Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photo-a-Day: April

Time for my monthly cop-out post featuring photos you've probably already seen!

I mean...I guess. #aprilphotoaday
a.k.a: my daily excuse to take even more photos of my child.

{Day 1} You don't want to see #MyReflection #aprilphotoaday #catchup
1. You'd rather see this face than my reflection.
{Day 2} My favorite flowers in our wedding #colors #aprilphotoaday
2. My favorite flowers in our wedding colors
{Day 3} in the #mail today...goodies for L's Easter basket! Love the dragon Wubbanub #aprilphotoaday #dragonbaby
3. In the mail today... goodies for L's Easter basket
Trying this again...{Day 4} reading with #someonewhomakesmehappy #aprilphotoaday
4. Reading with someone who makes me happy.
{Day 5} #tiny escape artist #aprilphotoaday
5. Tiny escape artist
{Day 7} Naked Eggs #shadow #aprilphotoaday
{Day 8} all that's left from an incredible night on Barcelona...kept #insidemywallet for over 8 years
8. All that's left of an incredible night in Barcelona... kept inside my wallet 8 years later.
{Day 9} my #youngerself wore this weekly for all of high school. I still have the hat. #aprilphotoaday
9. My younger self wore this every week throughout high school. 
{Day 10} #cold vino whilst pinning & HGTVing #aprilphotoaday
10. A cold glass of vino whilst pinning and HGTVing.
{Day 11} #WhereIEatBreakfast ...waiting on the coffee #aprilphotoaday
11. Where I eat breakfast... waiting on the coffee to brew.
The Boom waiting at the top of our entryway #stairs #aprilphotoaday {Day 12}
12. The Boom waiting at the top of the entryway stairs
{Day 13} #found on my front porch: amateur-hour flavored coffee (out of season, to boot!) in cahoots w/ the serious shame in my game! #aprilphotoaday
13. Found on my front porch: amateur-hour flavored coffee in cahoots with the serious stuff
{Day 14} These two make me happy today #howyoufeel #aprilphotoaday
14. Two people who make me happy today
One of my very favorite photos... #sunset over Fira #aprilphotoaday #catchup {day 15}
15. One of my very favorite photos... sunset over Fira
#flower power in the Bumbo #aprilphotoaday #catchup {day 16}
16. Flower power in the Bumbo
Something I #dislike doing... MOOOOOOO #aprilphotoaday #catchup {Day 17}
17. Something I dislike doing... moo
{Day 18} unkempt, unwashed I get points for matching the headband and tank, at least? #aprilphotoaday
18. Unwashed, unkempt hair.
{Day 19} BBQ Chicken Pizza on #Orange Fiestaware #wfd #aprilphotoaday
19. BBQ Chicken Pizza on orange Fiestaware
{day 20} actually something I painted, not #drew #aprilphotoaday
20. Actually something I painted, not drew
Keepsake wine #bottles from our engagement party #aprilphotoaday #catchup
21. Keepsake wine bottles from our engagement party
{Day 19} #vegetable #aprilphotoaday #catchup
23. Vegetable
{day 24} #thankful for modern medicine , but not for uncomfortable babies - poor kiddo! #aprilphotoaday
24. Grateful for modern medicine, but not uncomfortable babies... poor kiddo!
{Day 25} #lookingdown #aprilphotoaday
25. Looking down
{Day 26} favorite #blackandwhite of me and padre
26. Favorite black and white photo of me and mi padre
{Day 27} to market, to market...#somewhereyouwent #aprilphotoaday
27. To market, to market {somewhere I went}
{Day 28} #1pm...the whole fam waiting on zee bebe to finish lunch #aprilphotoaday
28. The whole family waiting on zee bebe to finish her lunch {1p.m.}
{Day 29} #circular Fiestaware S&P shakers #aprilphotoaday
29. Circular Fiestaware salt & pepper shakers
{Day 30} dust bunnies on hardwood #somethingyoudontlike {what a negative way to end #aprilphotoaday}
30. dust bunnies on hardwood {misread the prompt and thought it was something I don't like}

If you'd like to play along this month using Instagram... here are the prompts for May!  



  1. She is such a doll. And a gorgeous mama too. Just be careful with the Bumbo. . .you might have just been doing a quick photo op because her outfit went so well with the seat, but remember that Bumbos are not supposed to be used until babies are around 4 months old. I'm really not alarmist, but when babies spend time being propped to sit straight up before their back muscles are actually strong enough to do it on their own, it can affect their spinal development. I actually never bought a Bumbo for my girls because I feel like they have a really small window of usefulness--from the time the baby's back is strong enough to actually support sitting up straight (as opposed to being fully supported in a carseat, swing, etc.) until they can actually sit on their own, it's only a month or two. Because the Bumbo is really meant to support babies in that exact window--strong enough to sit up, but just not very good at it yet, as it keeps them from toppling over. I do think they are GREAT for that window, it was just too short for me to want to spend the money. I used the Boppy for that purpose instead. But anyway, just remember that even though the Bumbo CAN make her sit up straight, it's not necessarily good for her spine when she's this little.

  2. Love all the pictures! Especially love the one of you and E on the ocean, the one of E and L kissing, and the bumbo seat one. That dress is SOO cute! Wish I had a baby girl I could buy it for as a gift. Thanks for sharing all the photos - I always look forward to these posts. (Perhaps I should just make time to review Instagram).

    Also, should I keep a separate dish of sugar for Jack? Or just use the one I bake with? ;)

  3. Love ALL the photos Kate. That girl of yours is way too cute.

  4. Also, mean to ask about the band-aids - hope all is okay!!! Nothing ruins a good chunk of thigh like a band-aid.

  5. What a cute little gal you have! Also: we have the same Bumbo. Though Henry doesn't have any outfits that match his. Which I clearly need to remedy.

  6. L-O-V-E this. L's big blue eyes are as pretty as her mama's! And I agree that dust bunnies, particularly of dog hair, are the worst.

  7. FUN pics.!!! My pediatrician TOLD me to start using the bumbo (and our girls are only a few days apart), and I'm pretty sure she's in the know on spinal development!

  8. I love the old school picture. I look exactly the same as I did in high school so mine are all kind of boring.

  9. I am inspired and think I just found a new blog topic - thank god! What beautiful photos and such a beautiful family!


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