Sunday, July 29, 2012

Menu Sunday

It's been several weeks since I posted a menu, so I won't bother with many repeats... Here's the best {and the newbies} from our kitchen to yours.

Lasagna "Soup"
adapted from A Farm Girl's Dabbles
Lasagna "Soup"...because that's what everyone wants when it's 103 outside #wfd
Not the most seasonally appropriate dish when the thermometer still reads 100+ after sunset, but we love this recipe!  Modifications: I make it a bit more "pasta dish" and less soupy by halving the rest of the recipe but keeping the pasta amount the same. I always use spicy Italian sausage.  And because gorgeous summer 'maters abound, I axed the canned tomatoes and cooked down a bunch of delicious heirlooms.  Finally, we just top ours with a little shredded Parmesan - no ricotta mixture. 

Zucchini Boats
adapted from Skinny Taste
Zucchini Boats #wfd
These have been all over the interwebs lately -- and for good reason!  They are simple and delicious.  Modifications: I used Spicy Chicken Sausage, instead of turkey. I forgot the bell pepper, so I added Italian seasoning for more flavor.  And I used a Spicy Arrabiata Sauce. 

Espegeti Verde
adapted from Serious Eats
Espegeti Verde w/ Roasted Poblanos and Fruit Salad #wfd
I spied this recipe whilst combing Rachel's archives for menu inspiration, and was intrigued.  While I wouldn't say it's one of our favorite pasta dishes, it was definitely something unique and different.  I might try it again during Hatch season! Modifications: I thought I had enough cream at home but I didn't even have half the amount called for... I threw some extra Manchego in the mix plus a bit of pasta water and called it "lower fat." 

Crispy Tilapia Tacos with Pineapple Mango Salsa
 Crispy Tilapia Tacos w/ Pineapple Mango Salsa & Fruit Salad #wfd
Super simple... I mixed cornstarch, cumin, paprika, chile powder, and cayenne pepper, and dusted tilapia filets with the concoction.  Then I cooked the fish in canola oil, drained them on paper towels, and served the tacos with avocado and pineapple mango salsa (courtesy of Whole Foods).  These were pretty good - I wish I'd had corn tortillas, and the the fish wasn't super flavorful.  Next time, I'd do more spices and less cornstarch. 

Tortellini with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Roasted Red Pepper Sauce {w/ some tortellini thrown in for good measure} #wfd  #icouldeatthissaucewithaspoon
Favorite pasta sauce recipe evvvv-vah!  Can't wait to party with the leftovers this week! 

Mustard & Thyme Olympic Medal-lions
marinade recipe courtesy of Taste of Home
Mustard Thyme "Olympic Beef  MEDALlions" & Flag Fruit Salad #wfd #Olympics "
This was a perfect Friday night recipe... I bought pre-skewered beef kebabs from Whole Foods and brushed on the marinade {sans rosemary} around noon.  They were ready for the grill just in time to enjoy Opening Ceremonies!  Being the humongous nerd that I am, I dubbed these "MUSTard Make the Thyme Olympic Beef MEDALlions."   Oh yes I did. 


  1. The tilapia tacos look tasty!!! I added pineapple to my chicken tacos last week. With a taste of lime and cilantro, they were pretty good!

  2. I've had those zucchini boats bookmarked for a long time and forgot about them. Trying them this week- thanks for the reminder!

  3. I hope you didn't eat the Canada sticker on what appears to be a yellow bell pepper from your kabobs!


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