Sunday, November 27, 2011

26 weeks

Musings on the Weekly Photo: Two Words: Donut Bellybutton. Not cool.

Marination Time
: 26 weeks last Tuesday.  

Weight Gain:  Unknown until the 5th. 

Maternity Clothes:  Stocked up on a few more items this weekend -- thank the lawd for after-Thanksgiving sales and early Cyber Monday deals! At this point, my whole "gimme color!" issue with maternity wear has become simply "gimme a sweater that covers this huge belly!" 

Fruit of the Week: Still an eggplant.   

Cravings: Ice cream.  And pie.  And hotdogs. {MUSTARD}

Annoyances: No stretch marks... but it looks like I will have a linea negra. Which just reminds me of that nasty black vein you have to pull out when you clean shrimp. Blah.

Highlights of the Week:  So many fun things this week!  We enjoyed a beautiful, fun baby shower with family and friends last Sunday {full recap to come}. Then Thanksgiving, of course.  On Friday, my father-in-law helped E put together a ton of Quesita's gear {crib, stroller, snap-in-go, carseat, swing, and high chair, oh my!} and I organized a bunch of her clothes. Shits gettin' real, y'all... in a really wonderful way!  And, finally, our halls are officially decked out in their holiday finest... Yay Christmas! 


  1. Looking Good! Hated the donut belly while pregnant. Ugh. Also hate the linea negra. I am still rockin it 2 months post birth. Hoping it goes away soon!

  2. Cutest. Belly. EVER. PS- WHY YOU HAVE SUCH SKINNY LEGS?! I'm so jelly.

  3. I totally laughed out loud at the shrimp reference! The good news is that line goes away with time and the stretch marks do not.

  4. Love the red top and sweater!


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