Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo-a-Day: January*

On a whim, I decided to join in on the Photo-a-Day Challenge.  

Sure, it's mostly crappy iPhone photos semi-disguised with funky filters, but it's been a fun, easy way to memorialize life's mini-moments. 

For this month's installment, I followed the photo prompts seen plastered all over Instagram.  We shall see if this trend continues for the next 11 months or if I blaze my own trail.

I know.  I can feel you all on the edge of your seats. 


Backtracking... {Day 1: You} #janphotoaday
1: You... Making scones.

2: Breakfast

Jumping the gun a bit, eh Albertsons? Not that I'm complaining! #janphotoaday {Day 3: Something I Adore}
3: Something You Adore

Our mailbox is lame. #janphotoaday {Day 4: Mailbox}
4: Letterbox... Not a fan of our teensy communal mailboxes.

{Day 5: Something I Wore} Sheepskin Slippers {& a terrier} #janphotoaday
5: Something You Wore... Sherpa Slippers & a Sleepy Terrier

{Day 6: Makes You Smile} I'm not a big Sharer of Uterus Photos, but I am rather fond of those cheeks! #janphotoaday
6: Makes You Smile... Usually not a big Sharer of the Uterus Photos, 
but I'm rather fond of those chubby cheeks! 

Janphotoaday Favourite
7: Favorite 

#janphotoaday #catchup Day 8: Your Sky
8: Your Sky... A Gray Day in Dallas

{Day 9: Daily Routine} Post-Work Relaxation #janphotoaday
9: Daily Routine... Post-Work / Pre-Supper Relaxation

{Day 10: Childhood} #janphotoaday
10: Childhood

Day 11
11: Where You Sleep... New Bed Love!  
You'll be happy to learn it now boasts appropriately-sized pillows. 

{Day 12: Closeup} Round Two of Winter Pears! Also: DELICIOUS SMELLING Foam Packaging! #janphotoaday
12: Close-Up... Winter Pears

{Day 13: What's in your bag?} Nope. I do not travel with Crown Royal...that would be my camera #janphotoaday #catchup
13: In Your Bag... Nope. I do not travel with a fifth of Crown Royal. That would be my camera!

{Day 14: Something You're Reading} Major Pettigrew + favorite new coffee table read #janphotoaday #catchup
14: Something(s) You're Reading

{Day 15: Happiness} Austin, in general
15: Happiness... Austin Eats & Austin, in general

{Day 16: Morning} #janphotoaday #catchup
16: Morning

{Day 17: Water} Santorini, Greece #janphotoaday
17: Water... Santorini

{Day 18: Something You Bought} It was either this screenshot of my moisturizer replacement or a snapshot of nipplecream #janphotoaday
18: Something You Bought... Bliss Fix!

{Day 19: Sweet} Flavor of the Week #janphotoaday
19: Sweet... Flavor of the Week

{Day 20: Someone You Love} x2 #janphotoaday
20: Someone You Love... x2

{Day 1: Reflection} An iPhone Oldie / Goodie... Mirror Self-Portrait + CATPAINT #janphotoaday #catchup
21: Reflection... an iPhone Oldie / Goodie = Mirror Self-Portrait + CatPaint

{Day 22: Shoes} None of my cute ones fit... But Yay for Red-Polish Pedicure Days!
22: Your Shoes... None of my cute ones fit, but HOORAY for a pedicure!

{Day 23: Something Old} Vintage Dairy Glass #janphotoaday #catchup
23: Something Old... Vintage Dairy Glass

{Day 24: Guilty Pleasure} Expensive Skincare. Specifically: Bliss. Bonus Points for Oodles of Samples!
24: Guilty Pleasure... Fancypants Skincare. Bonus Points for Oodles of Samples.

Grapefruit Pound Cake
25: Something You Made... Grapefruit Pound Cake

{Day 26: Color} Austin boots #janphotoaday @magmaea
26: Color

Work Baby Shower OOTD!
27: Lunch... OOTD for Lunchtime Work Shower

Day 28 Light
28: Light... View from 3:24 AM Insomnia

{Day 29: Inside of Your Fridge} #janphotoaday
29: Inside Your Fridge

{Day 30: Nature} Thai Orchids #janphotoaday
30: Nature... Thai Orchids

{Day 31: You, Again} #janphotoaday
31: You, Again... 36 weeks

*Oh, HEY, 1000th Post!  Probably should have planned something slightly more exciting... 


  1. I laughed when I saw the "none of my cute shoes" pic. I lived by pedicures at the end of my pregnancy. When you can't reach your own toes, it's amazing to look down and see that someone else has made them pretty!

  2. You make being pregnant look so good...love your style, esp the last pic!

  3. Your dog is so cute! My dog Sam looks really similar but he's a mix of jack russell/fox terrier/beagle? something else? He's about 35 lbs but really looks like a jack russell. Adorable.

  4. I love that last photo of you! The outfit, the bump, love it all!

    1. LOVE your dress in #26....please post where you got it... a pregnant lady who is running out of clothes needs to know:)

  5. can you let us know the february prompts?? i want to try this! and thank you for introducing me to CatPaint. that app looks amazing.

  6. Can I ask where you found your upholstered headboard? Love!

    1. The headboard is from Pottery Barn!


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