Friday, April 13, 2012

L's First Easter

I've been working on a post of actual substance for about a decade, it seems.  Now that my little muppet has transitioned to napping in her pack-n-play {huge victory!}, I have a bit more spare time on my hands... unfortunately, that usually translates into "do laundry, unload the dishwasher, shower, write thank-you notes, stuff diapers, shove something partially nutritious in my face" or some combination of the bunch.  

Oh well.  Such is life.  I'm sure I'll be back to writing drivel putting coherent thoughts to paper interwebs soon enough.

Until then, looks like it's recipes, random finds, and tardy weekend recaps... Oh the joy! 

L's first Easter was happily spent among family and friends in Austin. After an uneventful road trip, we arrived early Friday afternoon just in time for some good ol' fashioned R&R.

Morning snooze in Austin

After receiving a few guests {the parade of adoring fans continues!}, the Cheesette settled in for an evening with T-Pop and GranJan while E and I thoroughly enjoyed an Adult Night Out with C & BP at Moonshine.  There were alcoholic beverages, there was patio-sittin', and there was talk of 30th Birthday Napa Trip 2013.  It was chicken soup sauvignon blanc for the soul!  Per usual, I forgot to snap a photo of the four of us, but here's a dandy of the Evster enjoying his Saturday pedicure... our other childless outing of the weekend.  We pink puffy heart grandparents!  

Check out the pedi convert {relatedly: grandparents are awesome!}

Saturday was filled with birds' nest baking, egg dying and hunting, and Masters watching. L looked very festive in her ridiculously cute bunny-butt onesie from her GranJan {by Etsy seller Bubba & Lulu}... even when she wasn't thrilled with the goings-on around her.   

with Mama J


After a fantastic fajita supper on the porch and a dance with T-Pop {heart... exploding}, mi conejita hopped off to bed while the Easter Bunny did his {her?} thang.

Easter Bunny Swag!

Next year, when she's a bit more aware of the whole holiday celebration concept, I'll invest in a cuter Easter basket, but this guy sufficed for this year!  L received... three Easter board books {Happy Easter Mouse!, Biscuit's Pet & Play Easter, and Where Are Baby's Easter Eggs?}, a faux wrap dress from DVF's Baby GAP collection {color me jealous}, a dragon Wubbanub to commemorate her sign under the Chinese Zodiac, and a pink, corduroy Jelly Cat bunny from GranJan & T-Pop... Pretty good haul for a 6 week old, no?   

L was pretty impressed with her new buddy...

{nope, couldn't choose just one}

And that trixy rabbit didn't forget E and me... we scored Mike & Ikes, Hot Tamales {his}, Cadbury Eggs, a Godiva bunny {hers}, and a gift certificate to Einstein's Bagels {ours}.  Thank you, Easter bunny! 

After enjoying a sugary breakfast, we were off to church where L was quiet as a mouse throughout the service.  At one point during Handel's Messiah, the sopranos woke her, but she made 'nary a peep!  T-Pop and I made sure to fill her in on the preferred lyrics to The Hallelujah Chorus {"and the hot sauce! and the hot sauce! jalapeno! jalapeno!}.  

Easter OOTD
{ITPitB at church... nursing friendly Old Navy dress w/ LEC Heritage cardigan}

After church, it was off to a lovely brunch at Sienna where we failed to take any digital photos of the family.  Awesome... "Firsts" Documentation Fail by Mom.  We also forgot to take any photos at the Irish Maiden Name side of the family's celebration later that afternoon.  I am not pleased about this.  Not pleased at all. 

But... que sera, sera... we'll have to settle for a little On the Road Again mini-photo-shoot that kept us occupied in tremendous traffic on the way back to Dallas...

{nearly a hook 'em!}

And there you have it!  


{Dos Equis! Dos Equis! Carta Blanca! Carta Blanca!}

{Hallelujah! Jalapeno!}



  1. She's so cute! What a fun first Easter (and awesome goodies!).

  2. Love her cute Easter dress!

    Also...will my baby also be year of the dragon? I don't know how these things work!

  3. That video made my evening! What a great memory to have on film!

    She's so cute!

  4. Just watching that video, you could see her lulled and almost hypnotized by the experience. So lovely. Restores some faith in mankind, that a child can be so loved and so cared for.

  5. My heart is melting! What a gorgeous little nugget.

  6. She's a keeper ;-)

    And, YOUR dress is darling. I'm always pleased to find nursing friendly things that were already in my closet. I'm also always pleased to buy new nursing friendly things. Win-win.

  7. Kate, she is so precious! I know exactly how you del about the family photos. Somehow we didn't get one of all three of us on Christmas. Easter, we did, but it was just okay. Sigh...

  8. guacamole! guacamole! quesadillas! quesadillas!...........yes I get a kick out of you!!! LUM T

  9. LOVE the pics of L. and pink bunny!!

  10. That pink dress...SQUEE! She is such a sweetheart!!

  11. just now catching up on all of your post-baby posts. E is getting cuter by the day!!!! i realize she's a stranger, yet i want to smother her in kisses through the monitor.

  12. She really is so dang cute Kate. Her eyes are gorgeous!! And that Easter dress? Fantastic.

    Love the "Wubbie" as it's so affectionately known around these parts. Good call on the dragon ;)


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