Friday, December 30, 2011

what are ya doing...

The Great Irony of The Year-End Holidays As Fodder for Blog Posts can be stated thusly:

So Much Built-In Material. So Little Desire.

The link-ups. The recaps. The year-in-reviews.

They're all there for the easy pickin'... a "low-hanging fruit" bonanza, if you will.

And yet...

I'd much rather sit and enjoy the last hours of 2011... relish in the company of family... quietly give thanks for all this year has granted us {yep, even the arse-schooling moments}... and look ahead in giddy anticipation to 2012.

Maybe I'll wake up on Monday with a hankerin' for a photo montage of our last 365 days. It is a nice little virtual scrapbooking opportunity, after all.

Or maybe there'll be one less New Year's Resolutions post for you to mark as read.

As mi madre would say, "time will tell."

For now, I'm going noisily eat another Harry & David grapefruit, take one more walk under the blue Austin sky, bid adieu to college football, fold one more pair of unfathomably cute baby socks, and marvel as the trees' twinkle lights take their final bow.

E sent this to me yesterday... and it makes my heart burst into three thousand champagne bubbles of happiness. Which, I think you'll agree, is not a bad way to go out.

Sometimes a little simple harmony is so much better than a bang.

Welcome, 2012.


  1. Best. New Year's Ditty. Ever.

    Yep, I just said "ditty." I'm turning 80 in 2012, didn't you hear?

    Wishing you a fantabulous new year... and you're exactly right, step awaaaay from the computer!

  2. Thanks for the reminder that I need to delete all those Christmas posts that are rolling around in my head....moving on- 2012, let's do it.

  3. So true! My blog is on a self-imposed hiatus. Indefinitely. Well, until I feel like it or Monday, whichever comes first.
    BTW, thanks for the book recs. I really need to rekindle my relationship with books!

  4. I love this video... a friend of mine posted it on Facebook a few days ago, and now it's really making the rounds. These two are so cute. And JGL is officially hotter than ever now that I know he sings...

  5. Love this post and love the video. There is so much pressure for those damn year end wrap-ups!


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