Monday, May 28, 2012

3 months!

3 months
May 21, 2012

Leity Bear,

At three months old, nearly all traces of my itsy bitsy newborn have disappeared -- you are 100% roly poly baby and I love it! 

already perfecting that sideeye... atta girl

You've had loads of new experiences this month.... most of them in the same week!  We traveled to Cabo to see your Auntie Ro get hitched, and you checked off tons of "firsts"... first plane flight, first trip out of the country, first dip in the pool, first beach fire pit, first glimpse of the ocean, and first hotel stay.  We were so proud of our little traveler -- you were so well behaved and congenial, and you loved spending so much time with your GranJan while your dad and I were away! 

Costume change #cabo #weddingextravaganza #babyphotobomb
deserving of a duplicate post

We also celebrated our first Mother's Day together during your third month.  What an extremely special day -- for me and for your GranJan and Mama J... you've simultaneously made a mama, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother where none of those titles existed before.  I think I speak for all of us when I say we are so very thankful for you and for the new roles you have bestowed upon us.  We are a lucky bunch, indeed!


At the very beginning of your third month, you had your first round of shots.  I never thought I'd be the mother who cried during vaccines, but I was truly a big ol' ball of nerves and emotions.  You were a brave little nugget during your appointment, but fussy the rest of the afternoon.  I gave you a smidge of Tylenol and you cheered up a bit.  You were extra sleepy for the next couple of days, but were right as rain 72 hours later... I was very grateful for a mostly-smooth vaccine experience! 

{day 24} #thankful for modern medicine , but not for uncomfortable babies - poor kiddo! #aprilphotoaday

Other milestones... Let me see... Your little neck - though often hidden by several scrumptious chins - is strong as can be!  You really want to be upright 80% of the time now... You still tolerate playtime on your back {especially if we lay down next to you to sing a song or read a story}, but you'd much rather be sitting or standing assisted in our laps! You also like to "fly," lifted above our heads. Tummy Time continues to be a daily battle, but I'm pretty sure you're getting pissed enough about it to flip yourself over back onto your back soon!  

{Day 12} Spending Mother's Day with 4 generations #makesmehappy #mayphotoaday

Early morning is still such a fun time with you!  In fact, your dad pushes back the start of his work day just so he can spend a few more minutes with your smiling face!  You are giggling, cooing, and smiling up a storm now, and it just zaps us right in the heart.  I know your dad hates leaving your grinning mug every day, but lunches with him once a week are always a special treat! 

Morning giggles
Lunch with Dad!

By the end of your third month, you and I have really settled into a weekday "routine" {if not an actual schedule}... You wake up between 6:30 and 7:30, nurse, and then we play with Dad.  Once Dad leaves for work, we read books, play on your jungle mat, and/or do Tummy Time until 9:00 or 9:30 when you are ready for your morning nap. You'll usually sleep anywhere from an hour to two and a half hours.  You take a shorter nap in the afternoons, after we've done any activities or run any errands that we have scheduled for the day.  I've been taking you for a big walk after your afternoon nap, but it's getting so hot now... methinks we'll switch things up soon and do our walk right after Dad kisses us good-bye.  You still get pretty fussy in the evenings, and sometimes it's a huge challenge to keep you happy until bath time. During your third month, we've been shooting for a 9:00 bedtime {an hour earlier than before}, so we get in the bath around 7:30.  After hating the bath during your first months of life, you have {very aptly} taken to the tub like a fish in water.  And it only took mama three different bathing vessels to get it right!  We listen to the iPod, sing "Splish, Splash," and kick, kick, kick!  Then it's time for PJs, a story, and one last nursing session before swaddling and bedtime.  You are consistently busting out of the swaddle in the middle of the night and, some evenings, fighting it as you drift to sleep.  I'd like to get rid of it completely, but your little chunky arms still startle you awake when you first succumb to dreamland.  And who wants to interrupt your now 9-10 hours of uninterrupted night sleep?  Not this mama!

Little Miss No Naps today...
{Day 1} after an unnaturally fussy day, Simon & Garfunkel and bathtime bring #peace #mayphotoaday

You are still nursing like a champ, and I am so thankful for that!  You are often afflicted by a mean case of the hiccups, but gripe water seems to help.  I did come down with thrush during your third month, but, thankfully, you showed no symptoms at all.  There was a lot of pain on my end, but we nipped it in the bud by employing an array of hippie remedies... not entirely sure which worked or if it was the entire kitchen sink approach, but we've been bopping along as if nothing happened since. 


You now grab things consistently and aggressively... if not always purposefully.  Favorites include my necklace, my hair, and your clothing.  You will grab and keep a hold of toys if we put them into your range of motion, but you are not yet reaching out to grasp items.  You will kick at toys on your play mat to make sounds, though.  You seem to love rhymes... We read a lot of nursery rhymes, a lot of Sandra Boynton, and I find myself actin' a-fool trying to come up with original lyrics to entertain you.  In a fit of desperation the other day, I spun a little Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and you thought that was the funniest thing ever. Whatever floats your boat, baby girl! You have also become very interested in food near the end of your third month.  You now want to sit in our laps at restaurants {instead of chilling in your car seat}, and you follow every single bite from plate to mouth with such intensity... I cannot wait to introduce you to solid food in a few months!  

My little Muppet Nugget, you are truly the apple of our eyes!  We can't and wouldn't want to imagine life without you in it.  You are our Itters Bitters, our Angie Baby, our Leity Bear. 

To the moon and back, Mama


Three Month Stats and Milestones

- Diaper Size
            * Size 2 in disposables 
            * Same adjustments as Month 2 in cloth 
- Clothing Size - a mix of 3 and 6 months {6 mo in footed sleepers with cloth dipes}
- Nicknames - Leity Bear, Leity Bug, Muppet, Nugget, Angle Baby, Itters Bitters 
- First Mother's Day - May 13
- First Plane Flight {to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico} - May 15
- First Swim - May 15
- First Walk on Beach - May 16
- First Hotel Stay - May 15-20 {Westin Los Cabos}

- consistently grasps objects and clothing 
- holds neck up; sits assisted; consistently bears weight on legs
- sleeping through the night 


  1. A very big month for L and her family! She's adorable and such a sweetheart too!

  2. Oh, I would want to spend extra time with this little one too! I love this post.

    You had thrush. Ouch! I think I have something right now too, 6 weeks in to breastfeeding my newborn. What did you do? I am totally interested in an alternative root.

  3. Love the updates! Curious about what you thought about the wash pod and why you stopped using it?


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