Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo-a-Day: March


Time again for my monthly Instagram photo dump!

{Day 1: Up} ...all night #marchphotoaday
1: Up...all night
{day 2: Fruit} Clementines! & Grapefruit Sparkling Water #marchphotoaday
2: Fruit - Clementines + Grapefruit Sparkling Water
{Day 3: Neighborhood} I'll never live in a #neighborhood sans alleyway again -love me an alley! #marchphotoaday
3: I'll never live in a neighborhood sans alleyway again... Love me an alley!
{Day 4: Bedside Table} #marchphotoaday
4: Bedside Table
{Day 5: Smile} My mama visiting for the week makes me #smile #marchphotoaday
5: My mama visiting for the week makes me smile
Confession: I cheated... We were both napping at 5PM #marchphotoaday
6: Confession: I cheated... We were both napping at 5PM
{Day 7: Something I Wore} Sherpa Sleepers, Yoga Pants, Brest Friend (aka: Lamest Product Name Ever). #marchphotoaday
7: Something I Wore: Sherpa Slippers, Yoga Pants, & Brest Friend
{Day 8: Window} watching the big storm come in through the #window #marchphotoaday
8: Watching the big storm through my window
{Day 9: Red} #Red Adirondacks at our first home - I miss our little blue cottage! #marchphotoaday also: #flashbackfriday
9: Red Adirondacks at our fist home
#catchup {Day10:Loud} Baylor's new uniforms... Sic 'em Bears!
10: Baylor's new uniforms are quite loud... Sic 'Em!
{Day 11: Someone I've Talked To} #marchphotoaday
11: Someone I talked to
GORP - favorite snack, no #fork required #marchphotoaday {Day 12}
12: GORP = Favorite Snack, no fork required
Getting my daily Austin fix with @elarroyosign #sign #marchphotoaday {Day 13}
13: Getting my daily Austin fix by following @elarroyosign 
Head in the #clouds {& with the sun... playtime} {Day 14} #marchphotoaday #catchup
14: Head in the clouds {and with the sun!}
{Day 15} #car keys {is it just me or have these prompts been kinda lame lately?} #marchphotoaday #catchup
15: Car keys
Nighttime Whole Foods Excursion... No #sunglasses required {Day 16} #marchphotoaday
16: Nighttime Whole Foods Excursion... no sunglasses required
#Green cardigan & earrings on a day trip to Waco {Day 17} #marchphotoaday
17: Green cardigan and earrings
{Day 18} #corner of my kitchen... snack bowl + morning smoothie #marchphotoaday #catchup
18: Corner of my kitchen
19: DOH! Funny morning faces
T-Man's stuffed poblano hamburguesas #yummy {Day 21} #marchphotoaday
20: T-Man's Stuffed Poblano Hamburguesas...yummy!
T-Man's stuffed poblano hamburguesas #yummy {Day 21} #marchphotoaday
22: Kitchen Sink
23: Gratuitous Baby Photo... instead of the moon
{Day 24: #animal} The Boom, watching bball #marchphotoaday
24: Animal... The Boom, watching bball
{Day 25} blueberry, banana, & blood orange smoothie, #breakfast of champions
25: Blueberry, banana & blood orange smoothie = breakfast of champions
{Day 26} where the #keys (but mostly hats) live #marchphotoaday
26: Where the keys {but mostly hats} live
{Day 27} #MyName, all Professional Fancylike
27: My name... all professional and fancy-like
28: Gratuitous Baby Photo... instead of trash
{Day 29} Putting my #feet up & rewatching Mad Men
29: Putting my feet up & rewatching Mad Men
{Day 30} Travel #Toys #marchphotoaday #catchup
30: Travel toys
{Day 31} Patio Sitting in Austin #WhereYouRelax #marchphotoaday #catchup
31: Where I Relax... Patio-Sitting in Austin

Not gonna lie... March's prompts ran a little on the lame side, but I have higher hopes for April!
I mean...I guess. #aprilphotoaday


  1. Ok I'm new to the whole iPhone thing and Instagram but would love to participate. So help a newbie out, how does this work?! Do I sign up to follow someone on instagram? Do I just keep this little list in my purse and that's how I remember the prompts? Is there someplace these are being shared if I don't have a blog? Love this idea I'm just not smart enough to figure it out apparently! :)

    1. Step 1: Download Instagram from the App Store (free)! Once you have an account, you can find people to follow by using your contacts list, your facebook, or your twitter account. Or you can search and find users (I'm "cheesefiend"!). To remember the prompts, I usually "like" the prompt photo that someone has posted in my feed or I take a screenshot of it so that it saves in Photos on my iPhone. All your photos will post in a feed that your followers can see on Instagram.

      Hope that helps - you'll get the hang of it once you play around with Instagram some!

  2. Your mama visiting for the week makes me smile too!!

  3. Is that a poblano pepper stuffed with cheese atop a hamburger? If so, be still my heart.


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