Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hi you!

Later in the afternoons, when the crankies really start to set in, L and I have taken to walking around the house and saying hi to all the people on the walls and in frames. 

We say hi to Dad and hi to T-Pop and GranJan and hi to GiGi and Paw-Paw and hi to the aunties and hi to Mama J and Daddy Jim. 

It's amazing to watch her little brain develop and connect the dots.  She is starting to understand that faces in photos are somehow connected to real, live people -- to the extent that we'll sometimes pass the gallery wall on our way to a diaper change, and she'll turn her head towards the folks we wave to everyday and smile or make an adorable fat-man grunting sound. 

The other day, we were in the kitchen, naming food and cooking accouterments {another pre-bedtime sanity saver... any language development boost is just a cherry on top of my sundae} {if I'm feeling super-momish, we'll do this in Spanish, too... although I realized a few weeks ago that I sound like a very confused, Andalucian Julia Childs, belting out "Le Creuset amarillo!"} --

Wphew.  Way too many parentheticals.  Let's begin again. 

The other day, we were in the kitchen, naming food and cooking accouterments, and as we walked towards the pantry, L whipped her head around and gave her happy noise.  I turned to see what she was so thrilled about, and lo and behold...

{Day 18} John Besh is in my Five. #somethingyoudontknowaboutme
Hi John Besh!

To say this was a Proud Mama Moment would be an understatement. 

We now say hello to Mr. Besh on the regular.  Wouldn't want him to feel left out. 


  1. So cute! When I am at my sister in law's she will ask where aunt marissa is and my nephew will point to my picture on the wall lol!

  2. SMART girl! never ever forget mr. besh! :)

  3. Absolutely precious. I love everything about this story :)

  4. I love this post. You should tweet it to Beshy.

  5. So cute! My friend's husband is his sous chef! Have you eaten at either of the WWII museum outposts?


  6. Well, we all know that John Besh is enough to turn any woman's head!! Such a smarty pants!

  7. Love it! She is going to be way ahead of the curve on language development. I can just imagine all of those little connections happening in that baby's brain!

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for picking your writing schedule back up again. As a non-mom, I love reading REAL accounts of what a day in the life of a mom is like. Love your honesty, love your style. Thanks for keeping it real. Don't stop blogging!


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