Monday, July 30, 2012

witching hour fun

Oh the "Witching Hour."

When L was a wee squishy newborn, the hours between 4pm and 7pm were a constant struggle.  We rocked, we glided, we strolled, we Moby-ed, we cajoled, we sang, we shushed, and we swung... all in the same evening... often selecting several actions to perform simultaneously.  

I remember one particularly difficult night that included me in pajamas, elephant walking / rocking around our neighborhood whilst singing L's lullaby {in a not-so-soft voice} as she screamed {at a not-so-low volume}... breaking stride only to apologetically side-step a pair of high school love birds sucking face in the middle of the sidewalk.  

That's what you call Instant Birth Control, folks... You're Welcome, Neighbor Parents. 

Thankfully, evening fussiness is much easier now that we've waved adios to that pesky "fourth trimester."  The Witching Hour still exists... but now it's just that -- an hour before the 6pm start to our bedtime routine, wherein my normal tricks are all for naught. 

Play mat?  Meh. 

Jumparoo?  Ug. 

Board books?  I don't think so. 

Old McDonald or Wheels on the Bus?  BITCH, PLEASE. 

Unfortunately, {if you haven't gotten the clue from all the obnoxious Facebook photos of people's car thermometers}, it's summertime and it's balls-ass-hot outside... rendering our favorite jaunts with the jogging stroller absolutely miserable.  And there's only so much one can do indoors with a "yet to sit unassisted, but wants to be stimulated at all times" munchkin. 

But!  Praise Tillamook, I've stumbled upon the perfect distraction{s} to appease a fussypants 5 month old... 

It's hard to beat shoulder straps...even when avocado and frozen banana are on the line! #BLW

Nudity and Food.

Yep. Turns out my child isn't all that different from most adults I know.  I mean, who doesn't enjoy a little {age and locale appropriate} Nakey Time and/or a good old fashioned popsicle? 


Come five o'clock, the highchair{which we love, by the way} comes out, and my girl goes to town on an ice cube or frozen banana in one of these handy mesh feeders. We are doing Baby-Led Weaningso we're skipping cereal and purees and starting with whole foods at 6 months, but I have given her a few veggie chunks to play with.  We've also started practicing with a sippy cup.  We have this one by Playtexthat allows you to teach your bambino to use a straw by helping squeeze water up into the spout.  After one day of practice, L can suck a little bit of water up the straw by herself if I hold the cup for her... She also likes to hold it herself, but hasn't quite figured out to drink and hold at the same time.  It is too much fun to watch her figure things out for herself! 

After we're finished with a snack {bonus: highchair time also allows me to do a little supper prep work!}, it's time to strip down and cool off on a pile of old blankets and towels.  Somehow, the usual toy suspects bring a whole new level of fun when one is rolling about in their birthday suit.  And oftentimes, we'll mix it up and do a naked ice pop {Wild & Crazy Kids, I know} {anyone remember that show... what a highly annoying yet addictive theme song}.  Sure, there is a almost always a little golden shower action, but I just throw the linens in with our cloth diaper laundry -- no biggie.  Plus, bath time is just around the corner, so baby bodily clean-up is easy-peasy. 


Any other Witching Hour Magic Tricks that I should know about?  


  1. I don't have any advice, as I'm kidless myself, but in the baby's-are-crazy section, my parents love to tell the story of how the next door neighbor (from across the street) came over to see if everything was ok. Baby me was screaming That Loud. And yes, all the windows and doors were closed. Lungs baby. I've got Lungs.

  2. The high chair also used to be my savior during this time of the day as did about every utensil in my kitchen. Specifically silicone products. Add that to your list: Nudity, food and silicone :)

  3. This is the best post ever! Luckily we don't witch too much, if he gets grumpy I just start bedtime routine earlier. I think I have the only 5 month old who LOVES going to bed, I'll take it while I can get it. We haven't caught on with the sippy cup yet, I have the same one mentioned in your post in the dishwasher to try out tomorrow. He just gets so insulted by water, its hilarous! Wanted to do blw, but don't have the right set-up to handle the mess, can't wait to see how it goes for y'all!

  4. Those rolls! I die. Five o'clock is our current "witching hour." Mostly because the little man is hungry and can't stand that I'm preparing dinner in front of him. So I give him bites -- food is still the best distraction! -- and station him in front of "his cabinet" of straws and plastic cups. Something I highly recommend when L gets bigger!

  5. I can't wait to bust out our high chair. L looks so grown up in hers! This may not be an option with the heat where you are, but we go out to the front porch and watch the cars and people go by. We live on a fairly busy street so there's a lot to see. M loves being outside and it definitely buys us a good 45 minutes or every evening!

  6. We have started playing with Bubbles. Sounds silly, but I just blow bubbles while she is sitting in her highchair and she is mesmerized. ( I use the non toxic variety from Target, but you could make your own too. I need to try the frozen banana in our mesh feeder. Good idea!

  7. Ooh, Katie, bubbles are an excellent idea. Swimming is our cure, since walks are impossible due to the heat. We immediately hit the pool, and she is happy. And ready for bedtime when it arrives!

    Like Amy, we also do a lot of front porch stoop sitting. A car drives by every five minutes or so, and we talk about whether they are going to fast,a nd what color the car is- Ha.

  8. almost every night we give L a piece of whole wheat bread (broken up of course), strip her down, and call it "naked baby time". works like a charm in our house too.

  9. I totally agree with Amy's suggestion above, but with an avoid-the-100-degree-heat-and-west-nile-mosquitoes twist...Ava and I sit in front of our big window that faces the street, and it keeps her quite entertained.

  10. Nakey time... you are so right! Adults and babes alike love nakey time and food. L looks so cute in her high chair and I love the straps on it! I think it's time for us to look into one since I have to be standing right by Sam in the bumbo on the counter in case he decides to squirm out.

  11. W-w-wild and crazy kids!! <3 90's on Nickelodeon!! Just had to give it a shout out. P.s. do you remember What Would You Do? and Legends of the Hidden Temple? I die!

  12. her rolls are so precious! i have no advice- just wanted to ask how the mesh feeder is going. i haven't gotten one because they say 6 months, but they seem like a good idea for a baby who loves food and loves to put things in her mouth!

    1. We love the mesh feeder! We mainly use it for icecubes to soothe her gums. I like that I can give the ice to her when she's playing on the floor and not just when she's sitting upright. (always supervised of course!) I have given her frozen bananas on occasion when she's sitting in her highchair - she likes those as well!

  13. Good lord that child is adorable!!! Ahhh!

  14. I hate to say this, but...
    I call it "arsenic hours" (not sure why... if it's because the kids need the arsenic, or I need it??? just heard it, and started using it)... but they never end. In fact, they get worse when they come home from school until bedtime/dad gets home :) good luck with that. Motherhood. It's the best.


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