Tuesday, March 20, 2012

questions: answered!

To answer a few queries I've had over the past two weeks...

My favorite nursing tanks...

#1: Spaghetti Strap Clip Down Double Opening Nursing Bra Long Tank
Um, the name is kind of a mouthful, but definitely my favorite nursing tank.  I love... {a} how long they are, {b} the inconspicuous built-in soft cups, and {c} the fact that they come in a few "fun" colors.  Definitely worth the price.  Order your normal, pre-pregnancy shirt size. 

#2: Essential Nursing Tank
The Bravado tank comes in a close second... I only have black, but need to invest in a few more. I love... {a} the thickness of the material - it helps suck you in a bit, {b} the thickness of the straps - keeps the girls lifted even with the v-neck, and {c} the array of colors.  Order your size according to the sizing chart {which requires taking a few measurements}. 

#3: Pregnancy / Nursing Tank
I ordered one of these suckers off Zulily whilst pregnant and, honestly, figured I'd hate it post-partum.  I thought it would just be too tent-like to be attractive. Surprisingly, I really like how it hangs - it's so long, it's almost a tunic and works really well with leggings to cover the tush.   Order your size according to the sizing chart. 

Note: I am not a fan of the "full sling" style nursing tanks {for reference}, as I find the fabric on the top of the "holes" tends to ride up past the outside of the tank... giving the illusion that your boobs are wearing a thong.  Not pretty.  

Sizing on my nursing gown...

My sweet mama gifted me this Expressiva nursing gown,.. She purchased my normal pre-preggo Medium size and it fits perfectly.  Well, caveat... there is definitely a whole lotta boobage going on.  I wouldn't wear this sans robe to take the dog out or grab the mail. 

Moby instructions...

Damn, I love the Moby Wrap.  Some days, it's the only way I get anything done... or pee.  If only I could wear it in the shower. Anyhoover, figuring out just how to fashion a baby carrier {much less one that won't strangle your little nugget} out of a 10 foot long piece of jersey knit is sliiiiiightly intimidating at first.  Never fret!  THIS CHICK to the rescue...

Watch this video about three times and you'll be able to wrangle that fabric beast into submission in your sleep.  Note: As of right now, we only rock the "Cradle Hold," but I love that we'll be able to carry L facing out when she's old enough to hold her head up consistently.  

Hope that helps!  


  1. OMG boob thong. I know that look well, and it's not a good one. Also, I do believe you can purchase a mesh-type moby-ish wrap specifically for the shower. Check etsy. It comes with 1,000,000 bonus hippie points ;)

  2. So glad you love the Moby! Running off to order some tanks now, thanks for the recs.

  3. Is it weird that the Moby makes me want to have a baby...just so I can carry them around in it??

  4. Keep these posts coming! Loving them for our impending arrival.

  5. Your blog has become my pregnancy/ post-natal bible! Thank you thank you!

  6. Thanks for the You Tube video. The Moby can be really confusing! As for tanks, I love the ones by Glamourmom. They have an extra long fit to hide that post-baby belly and carry a larger size for big chested women!

  7. Thanks for posting that Moby how-to! I've been reticent to wear mine, but seeing it done makes me more confident.


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