Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a non-holiday craft for uncrafty folk

 Subtitle: Because You Don't Have Enough to Do in December

I'm not the craftiest mo'fo on the cul-de-sac.  I'm sure I've mentioned this before.

I'm the reason Etsy was created.  And my pins?  98% recipes {that I can actually make} or adorable things {that I can pay others to make for me}. 

This is me.  I am so okay with this.  

But, every once in a blue glue gun, I'll stumble upon an idea too brilliant and too easy to pass up.  This is one of those times.  Bear with me as I walk you through the easiest craft in existence.

Brick Bookends: A How-To

Materials Needed
  • 2 bricks {for one set}
  • 1 paper grocery sack
  • pretty paper {needs to be thickish} - fabric could work too! 
  • Scotch tape or glue stick {or fabric glue, if you're going that route}
  • glue gun 
Step #1:  Wash Yo' Bricks, Yo. If you live in a brick house, you likely have a stash of extra bricks stacked somewhere.  I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it seems to be a Fact of Life.  Ancillary Fact of Life: those reserve bricks are really dirty.  So are those bricks you randomly procured elsewhere {for those of you who don't boast your very own brick pile}.  And if you randomly went out and bought brand-spankin new bricks just because you were that inspired by the gloriousness of this post... well, you probably have too much time on your hands.  But I'm sure those virgin bricks are kinda dusty too.  So give 'em a good scrub.  And let them dry completely.  Then pretend that it's totally normal to give bricks a bath when your husband comes home and finds you cooking amongst your newly unsoiled friends. 

Brick Craft 1
So fresh and so clean, clean.

Step #2: Preliminary Wrap.  Remove handles from your paper sack {look at you, repurposing!} and cut away the skinny sides and bottom, leaving two rectangles with which to wrap your bricks. Then... {rocket science}... wrap 'em.   Just like a present.  This doesn't have to be your neatest work since it's just the base layer, but you should try and get those corners nice and crisp.

Brick Craft 2
Please excuse my unkempt "wrapping station" a/k/a "huge pile of crap"
Brick Craft 3

Step #3:
 Pretty Paper Wrap.  Next up... wrap 'em again! This time in the pretty paper {or fabric} of your choosing.  If you have a Paper Source or other specialty stationery shop nearby, you're likely to find gorgeous, thick wrapping paper for sale by the single sheet.  The lovelies featured here actually came from my baby shower gift wrappings. Confession: I was almost as excited about the paper as I was the presents from my awesome hostesses!

Brick Craft 4

Take a bit more care on this part... Make sure the pattern on the paper is even and the seams are straight.  If you don't want tape to show along the back seam, you might give the glue stick a go. The sides where the paper folds up, then down, envelope-style were my biggest concern, as those are slightly visible from certain angles when your bookend is doing its job.  Enter the glue gun.  Small dots anchoring the flaps ensure a tape-free existence.

Step #4: Enjoy!  Yep, you're finished.  Time to reap the fruits of your labor, and savor the satisfaction of a bookshelf where your books stay right where they're supposed to stay.   KEEP IT IN LINE THERE, BETTY SMITH. 

Brick Craft 5

Life changing stuff here, peeps.

Brick Craft 6

These guys and their twins are destined for the shelves in Quesita's nursery.

Some moms sew curtains... I prettify bricks for my unborn child.

This is me.  I'm so okay with this. 


  1. Can I just say that I love you? Would that be weird? Most entertaining DIY I've read!

  2. The paper is gorgeous! I wish we had a Paper Source here. I always try to visit one when I'm traveling for work.

  3. Ooh. Absolutely trying this! I'm not crafty at all, so this is perfect. Thanks for the helpful + hilarious tutorial!

  4. This is awesome....AND practical! Good DIY.

  5. great idea! i got notecards in the peacock print for my shower thank yous and used one of the leftovers as a mat for an ultrasound picture for my son's nursery. love that pink and gold paper too!

  6. I am love with that feather-ish / tie dye-ish pink paper. Where did you find?

  7. Such a cute and simple idea! Love the paper you picked too!

  8. Too crafty - I would probably still mess this up somehow.

  9. The patterned paper you chose is perfect. I can't wait to see Quesita's nursery, I can already tell it's going to be fabulous and colorful!

  10. Simple and beautiful! LOVE it! Must do this!

  11. That's a fantastic idea - SO easy! I'm totally going to try!


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