Friday, October 28, 2011

brain mush

It's Friday... my noggin hurts from last night's game... this is all I've got... 

(1) Totally still grinning from all the CD Love!  To say I am psyched about cloth diapering would be a massive understatement.  You can expect a full post {or eight} on this topic.  I know, I know - yet another blogger on a Cloth Diaper Platform.... It's becoming about as cliche as the "mommy guilt" posts.  But other bloggers have been my greatest source of information on the topic {oodles more helpful than the chatboards that make your head spin with their intimidating acronyms}, and if my totally OCD color-coded spreadsheets ramblings can somehow "pay it forward," then I'm happy to clog your Reader with more Hippie Mama Propaganda!  

(2) In a similar vein, I'm attempting to write a post on why I'm aiming for an intervention-free birth that isn't divisive. I realize you can't please everyone but, damn, peeps get their panties in a wad reeeeeal quickly over simple, declarative statements such as "I'm aiming for an intervention-free birth."  I suppose we all read judgment where we want to... but I just have to chuckle, because when's the last time someone wrote about their decision to buy a home and received a slew of comments to the tune of OMG YOU ARE PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVELY SHITTING ALL OVER MY PERSONAL DECISION TO RENT WITH THIS SANCTIMONIOUS POST! 

(3) Switching gears completely, Dexter isn't really doing it for me this year.  Which hurts my Michael-C-Hall-lovin' heart.  I'll still watch 'til the bitter end, but I think the show likely reached it's pinnacle with the Trinity season. 

(4) There are few things that will turn me off of your product more than employing intentionally misspelled words for the purpose of being cutesy or catchy.  No, I do not want to drink "koffee" at your "korner."  Ever.  And I'm really miffed that, one day soon, I will actually own a product called the "My Brest Friend."  Dude, we would have gotten the "best friend for my breasts! haha, get it?" association if you had spelled "breast" correctly.  Also, who are you marketing this thing to?  12 year olds?  Does it come with matching, break-apart necklaces for me and the pillow?  Friendship bracelets?  A medium pepperoni pizza and a phone book for prank calls?  

(5) I'm in the market for an excellent pumpkin soup recipe, if anyone has one! 

(6) After a few requests, someone had a little too much fun with Publisher last night... 

(7) That same someone has no earthly idea how to embed a PDF into HTML for others to download. So if you'd like to join my Campaign for Halloween Etiquette, shoot me an email and I'll share. And YES, I do have a version that doesn't call small children asshats.  It's substantially less awesome, but, ya know, more practical, I suppose.  

(8) Baseball isn't really my thing {although, ballpark hotdogs very much are}, but this World Series jazz is pretty exciting.  And it would be great to see the Rangers win.  I love a good Underdog Success Story.  And I love Nolan Ryan.  And men in tall socks.  And ballpark hotdogs.  Did I say that already?

(9) Happy Friday!


  1. I'm not really talking to anyone about my plans for the birth. I absolutely can't stand the way people react when you mention "low intervention" or "natural", etc.. and I'm afraid that I'll react REALLY badly so I just try to avoid talking to people about it unless I know for a fact how they stand on the topic. It's a shame because I would love to talk to more people about it. Drives me bananas (and not the good, RZ kind of bananas).

    Love your asshats sign.

    And love hot dogs too.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Your buying v. renting analogy is perfect... back the eff up, judgmental peeps! One person's home birth bathtub is another person's c-section. To each her own. And if you don't want people to shit on your decision, stop shitting on theirs! Geez.

    Now back to my Koffee Korner to calm down...

  3. I'm totally going to intervene in your birth.

  4. Totally agree on intentionally misspelled words...with ONE exception...some things, people, really and truly are classy with a the Kardashians for example..they are super Klassy.

  5. So, intervention-free birth. Totally awesome. Just sayin' (...and I birthed a 10+ pounder, that gives me bragging rights, I do believe.)

    In all seriousness, I just think you have to prepare yourself mentally. You can do it! (Even if your hubs calls you a pussy, like mine did. Prove him wrong.)

  6. 1) Long time lurker, first time commenter here...

    2) I loathe kre8tv spelling. It makes me want to vomit.

    3) The best pumpkin soup recipe ever = Deb's Black bean pumpkin soup. I have a friend who makes it without the ham (the horror!) and purees the whole batch for her 5 month old. It's delicious, no matter your age or chewing capabilities.

  7. Question: Does daycare work around cloth diapers? I would like to look into CD's but I assumed daycare wouldn't allow it? I don't have kids yets so I am ignorant on the subject. Very interested to find this out though because I would like to try them when I have a baby.

  8. What is an intervention-free birth exactly? Obviously, I am a terrible preggo who has done no research (ha, thanks wonky uterus and complication-filled pregnancy for eliminating all options).

    Purposeful misspellings are my greatest pet peeve. Seriously. I am one of the greatest purveyors of meat and three types places, yet I refuse to go into a Kountry Kookin or the like. Hell to the no.

  9. @Valerie - It might take some hunting, but there are definitely daycares that work with cloth diapers! The all-in-one and the pocket-styles look and work just like disposable diapers - the parents just provide a wet bag that goes home with the child every evening and puts the dirty diapes in the wet bag instead of into the trash can. No extra work for them!

  10. You are so right about the freak.outs. that happen at the mention of no intervention births! I'm not pregnant, but we're trying, and that's what I'm looking into. I actually had a friend tell me that I was judgemental of women that had epidurals because I decided to try for a natural birth, ha ;-)

  11. Was just about to ask the same thing about cloth diapers with daycare. I had thought a LOT about it, especially after reading Young House Love's detailed posts about it and how easy/great it is. But, I don't think that many of the church child care centers that I am looking at will do cloth diapers. Dang! I really thought none of them would, but maybe just the ones I have asked. Hmmm...maybe something to look into again.

    Totally looking forward to your posts (or 8!) on CD!

  12. The Trinity season of Dexter will probably be their best ever. This season isn't doing much for me either but I keep reminding myself that every season, it has taken me at least four episodes to really be all "ohmygah, Dexter is on tonight!" Needless to say, I'm with ya on that Michael C. Hall bandwagon all the way. Also, is anyone else curious to watch the dynamic between Dexter/Deb post Michael/Jennifer divorce?

  13. I am totally with you on this season of Dexter. It makes me sad. But I keep watching each week, hoping that it will change!

  14. BWWWAHAHAHAHAHA. Love the Halloween sign. I am so making one for our door! Thanks for the idea!

  15. oh dude, women get SO RILED UP when they ask you your birth plans and you mention no interventions/no pain's ridiculous. and don't get me started on the reactions when they find out, after the birth, that it was done with no pain meds. all of a sudden you become a weirdo who LIKES pain.

    cloth diapers intimidate me.

    i cannot STAND when words are misspelled on purpose. why try to look stupid on purpose?

  16. *raises hand* 2 kids, 2 births, no nothin' but breathing and rocking and pushing either time. I have some good tips, when the time comes and you're asking.

  17. @Valerie Kate's right, our daycare (Primrose for what it's worth) will do CDs as long as we provide a wet bag and some disposables for backup if needed. They didn't have any issues with it when I asked. We are using the all in ones to make it easier on everyone.

    I applaud you knowing what you want for a birth. I too wanted to go into labor naturally and not be told what I "had" to do during labor. Sadly, my health didn't allow that experience, but because I had researched I knew a bit better what to expect when the interventions occurred.

  18. I have a great smoked pumpkin soup recipe--now I just have to find it!!

  19. Forget the Breast Friend and go with the Boppy!

    Your birth should be what is best for you and the baby, whatever that may be!

  20. There is an awesome butternut squash recipe here:

    I'm sure you could adapt it for pumpkin. You're crafty like that.

  21. This one is my favorite and stolen from my friend's blog:

    Au Bon Pain’s Harvest Pumpkin Soup
    (our modified version)

    original recipe can be found here:

    Serves 4-6

    1 can of pumpkin puree (20 oz, I just buy the giant can and measure out about 20 oz, or you can just eyeball it)
    Salt & Pepper
    3 Tbsp butter
    1 onion, diced
    1 small potato, peeled and diced (we used a yukon gold)
    1/2 cup carrots, diced
    1/3 cup celery, diced
    1 tsp ground ginger
    2 tsp ground cinnamon (plus more, to taste)
    1 teaspoon cumin (to taste)
    1 1/2 Tbsp tomato paste
    1/4 cup brown sugar, packed
    4 cups vegetable (or chicken) broth
    1 cup half & half

    In a large stock pot, melt the butter. Add the onions, carrots, celery, and potato and saute until the veggies are all soft and translucent.

    Then add the ginger, cinnamon, cumin, tomato paste, and brown sugar. Stir to combine heat over medium until the sugar is dissolved. Add the vegetable stock and bring the pot to a boil.

    Then add the pumpkin puree, along with the Half & Half. Return everything to a boil. Using a slotted spoon, scoop out as much as you can of the vegetables and pumpkin and squash, and liquify it using a blender (or if you have an immersion blender, that would be perfect for this).

    Return the liquefied veggies to the pot. You don’t have to blend the entire pot – just however much you want to that you’re comfortable with the consistency of the soup. When everything is smooth and heated through, taste and add salt/pepper or cinnamon as needed.

  22. I'm with you completely on this season of Dexter! I refuse to give up on it entirely, but this season really isn't doing it for me. The Trinity season was definitely the best!

  23. It's funny to me - there are SUCH differences of opinion in choices regarding delivery. Portland, OR (where I live) sounds completely opposite of Texas. Women freak out and are condescending when people choose a plan for anything BUT a low-intervention birth here. I worked several years in labor & delivery research at a university hospital & now plan on going into Ob/Gyn when I graduate from med school, and unfortunately have seen attitude/judment toward women's choices lots and lots of times. Kinda makes me sad, because we women have it hard enough already without adding judgement/competition for our decisions and experiences to the mix. At the risk of being trite, let's all just get along!

    Personally, I'm pro-choice and I think that applies to all aspects of women's health. You rock out with your birth plan!

  24. Another lurker here, first time commenter. I CD as well, and I LOVE it. I'm the same way--all the CD love on the blogs got me into it and I'm hooked. Also, I registered for the Boppy and got one, but had the chance to use the Breast Friend at a doctor's appointment and MAN I wish I had the Breast Friend! So much better than the Boppy in my opinion. I agree about the spelling, too. :) Finally, you go on with your birth plan here--it's your blog! I did an intervention free birth, too but I am slow to share about it because once you choose the hippie route you're often the first to be crucified. :)


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