Saturday, October 22, 2011

21 weeks

Let's play, like, the scariest mother-effing game of Peekaboo ever, shall we?

Tra-la-la-la, Normal Looking Ka--
21 weeks

Musings on the Weekly Photo: What a difference a probably-too-tight-for-work cami makes, ammahright?  Also: BOOBS.

Marination Time: 21 weeks last Tuesday... We are something crazy like 121 days until D-Day.  I have a feeling there might be a Grade A Freakout when we hit double digits. 

Weight Gain: I'm still going to put 6 lbs total since I don't weigh myself at home... but methinks my days of Poundage Smugness are coming to an end.  Hatch Mac 4-Eva.  

Maternity Clothes: We're slowly adding maternity tops to the mix... although there's only about 3 that don't look ridiculous.  Still wearing a lot of normal flowy / stretchy tops and dresses.  Although... BOOBS. 

Fruit of the Week: Length of a banana. 

Name: She's got one.  

Movement: There is no mistaking that the movement I'm feeling is All Bebe now.  Still not strong enough to feel from the outside, but sister sure does like to tap-dance on my bladder.  

Cravings: Monster Cookie icecream; mustard; naval oranges. 

Annoyances: Sciatic pain; ab soreness {which is definitely not the result of all those crunches I haven't been doing since June}; BOOBS. 

Highlights of the Week: Hanging out with the familia and meeting sweet Ella last weekend in Austin. 


  1. Ummm....what is this monster cookie ice cream you speak of??

  2. You look great! And 121 days? That seems so soon!

  3. BOOBS. Ahahahaha you look great! Also, yes -- please elaborate further on this 'monster cookie ice cream'.

  4. hello beebee!!

    you look fantastic lady.

  5. Holy cha-chas! *lol* You look good and *perfect* holding that wee one. On the sciatica....pelvic tilts, pelvic tilts! You can YouTube exercises. They totally work. I had it for like a few days, started those exercises and then went sciatica free for the rest of my preg.

  6. ha! husband was convinced (still is) that my ah-taha were plotting to take over society a la Bebe's boobs on South Park. he even tried to nickname them Pinky and Brain (and got in so much trouble!).

    i have to agree with the above - what is the monster cookie ice cream and where might i find a taste?

  7. Haha love the peekaboo! It's crazy how it just comes overnight. I have never been blessed in the chest region so boobs were all new to me during my pregnancies!


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