Tuesday, December 27, 2011

31 weeks

Christmas 2011 013

Musings on Weekly Photo:  Puffy Face.  So not happy to see you.  Also, please note that I thought we'd be showcasing our Christmas tree in this photo... not so much seeing as I now take up the entire frame.  Oops! 

Marination Time: 31 weeks on the nose. 

Weight Gain: 3 pounds up... making the grand total 25 pounds.  Note: I would much rather say "up 25 pounds" than utter the number that actually appears on the scale these days.  It is The Weight That Must Not Be Named. 

Maternity Clothes: Same as the last few weeks... I'm really hoping not to purchase any more maternity wear, although I should probably invest in a few more pair of these guys, if only for the sake of my water bill.   

Fruit of the Week / Size of Baby: Damn Bump still says Squash. Next time around, I'll roll with the Baby Center chart... they seem to have a much better grasp of the variety of produce available. {32 weeks = Pineapple... me gusta!} 

Movement: Rockin' and rollin' like a champ.  She definitely reacts to music... all three hours of Les Mis and Silent Night at the candlelight  Christmas Eve service were big hits this week!

Cravings: With so many Christmas goodies abounding, I'm not sure I can say I've had any actual cravings... more like "let's eat every sweet available and top it off with a big bowl of Texas Trash and call it a craving for peace of mind."  

Annoyances: ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN.  Hate it, hate it, hate it... especially since it feels scary, even though it's 100% normal {sudden, stabbing pain to the belly? no problem!}.  Achy hips on whichever side I happen to be laying on... as a result, I am one large rotisserie chicken at night.

Christmas 2011 004
time for a new stocking addition!

Highlights of the Week: Christmas, duh.  As is tradition, we spent Christmas in Waco at my grandmother's home, surrounded by family.  Lots of good food, good conversation, good waddles walks, and good people!  And it sure was excuse me while I hyperventilate exciting to imagine what next year will be like... with a 10 month old!  I am more thrilled than is likely normal to have Santa visit us again... it's been a long time.  


  1. You look fantastic, and that is a very lovely shade of blue you're wearing!

  2. The weight that must not me named...I feel ya on that one! Yay for 31 weeks! Once at 30 I start counting down!

  3. I ate all that nasty stuff and had the weight that shall not be named and I'm not preggo!

  4. Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I gained at least 50 pounds with each pregnancy. It came off, both times. By the end I weighed more than my then-husband, all skinny 6 feet of him:).

  5. You might feel puffy-faced but you look great! And by that point in my pregnancy? I'd gained WAY more than 25 - so way to go!

  6. I LOL'd at many things in this post, including your 'Weight That Must Not Be Named' and the rotisserie chicken comment. Hilarious. You look fab and I can't WAIT to see how amazing Christmas is next year with a 10 month old. Magical, I tell you.

  7. Ignore the scale! I had a meltdown somewhere around 36 weeks, because the scale scared me. It'll all come off!

  8. I'm a little late on this but you look amazing!! Pregnancy totally agrees with you - but I can imagine being up 25 pounds shows a very, very scary number on the scale. When I get pregnant I don' think I'll be sharing that number with my husband...or anyone else!

    But I can't believe that at Christmas time next year you will have a 10 month old - thats a crazy thought. All the best to you in the new year! XO

  9. I just came over from Brie's blog and had to comment- my name's Kate, I'm a lawyer and I hit 31 weeks on December 27 :) You're looking fantastic- I'm in *ignoring the scale* mode, and have been for several weeks now!

    Good luck for the next few weeks (and months) I'll keep checking in :)


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