Thursday, July 26, 2012

and just like that...'s been two weeks.

Two weeks of ass kicking... in which - I might clarify - I have not been the kicker, but the ass.

It happens.  And no one likes a complainer.

But if I were to complain, I'd mention the second round of ductal thrush that then turned into mastitis, and the two sick visits to the pediatrician, the teething that won't end, and the sleep regression that left me so drained E found me on the couch one morning devolving into hysterics, wailing "I don't even feel like a human being any more!" 

What can I say?  Hyperbole has always been my trademark.

Thrilled to be here. Thanks for asking.
a flair for the dramatic... where in the world did she pick that up, I wonder

Yet... We roll on.  


And by "roll on," I mean back to front and side to side and in a circle and around again!  Girlfriend is on the move and is proving to be an unstoppable force. 


There has been plenty of other good stuff, too - don't let my Mama Martyrdom leave you fooled!  There was a weekend with GranJan and T-Pop, a road trip to Waco to make sure Mama J's floors are up to scootin' code and to meet cousin Austen - visiting all the way from Brown. 


There was even a night out - our first in far too long.  We saw Moonrise Kingdom, and it made my heart boogie. 

And, this afternoon, there were five, fat heirlooms sunbathing on my kitchen windowsill... five, fat heirlooms that are currently simmering with roasted red peppers into sauce perfection. 

Making sauce while my sous chef enjoys the heck out of an ice cube (& her highchair strap...a sophisticated palate in the making)

There is fresh fruit salad every day here.  And, sometimes, I put it in the Good Bowl.  Just because.  There is a dress shirt box full of Texas peaches in my fridge - a Coldwater Creek sticker still clinging to its side. It hogs precious real estate because Mama J says peaches need room to breathe.  She offers up tidbits such as this as she packs our trunk with produce and Sister Schubert's rolls and cold pork tenderloin.  I am a little bit wiser each time we say good-bye.  

Bad stuff. 

Good stuff. 

And so it is.  Just like that. 


  1. I hope you have more fruit salad days & less teething days in the future.

  2. quick question: what brand of high chair do you have? just want to say i love it; it doesn't look all "baby like" which is awesome in my book!

    1. It's the OXO Sprout chair! I looooove it! We have a really open layout so I knew it would be visible constantly. This one is good looking and super functional - every single part of it is easily wipeable - I don't really get these high chairs I see with fluffy fabric padding... how do you get that really clean?

      It also converts to a toddler chair and is dining table height. And it comes in a bright orange / ash wood combo as well (the wood on our lime one is a dark walnut).

      Hope that helps!

    2. Here's my ONLY complaint about the OXO .... when babies are bigger, food gets mashed all up in the buckle part and that part doesn't come out - le sigh. You can wash/soak the other straps but not the middle one where the snap goes. Drives me nuts. But we got it for the aesthetics too.

  3. I'm so sorry...mastitis SUCKS!

  4. Motherhood. I just hope everyone tells you what a good job you are doing.

  5. I just love your writing. Thanks for sharing. She sure is a cute one.

  6. Oh girl - so sorry about the mastitis! I went to the doc (TMI?) with what I was *convinced* was mastitis last week. I could barely walk without wanting to keel over in pain. That one, er, appendage took over my whole body! Turns out it was just a "really terrible duct issue" with a side of double ear infection & sinus infection. If that wasn't mastitis, I shudder to think what the real deal feels like. Hats off to you, mama. You're a tough cookie! Hope you're all fixed up!

  7. Girlfriend's sunglasses make me think of Sir Elton John and I can't stop giggling. She's rocking 'em!

  8. Dude. Wonder Week 19. It's a beast- google it-there is a great blog that breaks it down. Once she comes out of it though? There will be a fabulous few weeks of independent playing and good sleeping. I am so sorry about the thrush and mastitis.


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