Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 weeks

I swear I will not make weekly updates a "thing" for the rest of my child's life, but she changes so much from day to day at this stage, and there's a whole heap load o stuff I'd like to remember.  So... perhaps you can humor me when the urge to electronically-scrapbook hits?

March 13
3 week birthday: loungin'

Dear L,

You are such a trooper, girl!  You took on jaundice, photo-therapy, and the Level II NICU in your very first days of life, gained your lost weight back like a champ in your second week, and braved the pediatric cardiologist on your three week birthday.  I  think we can all agree on two things: {1} all this medical dramz troubled me much more than it did you, my little cool cucumber, but {2} we're both done with doctors for a while - fingers and teensy-tiny toes crossed!  Thankfully, your "two week check-up" {which, due to new employee error at the pediatrician's office, occurred yesterday} showed you right on track other than that pesky surprise heart murmur... ruled innocuous by the pediatric cardiologist shortly thereafter {although Baby EKGs and Echocardiograms are truly heartbreaking}. You are currently ringing in at 8 lbs flat {50th percentile} and 20.5 inches {65th percentile}... you must get your svelte figure from you dad!

3 weeks today...birthdays shouldn't include medical dramz :( #BebeOOTD
totally tuckered out after your cardiologist appointment

Aside from charming doctors, nurses, and lactation consultants all over Dallas proper, you most enjoy eating often {every 1-2 hours during the day for 20-30 minutes at a time} and sleeping on me.   You're more than happy to snooze in your swing, bouncer, or Boppy, but only for about 20 minutes... and then you're ready to snack again!  Suffice to say, I usually prefer snuggling with you for a couple of hours to playing Human Pacifier... even if it means my to-do list is neglected.  I worried a bit about holding you "too much," but all the books and your pediatrician assure me that I can't "spoil" you or form any bad habits at this age... and I know these days of voluntarily relaxing in my arms for extended periods of time are numbered... gotta soak it up!  You do give us a break at night after your one bottle and slumber {fitfully} in your swing while dad works and mom sleeps until around 3 a.m... then it's time for another cluster-feeding par-tay until morning!

 My Future Sous Chef in her culinary jam-jams 

Other favorites include bicycling your legs and having your hands by your face {just as they were during every in utero ultrasound!}.  You also like gazing at your jungle friends on the playmat, listening to Bon Iver and Mumford with Dad, and reading / singing the Snuggle Puppysong.  You do not hate the Moby, and we try and take a walk around in the neighborhood in it once a day. So far, you are not a fan of baths, but, now that your cord stump said adios, I'm hoping you'll prefer the "spa" variety to the sponge baths you've been receiving... after all, you are both a Pisces and Water Dragon!

First Bath!
Moby Time! @amy_i Also: gotta straighten that frame.

We're sticking close to home for the most part, but you have been a baby-about-town on several occasions... The Porch for lunch on your first week birthday, Central Market Cafe, and to dad's office and then out to lunch at Neo's.


You've already entertained many guests... Of course your GranJan, T-Pop, Mama J, GG, PawPaw, Aunt B, and Aunt Joy greeted you on your birthday, and your Aunt Rory, SlynnRo, Brittany, Helen, and Emily all came to visit you soon thereafter.  GranJan stayed with us for an entire week, and we are still missing her! This coming weekend, you'll travel to Waco to see your great-grandmother Mama J again and a few of her friends for the day, and then you and I will head to Austin for two nights to meet Maggie, Colleen {& Ella!}, and a few of your GranJan & T-Pop's friends.


Most everyone remarks that you look like your dad, but we do think you have my ears and your T-Pop's chin.  I cannot get enough of your sweet feet and your perfect swirl of silky hair.

Swirly baby head

Confession: I cheated... We were both napping at 5PM #marchphotoaday

Plenty of folks have asked about your name*...  Naming a girl proved to be quite a challenge for your father and me.  Your dad actually suggested your first name as a boy's name before we knew you were a Cheesette. I loved it... but only for a wee lass.  And so it was shelved.  You were nearly Molly or Blair, but neither of those seemed just right.  I randomly threw L------ back into the ring one day over email, expecting your dad to smack it down.  Much to my surprise, he loved it... and just like that - via the power of Gmail - you had a name.  Your middle name is for your great aunt Joy, who loves you so much already.  


You have loads of nicknames... Muppet, Mini-Mupps, Leity Bear, Leity Bug, Little Drill Bit {don't side-eye me - that one's your father's}, Stinkpoticus, Fusspoticus, Nutter-Butter, Puddin' Pop.  

Rainy Saturday Companion

But no matter what we call you, we love you to the moon and back again.  Thank you for being ours.

Love, Mama

PS: Damn, Mama is long-winded. Who knew three weeks was such a big deal?!  

*While you don't get to choose your parents, we feel pretty strongly that you should get to choose how Googleable you are... Henceforth, you shall only be L or LJH or one of your other charming nicknames when starring in this little corner of the interwebs.  Consider it my first stab at being a Cool Mom. 


  1. she's so beautiful- and you look wonderful too! she sounds like such a snugglebug-- and how great that you are getting out of the house some already--- that's so so wonderful. so happy to hear all is well!

  2. she is so perfect and precious and lovely... can you believe it has already been 3 weeks!?

    yay for your sweet family of 4 :)


  3. de-lurking for the first time - I am loving these peeks into the first weeks!

    Blair and L... hmmm... Gossip Girl fan?

    1. Actually - not a Gossip Girl fan at all. E and I both knew people in the past named L--- {guy for him, gal for me} long before that Meester chick came on the scene! Blair is a name I've loved forever.

  4. She's absolutely adorable. Happy three weeks. You have your act together considerably better than I did my first time around. I believe I was still weeping into my maternity pajamas at this point.

  5. so cute! and electronic scrapbook anytime your heart desires!

  6. I'll be pleased as punch if we get a weekly update! She's loverly!

  7. You're definitely one cool mom :)

    Your first three weeks together sound like they have been extra special!

  8. she's adorable. and i think she looks so much like her Daddy in that second picture. i can't tell in the rest though.

    you guys are already so busy! i bet everyone is loving getting to meet your sweet girl :)

  9. She is beautiful. You sound like you are doing amazing with her. I love reading about moms who feed on demand and hold their babies. I promise you... as a mom to a 12.5 year old, who was held constantly, you will not spoil her. I read once on a blog that babies shouldn't be held a lot and I thought it was the craziest thing I had ever read.

  10. what a wild 3 weeks you've had! You are rocking it, mama. Keep on doing what you are doing and do NOT EVER worry about holding her too much. Not possible. It goes way too fast and you won't regret the cuddles.

  11. Aw! She's such a cutie! We love Snuggle Puppy too! Oh, and yes my mama is Gran Jan (for now at least- who knows what Miss Priss will end up calling her)

  12. You are most definitely a cool mom! She is beautiful and so adorable!

  13. Oh my gracious her little hair swirl is too much! And that outfit with the cakes & rolling pins is adorable! And you, my dear, look amazing...motherhood suits you so well!

  14. So. Many. Things. (1) No shame in cataloging your memories here. Trust me, you won't want to forget a single moment or milestone -- no matter how small it may be. (2) No such thing as too much snuggling. You'll miss it when she becomes a wiggle worm like our guy! (3) Love Sandra Boynton books. We read both Pajama Time and Going to Bed every night. (4) Our friends have an L, and they call her Lady Bug, too. So sweet. (5) Keep on rockin' it, momma!

  15. I don't mind the weekly updates one bit . . . keep 'em coming! LJH is very lucky to have you for a mom. :)

  16. Very glad to hear she is doing better! She is, of course, perfect. Glad you are enjoying motherhood; you all look very, very happy.

  17. She's just precious!!! Congratulations :)


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