Monday, February 6, 2012

February Goals

Time for a monthly goal check-in...

January Goals 2012

{1} Decide on {or "hire?"} a pediatrician. So... yeah... when it came down to it, I just pointed to the doc my OB loves and proclaimed YOU SHALL DO JUST FINE. She's young, highly rated, and part of an also-highly-rated pediatric practice near our house that sees patients as late as 9 PM.  Sounds good to me. And we can always switch. 

{2} Read baby books. I've made a good dent in Baby 411 and Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding.Still have Secrets of the Baby Whispereron deck.

{3} Finish nursery & prep "temporary nursery" in office. Done and done! I'm more than a wee bit enamored with her nursery.  I could hang out in there all day. 

{4} Pack hospital bag.  Nope. I've packed a {likely completely unnecessary but let me revel in my First Time Momness, mmmmkay?} hospital bag for the baby... does that count? 

{5} Procure pack-n-play and breast pump. Sweet friends beat us to the punch on the pack-n-play, and it is now at the ready! Still a Nay on the breast pump.  Might wait until after we're home from the hospital to make that purchase. 

{6} Go on at least one Fancy Date with E.  We hit up Perry's and Fearing's for E's 30th birthday and have big plans for Abacus, Lonesome Dove, and Craft to celebrate my birthday and general Baby's Comin' / Better Eat While the Eatin's Good -Ness. 

Birthday Supper at Fearing's

February 2012 Goals

{1} Install car seat and bases.  Pack the damn hospital bag.  I KNOW.  Don't look at me like that. BEST LAID PLANS, yada yada.  Aside: Anyone have any C-Section Hospital Bag Packing Tips?

{2} Read my camera manual.  This lucky girl received a Canon G12for Christmas.  I originally thought I wanted a DSLR, but, in a rare moment of self-awareness, realized there was no way in hell I'd take the time to learn enough about the thing to switch it off Automatic. The G12 is a great compromise... but I still haven't scratched the surface of what it can do. Must force myself into a few tutorials before my new favorite photography model hatches.

{3} Complete a few last pregnancy-related posts I have swimming around in my noggin before Quesita's arrival. 

{4} Birth this child-o-mine.  In whatever is the safest, most beneficial fashion for her. {ZEN ZEN ZEN}


  1. My advice for c-section hospital packing:
    1. Bring your hair dryer, flat-iron, make-up etc. if you want but you probably won't feel like using any of it. Well, okay, maybe you'll use your make-up. For me, the thought of standing long enough to do anything to my hair was enough to make me cry. Well, okay, anything made me cry post-partum, but you get my point.
    2. I brought my own pads and used one as a barrier between my incision and underwear to prevent uncomfortable rubbing/bleeding onto my underwear post-surgery.
    3. My feet were so swollen after surgery that I didn't/couldn't even wear socks and instead opted for a pair of slip-on slippers that my feet were still too fat to fit in but were more comfortable than the binding elastic of the socks.
    4. Pack some comfortable maternity shirts. That was a big bummer to me because I had several non-maternity shirts that were useless to me since I still couldn't fit into them.
    5. Forget about jeans for a few days. Wear yoga pants or something comparable. Your incision will thank you.

    Comfort, comfort, comfort was the key for me after my c-section. I even packed my razor in my hospital bag and quickly realized during my first shower how little I cared to have clean-shaven legs at that point. Good luck in the event she doesn't turn and you still have to have a c-section!

  2. I had to have a scheduled c-section because Connor was frank breech (totally not MY plan!). My doctor used staples to close my incision and after they removed the tape (day after surgery) all of my panties felt like they were pulling and tugging every last staple out of my body. Clearly, this wasn't the case - but I would have given anything to have some high-waisted panties in my bag. I know - random, right? But that is the one thing I remember being without! Best of luck, can't wait to see Quesita!

  3. i second the high waisted granny panties!!

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  5. (I had to have an emergency C/S due to dropping fetal heart rate.)

    Sorry more to add:

    - Huge underwear. I brought underwear that fit during pregnancy and it was too tight. They give you so much fluid through your IV that iot puffs you out.
    - Black dress to wear home. I packed a dress and stretchy pants. Pants were too tight.
    - Shampoo and Conditioner. I was able to take a shower the next day and the hospital only provided soap.
    - Whatever hair products you need for not blow drying your hair. Taking a shower totally doable. Blow drying your hair? Not going to happen.
    - A ton of snacks. Once I was given the ok to eat food my appetite was out of control.
    - Normal pads. Less bleeding with a C Section so the huge pads weren't necessary.

  6. ACK! You're so close!

    I'm glad you guys are having some fancy dinners out. That was one of the best pieces of advice we received. I think we ate dinner out every single night the week of my due date.

  7. I know that there is great advice on what to pack for a C/S birth, but here's what I packed in my bag...

    I never read a book and did just fine. I also didn't read much into a pediatrician - we opted to go with a doc from the same practice that I went to as a child, which also happens to be across the street from Presby Dallas, where I delivered and he was also on my gyno's rec list. We did meet with him though and that was key for us - to make sure that our personalities meshed.

  8. I'll put in my plug for the Medela Freestyle, especially if you plan to return to work and to pump at work. My other recommendation is to check with your health insurance, as some (though not all) will partially cover the cost. My insurance paid 90% after I met my deductible, which I clearly met upon having the baby. I bought mine at the shop at Baylor Dallas because the lactation consultants bring you a good coupon to the shop!

  9. I definitely second the granny panties. I had to send my sister to Target to get them for me after my c-section. I'd also recommend thinner pads with wings (like a previous commenter said, the bleeding isn't as bad). I'd also make sure to pack some pajama pants with a thin, loose waistband that won't rub your incision too much.

  10. I think this is my first time commenting, and I normally hate giving (and receiving) unsolicited advice, but I would encourage you to buy a pump before delivery. I thought I would wait too, but thankfully a friend gave me her unused pump. My baby (also a stubborn, breech lady) wouldn't latch and having a pump at home saved our breastfeeding future. I had to pump and have my husband bottle feed her for a few days until she would buck-up and breastfeed. Honestly, if we hadn't had the pump at home from the get go, I probably would have quit.

    As for c-section packing, I recommend some pretty nursing night gowns (and a robe). I had no desire (or reason) to wear pants after the c-section. I bought a night gown similar to this one: and loved it, and all the nurses commented on how pretty it was. And good God, I did not wear a regular pair of pants for probably 6-8 weeks after delivery. You'll probably want a dress or yoga pants to wear home.

    As for panties, I just wore the huge mesh ones they provide in the hospital, and snagged several pairs to bring home.

    Good luck!

  11. You're getting so much done! You might look into renting a breast pump from the hospital (they have fab medical grade ones) to buy you a little time before making the investment. That said, the itsy-bitsy motored, double-pump, hands-free Medela was the best $300 we ever spent. Paid for itself in no time at all!

  12. I have a G11 and I love it! I highly recommend setting it to auto and turning the flash off until you get comfortable with all the other settings. It produces great pictures this way and you won't have to worry about the flash washing things out.

  13. My doctor recommended to wear a soft back brace after having a c-section and what a difference it made (your doctor might be able to get it from the hospital, but along these lines: I wore it for a few weeks and could tell a difference on the days when I didn't wear it. Having that extra compression helps support your incision and speeds healing (not to mention restricts some movement so you're less likely to have pain if you move funny). Control top tights several sizes larger than normal (found a cheap pair at Target) also help to feel like you're holding everything in. I was most comfortable either in dresses with tights or a pair of over-the-belly leggings. Soft fabric is key without a tight waistband digging in. I thought I would be able to wear maternity jeans shortly after and was very wrong! A soft, thick wash cloth was handy when I finally felt up for washing my face and showering. I agree with others about the hair dryer - you're not going to feel up for dealing with that but a little mascara can help perk you up. And while you're in the hospital, take advantage of having the nurses around and don't hesitate to send baby girl to the nursery. It's hard, but you've had major surgery so I recommend trying to rest in those first few days (I didn't and PAID for it at night in discomfort). Nursing nightgowns are awesome (Bellebumbum), as are pashminas/scarves and LEC cardigans. I lived in those things the first few months because they are a perfect layering piece, open in the front for nursing and washable if grossness gets on it.My body temperature was erratic so those easy layers were nice.

  14. Two things I wish I'd had (but didn't since I had no idea I'd have a c-section or even have a baby that day):

    Granny panties - the bigger and higher waisted, the better (but, you can still have cute prints)
    Those disposable tooth brush things. Being stuck in a bed for almost 48 hours I really wanted to brush my teeth more than anything else.

    One thing I got from some sweet hospital volunteers was a small pillow to use in the car so the seatbelt didn't aggravate my incision. I used it for a good month and it was such a help.

  15. Oh! I second the comment about normal pads. The hospital ones are like diapers and you can bring some thinner ones and be more comfortable.

  16. I'd really, really encourage you to buy a breast pump before quesita is born. If you have any breastfeeding trouble at all like I did with my son, the breast pump can help make sure your milk supply doesn't suffer.

  17. I had an emergency c section due to my severe preeclampsia and Julia's extremely high heart rate. After the surgery, I was thankful for very loose fitting yoga pants, hair gel (definitely didn't use a blow dryer), makeup and my own pillows! Seriously- I was in the hospital for 4 days and I think I had at least 3 pillows from home with me. Twas lovely. I was also glad I had my camera and laptop. :)

  18. They have GREAT, AMAZING, WONDERFUL pumps at the hospital...I would totally use theirs while there.


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