Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Food Prep & Menu

Getting organized...

This year marks the first Thanksgiving in a long while that I've been able to flex my culinary muscles, and I'm pretty thrilled to be contributing five dishes to Thursday's feast!  

Since I'm working through Wednesday, and we're eating our turkey early {around noonish}, I had to get a little OCD with my food prep schedule.  And, as I am apt to do, I'm already off my timeline.  Oh well.  It will all come together... my master checklist assures me as much!

Full reviews coming on Sunday's Menu Post, Thanksgiving Edition, but here's the rundown on what's cooking in my kitchen this week, in case you're still on the hunt for that last-minute side dish!


T-Man's Cranberry Sauce
My father is quite proud of this dish... as he should be!  After all, his masterpiece is printed on the back of every package of fresh cranberries! 

  • 1 package of fresh cranberries, picked over
  • 1 c. water
  • 1 c. sugar
In a small sauce pan, bring all ingredients to a boil.  Reduce heat and stir until cranberries burst and the liquid cooks down to your preferred consistency.  Cool and refrigerate.  Serves 4-8, depending on your fervor for cranberries. 

Jan's Squash Casserole
So delicious and relatively healthy for a casserole. Of course, I add a tad more cornbread stuffing and a smidge more butter.  I also add 1 more pound of squash.  So it all evens out, yes?  Original recipe can be found here

Hatch Chile Mac-n-Cheese
Courtesy of the lovely Waspy Redhead.  E thinks he doesn't like mac-n-cheese.  Something about lactose intolerance, I don't know.  But when I made an entire pan of this all for myself back in October, the little sneak had a portion and immediately requested this dish be added to the Thanksgiving roster.  Ask and ye shall receive.  

Cornbread Dressing with Smoked Venison Sausage
I'll let y'all know how this one goes... I'm inventing it on the fly, using my Mama J's traditional cornbread dressing recipe along with a dash of this Cooking Light version.  Add in my dad's smoked venison sausage and I am hoping socks will officially be knocked.

Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust
Apple pie and I have a Relationship.  One that I've honestly neglected over the past few years.  So I'm pleased to get reacquainted.  I'll be tweaking my original recipe by mixing in some Cameos with the Granny Smiths and with the addition of Alexandra's cheddar cheese crust.   

Wish me luck! 

What's on your menu this Thanksgiving? 


  1. Oh my goodness you are so organized! I haven't even done my grocery shopping yet!!! No idea when that is all going to get done!

  2. Ooooh, this looks like it's going to be an amazing meal! Can't wait to hear how it all goes! :D

  3. the apple pie with cheddar crust is amazeballs. i made it last year and i had to stop myself from eating the entire thing at once. so yummy! everything else looks fab too :)

  4. Your OCD master list makes my heart happy. Can I tell you how much I love that you have different fonts and bullet points? I'm a fan.

  5. Love the list; this is SO us, too! AND.... every dish in the frig is labeled. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. The venison stuffing sounds amazing - KB killed a deer yesterday so I'm sure I'll have to find some recipes to use it up.

  7. I made that Squash Casserole last year and am shooting myself for not thinking to do it again this time around! Oh well, there's always Christmas.


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