Tuesday, December 20, 2011

30 weeks

Note: I have no earthly idea how I managed to screw up the text colors in this post.  All of a sudden, I hit preview, and everything was highlighted in white.  This is the least eye-stabby I could make it without retyping the whole shebang.  My apologies to your retinas. 

OOTN: Ready for fried crawfish tail sushi rolls!

Marination Time: 30 weeks today.  Thirty. Weeks.  It feels like a lifetime and a split second at the same time.  Since the VCI means an early arrival for Quesita, I am now down to single digits in the Weeks Left Cookin' This Bun tally... this FAH-REAKS me out to no end, but we are really ready to meet this kiddo! 

Weight Gain: Nothing to report until Thursday. 

Maternity Clothes: I'd be utterly lost without those hand-me-down Old Navy pants I mentioned last week. I wear those suckers at least four times a week now.  HUGE thanks to Colleen for those! My GAP City flats and Missoni for Target flats are my go-to shoes.  My favorite gray boots still fit, but I can't get them off by myself... which means they are out for work unless I want to trudge around in them for 3-4 hours after I get home, waiting for E to come free my feet. I wonder how Uggs fit into my company dress code?  My "hanging 'round the house" t-shirts are officially ridiculous looking. I should have married someone fatter, because E's don't work any better. 

Fruit of the Week / Size of Baby: Still a squash. 

Movement: I think she's more into summersaulting than kicking these days.  She's definitely a little sasspot... I'll brag that she's a mellow little cheesette, and the next minute she's aggressively attacking the water aerobics.  Dislike for Pigeonholing?  Duly noted, Baby Girl.  Additionally, she either loves or detests Florence & The Machine's latest jam... cracks us up!  

Cravings: Reubens... with mustard {haven't scratched that itch yet, though}.  Dark chocolate chips.  Asian food.  F Bomb sushi roll from The Fish {happily, it contains cooked crab and crawfish, so I got to indulge!}. 

Annoyances: Sausage fingers, toes, wrists, and ankles...My watch now feels weird as I like to wear it looser. I'm pretty damn warm most of the time - I'm not sure how you Summer Mamas do it!  Forget about cute Christmas pajama pants... it's sleep shorts, tanks and the ceiling fan on high for me!  Acid reflux LIKE WOAH in the afternoons {very thankful it doesn't keep me up at night, though!}. E says I'm starting to waddle...I disagree, but might just be delusional.  Minor stuff aside, I recognize how lucky I am to still be feeling this good!  

Highlights of the Week: E and I spent a very relaxing weekend together, accomplishing enough to feel productive but logging a lot of relaxation time as well. With the holidays and end of the year hubbub, we haven't had many of those. Our days as a family of Two + Boom are numbered {duh}, and it was pretty glorious just to hang.  Since we spend Christmas in Waco with my family, we also enjoyed our Christmas celebration with E's family this past Sunday.  

Nursery / Baby Prep Progress:  All L's clothes sizes 0-6 months are now freshly washed!  After registering and un-registering for about 11 different "official" diaper bags, I finally pulled the freakin' trigger and ordered a canvas tote from Land's End.  More on that schitzo decision in the inevitable Baby Shit I Bought post, but check out how badass my child's monogram* is when printed in diamond configuration!  It's the little things, people...

First Monogrammed Item! Patting myself on the back for such a symmetrical name choice

As far as the nursery itself is concerned... our bedding arrived, the dresser and nightstand are in my trunk, and the only item left to be delivered is the glider.  Windows were measured for curtains this week {thank you, Eileen!}.  I cannot wait to see the room come together a bit more after Christmas when my parentals are visiting!  

*Name Notes: I swear I'm not trying to be too obnoxious well perhaps just a little bit about the Big Secret Name Thing.  She's actually "out" - for the most part - in "real life."** We're really just trying to figure out how searchable we want this little one to be in regards to social media.  After all, poor kid didn't choose a mom with a propensity for internet overshare any more than she chose one who likes to bake sans pants whilst singing O Town's "All or Nothing." 

**and now I've made my poor child sound like a pint-sized, cross-dressing can-can dancer.  Oy vey, the therapy bills. 


  1. Ha, I can't count how many times I told Wade I wish he was fatter while I was pregnant so a) I could have borrowed his t-shirts and b) I didn't end up weighing more than him!

  2. I love your update posts! It's so funny how quickly time goes while you're pregnant...but at the same time it feels like an eternity.

  3. I'm happy to hear you are doing so well at 30 weeks, Kate! You look great! Time certainly flies, doesn't it? I use a Lands End canvas tote to schlep all my little one's stuff back and forth to daycare everyday and it works GREAT, while my pricier diaper bags collect dust. Hope you, E and the boom enjoy your last Christmas as a family of 3!

  4. Ooooh I have a guess on the name, and that monogram seriously does look great. Symmetry!!

    Should...I take partial responsibility for your rueben craving?

    Also, I like that you called her 'a mellow little cheesette'. Little CHEEZIT!

  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting down to O-Town when you bake with no pants. Nor is there anything wrong with baking with no pants. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  6. It's going by so fast! Can't wait to "meet" her.

  7. I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow and it is insane how fast, yet slow it goes by! Also, I'm kindly requesting a Cloth Dipe post :) We're doing it and I'd love to read about your stock up process, washing, all that good stuff!!

  8. Oh and one more. Maybe you could post a picture of her name for us to see. I know That Wife is super protective over her son, but she posted an image of his name so it wasn't really searchable. Just an idea!

  9. Love your updates! So lighthearted and refreshing!


  10. Love the color of top you are wearing to death. And how are you already 30 weeks?!?!

  11. I can't believe you're 30 weeks - you look great!! Glad to hear everything is moving along well - can't wait to see the nursery, I'm sure it looks precious!

  12. Wait. The baby ISN'T going to be named Quesita?

  13. I love the shirt and necklace combo. Quesita is bound to come out sassy and stylish.


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