Monday, March 26, 2012

Favorite Babe Things: Newborn Edition

Two months ago, I did the full disclosure dance, re: our baby registry. While we've yet to use a lot of the things we received, here's a little update on our favorite items specific to the Itsy-Bitsy Baby Stage.

I'm pretty convinced that if Aden + Anais makes it, I'll love it. We use the printed muslin blankets for everything... playtime, strolling, burping, coverage for nursing, etc. And Extra Special Bonus Sparkle Points for swaddling... L loves to have her hands near her face and gets pissy if she's swaddled so tightly that she can't jimmy her hands upwards. Thus, baby straight jackets like the Miracle Blanket and the Swaddle Me blankets are no-gos with our girl. A+A blankets give her the perfect mix of gentle confinement and wiggle room. We actually use two for sleeping to make sure her legs are nice and snug. The burpy bibs are cute but practical {re: easy to wash} for burp cloths and will be great in the future when we need to convert them into bibs.

Baby 411
Known 'round these parts as the Baby Bible, this is our go-to for quick reference on all things baby related. We have other, more in-depth books on topics such as sleep schedules, etc, but this is a great book for general knowledge from birth to the first birthday.

Moby Wrap
Moby Time! @amy_i Also: gotta straighten that frame.
On some days, the Moby is the only thing keeping me sane... and keeping my bladder from exploding. Fussy baby? Pop her in the Moby and high-tail it outside for some fresh air... works like a charm. My favorite video how-to can be found here.

Chicco Lullaby LX Playard
My parentals have a great Graco PnP they purchased for $50 from Costco, and L sleeps great in it at their house! However, I'm still very glad we invested in this fancified model for 2 reasons... {1} Nightlight and {2} Vibration Mode. If you're using your PnP as your babe's primary nighttime sleeping vessel for a while as we are, these two features are huge perks. Now I can do the Crazy First Time Mom Thing and use the nightlight to check to make sure L is still breathing without fumbling for the lamp switch or the lit screen on my phone. And after a late night nursing session, vibration mode is the perfect way to lull a sleepy baby all the way into dream land.

Worst Product Name Ever / Best Nursing Pillow Ever. It's a trade off. Seriously, this sucker blows the Boppy out of the water. Ideal for C-section mamas {keeps your little sack of taters off your incision site} but, dare I say, a necessity for all nursing moms {or doting grandmothers with itsy bitsy bottles}. I love the pocket {houses my nipple shield, nipple cream, and a pacifier}... and I can often be seen wearing it around the house even when I manage to put the baby down elsewhere {hey, it makes a great tray table... all it really needs to attain total Sloth Nirvana is a cup holder}.

Medela Contact Nipple Shield
All my breastfeeding literature says the nipple shield is a temporary fix for latch issues. Yeah, well, call me lazy, but I'm still rocking mine. We can roll without it in a pinch, but it was a total {positive, non-Palin-esque} game-changer for us as far as breast-feeding goes. And anything that makes nursing easier and less stressful gets a thumbs-up in my book.

Motherlove Herbal Nipple Cream
Thank you, CSP, for cluing me into this stuff! Lanolin is the traditional choice when it comes to lubing up your nips {so sexy}, but Motherlove is superior by leaps and bounds... super gentle, all natural, and won't stain your tanks and bras.

Two weeks ago, I came down with a clogged milk duct... Holy Mother, that sucker hurt. This cheeky heating pad {which, YES, I purchased at a SEX TOY PARTY, thankyouverymuch} was my brest breast best friend for 24 hours. {That link is indeed workplace-friendly, by the by.}

{Day 29: Listening to...} Industrial Grade Pump & Rainforest Swing Sounds

Medela Symphony Breast Pump
I'm not actually suggesting you purchase this hospital grade breast pump, but do rent it if you find yourself with production issues. It took two and a half weeks for my milk to come in fully, and this pump was integral in boosting my supply. And it gets the job done lickity split. I just turned in my Symphony on Friday and I'm already missing it.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Swing
L snoozes in this whilst hanging out with E after I go to bed, and loves to gaze at her birdy friends when she's in a mellow mood during the day. Love the multiple speeds and dual motion {front-to-back or side-to-side}.

By far the most obnoxious looking baby item we own, it's a total hit with the Cheesette. She loves the lights and spends a decent chunk of time happily cooing at her jungle buddies.

BabyConnect App for iPhone

You could seriously track your child's every breath with this app... I use it mostly to keep track of feeding sessions {although I did use it to count diapers right after we brought her home}. The nerd in me loves that I can sync the data to my computer and email information to myself... You can even geek it way out and graph your data. Easy to use and definitely worth the $4.99.

Nighttime Whole Foods Excursion... No #sunglasses required {Day 16} #marchphotoaday
I love the Snap-n-Go for quick errands... We haven't gone on too many out-of-the-house excursions, but when we've ventured out, the this stroller base is a breeze to use with our Chicco Keyfit 30 {which I also love}. Gold Stars for the cup holders... that, YES, fit a wine glass quite nicely.

{It's worth noting that I am ITCHING to give our Bumbleride stroller the airtime it deserves but have yet to really test it out for real... Hopefully my post-partum checkup in a few weeks results in a green light for exercise / Bumbleride Time!}

Thankfully, we didn't invst in many items that L just flat out hates. As previously noted, all of the swaddle blankets that involve velcro or flaps {we have a few... Halo, SwaddleMe, and Miracle Blanket} are unpopular with our girl. She is also just not a big fan of our bouncer seat... which is odd given that she likes the vibration on our PnP and loves the movement of the car. I think she just prefers the swing... Once you've ridden in the Cadillac, you don't want to settle for the Kia, right?

The Boom needs a Boppy
And, if it wasn't clear, I prefer the Brest Friend to the Boppy for nursing purposes, handsdown. The Boppy does earn its keep as The Boom's latest love, though.

Any newborn items you love that I'm missing out on?

** All of these products were purchased by us or for us by family and friends... No blogging freebies here!


  1. Our little guy loved (and still does, 8 months on) his Taggies blanket. We got it as a gift when we was a few weeks old, and it captivated his attention even then!

  2. I'm so glad you shared this! It is so helpful to read about what works and doesn't work for others. Many of these things are already on my registry, but I will def be purchasing some of that cream.

  3. Pretty much echoes my experiences too! Except the massage toy... lol. I can't laugh too hard though because I have had a clogged duct for over a month now and cannot get it unstuck - it's so uncomfortable! Seriously considering ordering one.... hahaha.

    I just started putting Sam in the classic "hug" hold in the Moby wrap because he LOVES to balance his bobble head and look around- he was getting very unhappy with the cradle hold so it's renewed his Moby interest.

    Also - ordered a "wubbanub" pacifier friend last week and it's a new favorite over here - helps keep the paci in his mouth as he's drifting off to rainbow land.

  4. Sounds like you are really figuring this baby thing out! Of course you are. But it can feel in the beginning like it'll never happen. I remember I was so chapped from nursing in the beginning, I couldn't put clothes on. And finally, an old college roommate told me to dry my nipple with a hairdryer after each session. Magic. So massage toys, hair dryers, it's all good:).

  5. our daughter grew to like the miracle blanket at like 8 weeks when she was bigger. She was a hater until then! I pretty much wish I owned stock in Aden + Anais.

  6. I felt the same way about the Breast Friend vs. Boppy with my first. By the time you're nursing your second (if you choose to do this more than one time), you won't need either one at all. But I have to say, you may end up washing the Boppy cover and banning The Boom from it by the time L is about 3 months old. By the time my girls were a little older, a little less floppy, but not able to sit up on their own yet, both of them absolutely loved using the Boppy as a recliner. It allows them to lay at just a perfect angle--where they're not having to work to hold their heads up, but they can see everything, while not actually strapped into something. And then when they are learning to sit up on their own, it is absolutely the perfect place for them to practice--protected on all sides from toppling! So keep that Boppy around and don't let The Boom get too attached.

    As bad as it sounds, I have to admit that one of the things that gave me a little joy when I had my second baby had to do with what you were saying about L loving the swing but hating the bouncy seat. When my first was tiny, she was of the extreme fussy variety, so she basically hated everything except Mama's arms and nursing. I did feel like I got my money's worth out of every carrying contraption I bought (Bjorn, Hip Hammock, 2 slings), but I remember feeling so frustrated about the money we had spent on almost every other holding device. Swing? Waste. Bouncy seat? Collected dust. Other variety of bouncy seat because maybe we'll find something she likes? No way. She would lay on the baby gym mat for maybe 5 or 10 minutes once or twice a day, so that wasn't a complete loss, but it was also a gift and not something we had spent scarce dollars on (we were transitioning from a 2-income to a 1-income household, so money was a big deal). Anyway. That's why I felt really, really pleased when my second baby came and she LOVED all of those things! Swing? Yes please. Bouncy seat? Nothing better. Other bouncy seat? Who are those birdies and when can I see them again? The things I didn't use much were the previously loved carrier devices. . .because the second baby actually (miraculously) would take two naps each day, each one being at least 2 hours long. So not only did I have time to take care of the 3 year old, but I also had time to shower! And go to the bathroom! Sometimes even dry my hair AND get the dishes done! I didn't have to do all those things with her strapped to my body!

    Anyway, the point is, if you have any thoughts at all about maybe having a second baby, hold onto all of those things, even the ones that L doesn't like, because chances are another baby will love them and you'll be glad you kept them.

  7. I have everything you posted about except the warmer and nipple guard and feel just about the same way. I'm two weeks ahead of you in this momma thing :). I found a new love for the boppy to use sideways for the football hold in bed, love it now, but souly used breast friend at first. I'm loving Tommee Tippee milk bibs, which are padded around the neck and preserve cute baby outfits from spit up. We also rented the symphony and are going to the 5 month rental plan, I love it. My lactation consultant told me that nipple cream (even mother love) can clog milk ducts and recommended the gel pads, which are AWESOME. I like the lanosiln brand the best. Love the baby updates and send sweet dream and hopes for a full night of sleep your way!

  8. Love the Motherlove Cream. Could not have lived without it for the first 6 weeks! I loved my Breastfriend when E was tiny but now that she is big (16.5 lbs) I prefer the boppy or nothing at all. So I think you will equally use both products. Also use the boppy to prop E up since she is still a little wobbly while sitting.
    Love the iphone app picture. I am still using my app to track feeding because honestly I cannot remember what side to start on or how long it has been since she ate. Seriously what did people do before the iphone?!

  9. I have to tell you I love reading your posts! I have a 5 month old and like a previous commenter said we LOVE our wubbanub, best invention (for a passifier) ever! I hated the boppy, it just made things awkward for breastfeeding. Our baby hates her swing but loves the bouncy seat, at least she did, getting a bit too big now. Her new favorite thing is her baby Einstein jumper thingy..she started using it at 3 months and still loves it!

  10. The Burpy Bib is fantastic. They were on Baby Steals last week and I'm kicking myself for not ordering more of them.

    Swaddle blankets are also what worked best for us when Henry was super little. When he got stronger, we switched to the SwaddleMe wrap and now we're using Aden + Anais and Halo Sleepsacks at night.

    The Snugabunny swing is the best and I will be truly sad when my guy outgrows it.

    Our VERY, VERY favorite toy is the Skip Hop Activity Mirror. Henry is very vain and adores the baby in the mirror. If tummy time is at all an issue for your little lady, I'd highly recommend this mirror.

    OH, and I am very envious of your Moby skills. I really wish I had figured it out sooner. I could have done SO much with two free hands!

  11. We used the nipple shield until 10 weeks when my son decided he was done with it and had finally figured it out. I'd tried to wean him earlier bc everyone said HOW BAD it was to use one. But it wasn't hurting my supply and it was stressful to try without it. So I just did what worked. And I second the nipple cream!!! Its so much easier to spread on. If you keep having problems with clogged ducts try taking lecithin. That has really helped me. If I even get a hint of being engorged or a clogged duct coming on taking 1 -2 of those clears it right up. Good luck and keep the posts coming, love them!

  12. We had he same experience with the swaddle me's. Margot love to have her hands near her face so we stuck with loose swaddle blankets for a few weeks then stopped swaddling. Until we moved her into her own bed (she was in ours for the first 3 months) then we found she woke herself up with her arms so we started using the summer swaddle me's for a few weeks until she was used to her bed. But our absolute infant necessity has been the ergo. Margot was really fussy for the first 2 months and she spent a lot of time in the Ergo with the baby insert AKA baby taco. We still use it all of the time for walks, grocery trips and around the house.

  13. Angelcare baby monitor- monitors baby's breathing and room temperature, which are two factors of SIDS. This gave me peace of mind with each of my newborns. No worries that they'd stop breathing and I wouldn't know about it b/c if the monitor doesn't sense movement within 20 seconds, an alarm goes off. Best product ever!
    2nd best is a BOB jogging stroller.

  14. Just wanted to mention, I thought you said you weren't going to share your little ones name on this blog, but your app screen shot is kind of giving it away. Maybe you want to edit? :)

    1. I'm not typing her name in a fashion that would allow it to be searched online, but a screenshot is fine as its "non-Googleable!" That is how I shared her name initially after she was born :)

  15. glad that some other mamas are using a nipple shield too! my little guy had latching issues that resulted in some bleeding and cracking (not pretty!) so i got a shield, healed up, and now he doesn't want to nurse without it! i figure as long as he is growing and happy, i will deal with the shield until he will nurse au naturale. loved your list. wishing i had a breast friend... and our swing is the baby sleep machine during the day, love it. i would add the fisher price newborn rocker sleep and play. baby O sleeps in that at night next to me. love that it has an incline and he is all cozy and snug. he sleeps for 4-6 hour stretches in it at night!

  16. oh and the moby!? forget about it! i made one (since it is basically just 6 yards of fabric) and it blows the bjorn out of the water! SOO much more comfortable and you can get so much done with two hands. i still use the bjorn at the store and for quick errands because it is faster to put on, but that moby rocks my socks off!


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