Friday, January 20, 2012

friday funny

I fell down a Shit _____ Say Rabbit Hole last night, and came out alive... with this gem in tow.

Shoutout to my favorite place in the world... we'll be back... one day! 


  1. Embarrassed to say that I've been watching these, but they ARE pretty funny!

  2. I totally ask people about shelter dogs! I am lame....

  3. Love it! They did leave out my fave Austinism. Ask anyone in Austin how long it will take to get somewhere or how far it is, and the will surely tell you fifteen minutes...... Everything is fifteen minutes. The bat part made me laugh loudly. I am pretty sure I have been guilty of that one. I miss Austin.

  4. I would definitely add the side-eye true Austinites give to newbies who can't figure out that MoPac/Loop 1, Cap of TX/360, Ben White/77, Enfield/15th, etc, etc, etc are the same street!

  5. Whatever you do, do not take 35. Get on MoPac.

    That was probably my most commonly uttered phrase. I think the "Usually there's a lot more bats" is what cracked me up the most. I've never gone down there when that wasn't said.


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