Monday, December 5, 2011

27 & 28 weeks


Musings on Weekly Photo:  Heinously unflattering. I'd been battling IKEA all afternoon, so you'll have to excuse me.

Marination Time:  My week changes on Tuesday, but I've been posting these little updates on Saturday.  Since I'm running a little late this week and tomorrow marks Week 28, I'll be zipping along in "real time" from now on!  

Weight Gain:  22 lbs. WELL, HELLO.  Now, I know what you're thinking... "Damn, double her old total weight gain in 5 weeks!  How ever did she get so lucky?"  Some gals are just plum fortunate, folks. {VANITY POINT NUMERO UNO: It's freakin' cold here, I was wearing jeans and double layers, and Bitch Nurse wouldn't let me take off my Uggs.} {VANITY POINT NUMERO DOS: Tons of walking from our NYC trip caused some major swelling in my lower extremities... Water Weight, Water Weight, Water Weight... right?} {VANITY POINT NUM-- Okay, I'm over it.}

Maternity Clothes:  I wish I could justify a nice, well-fitting, wool maternity coat, but it just doesn't seem worth the money for a Texas winter.  Instead, I paid $30 for this sucker... a glorified sweatshirt disguised as a pea coat. It's thin, it pills, it's impossible to pull on without getting the sleeves of your regular cloths all bunched up.  Blech.  However... Full Panel Skinny Jeans = Redemption for Old Navy Maternity.  Love these guys. 

Fruit of the Week / Size of Baby: Eggplant last week {27} and eggplant this week {28}.  Our little eggplant is currently 2 lbs 8 oz according to today's ultrasound. 

Movement: Quesita is becoming quite the busy bee - she's much more active these past few weeks! She also seems to like her space - whenever I wear pants that aren't full-panel, she kicks right at the waistband.  Smart girl.

Cravings: That same ol' mo fo Captain Mustard!  NYC offered up quite the bounty... street vendor pretzels, kosher dogs, and mini pigs-in-a-blanket with horseradish mustard, classic French's, and Jack Daniels Old No. 7 mustard.  Deeeeee-light! 

Annoyances: My feet and legs swelled up like woah after 2 days of extensive city walking.  My heels and ankles are actually bruised from all that activity... activity that wouldn't have even phased me 6 months ago.  I'm also running out of room in my rib cage... not really annoying unless I yawn, but still a really odd sensation. 

Highlights of the Week:  Our trip to the Big Apple, por supuesto!  Full recap to come, but we had a glorious time sight-seeing, eating and visiting with one of my favorites.  We got some adorable goodies for the wee one as well.

Itty Bitty Artisan Market finds

Medical Updates:  We had a great ultrasound with the perinatologist today.  My placenta is super high and there is no concern for vasa previa {VP} to develop with my Velamentous Cord Insertion {VCI}.  The membranes are looking "much less concerning" than they were 4 weeks ago {concerning because of fluid levels, I believe}.  Most importantly, Baby Girl is growing right on track for her due date.  She is measuring 42% on the charts, but we will continue to monitor her growth carefully to watch for restriction.  Restriction is unlikely to become an issue before 32 weeks {and hopefully much later than that} so we'll begin biweekly or weekly {depending on future findings} in 4 weeks time. 


  1. My ob nurse tried to convince me at my 6 week appointment that taking off the Uggs would do no good. At my 10 week appt the doc told me I had lost 4 pounds. I informed him that was sweater and Ugg weight and I take no credit for it.

    very cute owl dress :)

  2. Glad things are going well for you and your sweet little baby :)

  3. So nice that you were able to visit NYC and satisfy the craving! Oh, and that little dress is Adorable!!

  4. Ahhhh yay! So glad you had a great appointment. I've been thinking of you and hoping that Quesita has been growing healthily in there. Hope you're feeling well otherwise!

  5. YOu look great!!! Can't wait for the NYC post and the Book of Mormon review.

  6. You look great! I'm glad things are looking better for you and the baby!

  7. freaking adorable little dress---and you look fab no matter what weight you may gain. Pish posh to the scale.

  8. Yay for growing right on track and LOVE the owl jumper! Perfect for a little Chi O legacy :)

  9. So happy to hear that Quesita is getting bigger by the day! Also, I knew that you would "grow" to love those full panel pants. I seriously lived in my Gap pair.

  10. i am right at the same point in my pregnancy and also went from having gained like 10 pounds to 19 as of this week! what the what? oh well, it is for the baby :D


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