Tuesday, July 10, 2012

L's Nursery

This post is a loooooong time coming.

Por que?

Mostly porque I'm lazy.  Also: slightly OCD.  

{Two qualities that don't normally go hand-and-hand, but, what can I say, I live on the wild side.}

Lazy because I've had "coerce E to drag the glider upstairs" on my to-do list for about 5 weeks now.   OCD because there are a million little things I still want to add to the space, and wasn't keen on sharing it until those tweaks were completed. 

BUT! We finally got that glider in its proper place... and I knew if I waited to post the nursery until I'd finished my umpteen craft ideas, it would be 2030, and we'd also be discussing how to decorate L's dorm room. 


A few notes... I'd been dreaming of nursery designs for a while before we found out we were expecting.  Boy or girl, I knew I wanted two things for sure: {1} a bright turquoise room and {2} a white Jenny Lind crib.  As "luck" would have it, our house flooded when I was 7 weeks pregnant, and we were able to have the nursery painted "for free" during the restoration.  The space is pretty large {although oddly shaped}, so we decided to keep the queen bed already residing in the room, as well as the present linens.  Going with a more eclectic, collected style, I sought out fabrics and decor that coordinated but wasn't matchy-matchy.  I wanted L's room to be girly, but not traditionally so... and I wanted to be sure to incorporate items that were meaningful to us as a family.  


Also: Getting a good shot of the entire room is nearly impossible, thanks to it's Oklahoma-like shape. The best overall photo I have is the lame-o iPhone one above.  Apologies.

Going clockwise around the room, beginning with the bed that is situated immediately to the left as you walk in...

{Future Projects... (a) select rug for center of the room...}
{... (b) hang pink teddy bear birth stats print, (c) paint canvas with
Angel Eyes lyrics to add to this space, (d) order newborn photo for silver frame...}
{...(e) hang floral chevron painting...}
{...(f) print photographs to replace temporary prints and wrapping paper...}
{...(g) replace ultrasoun photo with birth announcement.}

And there you have it!  I think {I hope} I achieved my initial decorating goals.  Probably not magazine-worthy, but it's such a happy space... I hope one day L loves it as much as I do! 

Source list coming tomorrow. 


  1. gorgeous job, kate! just as i pictured!

  2. L's nursery looks amazing! I love your description of it being girly, but not traditionally so. :)

  3. Just lovely. You did a great job!

  4. LOVE IT! Instead of doing a whole turquoise room, we decided just to roll with an accent wall since we'll be moving within the next few years.

  5. Oh, I just love it! Such a beautiful and cheerful nursery!

  6. I have seen nothing like it - looks amazing! Love those curtains.

  7. I am in love with this nursery! I've never seen another like it, and I love how it's just so...you, and everything is meaningful to you instead of the usual character or color theme. L has a super cool mama. Fantastic job, both on the gorgeous baby and sweet digs.

  8. I love it! And, now I feel the need to order a birth stats print for my guy.

  9. Gah, I LOVE IT! It's perfect!

  10. It really is perfect. Lots of bright cheeriness but not overwhelming, perfect amount of things to proclaim it's a girl's room, and lovely touches of family.

  11. I love it! It's SO nice to see a nursery that isn't so theme-y or overly baby-fied. It's a sweet room that she can totally grow with. Love it!

  12. Love the tissue flowers - adds just the right amount of South Texas flair!

  13. yay for happy, colorful spaces!

  14. It's beautiful! You chose a great color for the wall and I love all the fun colors and prints.

  15. Perfect nursery for such a sweet baby girl! I was wondering if you were planning a post on losing the baby weight? My little guy is exactly 2 months younger than L and I would love to hear how another new mom is doing it. I gained 45 lbs and still have about 15 left to lose.

  16. It looks so cheerful and bright! i love happy colorful nurseries like L's!

  17. Kate - it's beautiful!! You did a great job. And I love the shape of the room - it reminds me so much of my childhood room which had tons of nooks and little special places.

    Also, eagerly awaiting the source list since "Into the Mystic" is a very special song to my husband and me....hope you don't mind if I copy you!!

  18. absolutely adorable and perfect! can't wait for the source list! :)

  19. Beautiful! Especially love the Van Morrison lyrics...did you make that or buy it?

  20. I love everything about this. Can you please come decorate my house?

  21. So beautiful! Fun and colorful and perfect for your sweet girl.

  22. I love this nursery! So fun and bright and perfect for sweet L! Good job Mama :)

  23. Love this and am totally using as inspiration for mine (we have the same Ikea bed in our guestroom, so it works nicely). Wanted to ask, how did the Ikea dresser work out as a changing table? Do you recommend? Might want to do the same thing given our tight space.

    1. It works really well -- how tall are you? I'm 5'9 and it is right under boob-height, so I think it might be a little cumbersome for anyone much shorter! We actually change the majority of diapers on a desk in the office (we use the changing pad that came with our PNP) just because we're downstairs so often, but I'm glad we have the one upstairs too!

  24. I'm 5'6", so it shouldn't be a problem. That being said, G doesn't really want to buy a new dresser so we may just end up using an old wine rack thing (that is the same height and width as a dresser) as a makeshift changing table (and sub out the wine racks for baskets). Klassy.


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