also used it sort of folded in half behind me when I would sit on the couch. I had some pretty intense sciatica issues for quite a few weeks in my second trimester and using the snoogle was the only way I could sit/sleep comfortably.

  2. you look great, lady! I liked the pregnancy pillow most the time, but then it got harder to unwrap the thing off me without completely waking up 349734 during the night.

  3. Look at how long your hair is! You do look great!

    Sciatica sucks when you're not pregnant so I can't imagine what it's like when you are pregnant. I hope that improves for you soon!

  4. Looking lovely!

    Love Parenthood! I think Revenge is my new Lost

  5. Cuter than anyone has a right to be:). And finally showing, I'd say. Hooray for the bump!

  6. so perfect! may I ask who your prenatal instructor is? hypnobirthing has always looked really interesting to me and i would love to explore if needed in the future!

  7. Loved Peter Krause in 'Dirty Sexy Money'...I might be the only person who wishes that it wasn't cancelled a few years back.

  8. "Scraggly sister wife" <- That's funny! And how I feel sometimes too. I think Locks of Love will be getting a donation soon. Know what helped me sleep better? A pillow wedge- like a half moon shaped thing that supports the belly. Also good afterwards as back support on a chair. Weird.

  9. Okay- here is my issue with the damn snoogle. It's itchy! It costs close to $75 then it is covered with a flipping polyester pillow case? This really angered me, as does the fact that to buy a COTTON pillow case for it, I would have to order one online for another $30 or so. So, my rec is, if you are accustomed to high thread counts in your daily life, research other brands. Mine has gotten relegated to the hall closet since I am too annoyed/lazy to order a cotton case.

    PS- you look fantastic.
    PPS- I have gained FIFTEEN pounds. Did I mention that?

  10. Oh the bump has definitely popped!!! HI baby girl!!!!

  11. Your bump looks adorbs!! I love it. And kudos to you lady, I'm already at +6lbs WITH extreme morning sickness and I'm 4 weeks behind you! haha I cannot believe you're half-way done... I think I'm still in denial about even being pregnant in the first place, and here you come halfway done already! eeeks!! So super excited for you. I hope you find a way to make your back feel better soon! Can't wait to hear the girly one's name :)

  12. You look so cute! "The Bump hasn't made it to the farmers market in a while," hehe, she must be a tiiiny cantaloupe :) 20 weeks?? Can you believe it?? Yay :)

  13. I agree--that cute top looks really great on you!


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