Sunday, May 27, 2012

Menu Sunday

Back again after a two week hiatus... Here's what was cooking in our kitchen post-vacation stupor...

Crockpot Asian Pork with Coconut Thai Rice & Carrots
pork recipe courtesy of Real Simple
Asian Pork & Carrots with Thai Coconut Rice #wfd
I busted out my new favorite slow cooker pork recipe again -- this time using a 2 lb pork tenderloin I already had stashed in the freezer.  Be sure to decrease the cooking time if you choose to cook with a leaner cut so you don't end up with leather meat!  I threw sliced carrots in with the pork with about an hour left on the timer, and whipped up some delicious Coconut Thai Rice by cooking Archer Farm's Thai Inspired Rice with reduced fat coconut milk instead of water.  Can't beat that semi-homemade goodness with a stick. 

Smoked Chicken with Roasted Potato Salad
potatoes courtesy of Bon Appetit
 Roasted "Potato Salad" & Smoked Chicken #wfd
I've been scouring Epicurious for lots of recipe inspiration lately, and this potato salad selection did not disappoint!  I am not a traditional potato salad fan... another casualty of the Mayo Aversion.  But we loved this fresh, anti-mayo take on the classic... It'd be perfect for a Memorial Day picnic!  Modifications: I used purple pee wee potatoes instead of fingerlings.  And while I followed the rest of the recipe to a T, I will ax the parsley next time in favor of something else {minced shallots would be tasty!} as we picked most of it out. 

Fettuccine with Asparagus, Peas, & Pancetta
Fettuccine with Pancetta, Asparagus, & Peas #wfd
There's not much to say aside from YUM.  Also: EASY.  Also, also: LEFTOVERS.  

Chicken Salad with Pearled Cous Cous, Green Beans, & Summer Corn
adapted from Bon Appetit
Pearled Cous Cous, Green Bean, & Corn Salad with Smoked Chicken #wfd
A super fresh summer salad!  Modifications: I subbed Israeli cous cous for farro as my wee sous chef was very much over our shopping trip whist I was attempting to locate the farro.  And I used leftover smoked chicken instead of preparing fresh. 

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  1. Yum yum! I am definitely trying the cous cous summer salad tonight, can't wait! BTW, have you ever made Cooking Light's Chiles Rellenos Casserole? Made it the other day and thought of you bc of the hatch chiles. It's soo good. Modifications: I subbed turkey sausage for the chicken and used 4 whole eggs.


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