Saturday, August 11, 2012

5 months!

July 21, 2012

Oh Buglet! 

Your fifth month was not an easy one, by any stretch of the imagination.  But with new challenges came new fun... You continue to surprise and delight us daily, even when you are confounding us at the same time! 


We started off your fifth month with a bang, visiting the Malones {Auntie Erin, Jon, and your future crush, Owen} and Auntie Lyndz in Atlanta. This was your second trip requiring air travel, and we were incredibly lucky to receive free first class upgrades on both legs of the journey... You thoroughly enjoyed all that extra room to stretch out and are now officially a First Class Snob. You and Owen were born 20 days apart, and it has been such a blessing for me to share pregnancy and parenthood with his mama.  It was such a thrill to see the two of you {kinda, sorta} interact and "consider each other" for the first time! Owen seemed a bit more active than you... rolling all over the place, reaching out to grab toys, playing with his feet, etc.  I had to laugh, because, sure enough, about three weeks after our visit, you were mastering all the same skills. It's incredible the difference three weeks can make at this age. We can't wait to see Owen, Erin, Jon, and Lyndz again over Labor Day! 

{Day 22} Future Fiancés #highangle #junephotoaday  #catchup
first class, all the way

Whilst in ATL, your previously acceptable sleeping patterns took a major step backwards.  I was up multiple times with you during our visit, instead of your normal, single 3 AMish nursing session.  Understanding that travel is rough on wee tots, I figured you'd be back to your ol' reliable self a few days after our return.  Au contraire, mon frere.  At first, you continued with 2-3 wake-ups in the middle of the night. I knew you weren't hungry, but it was easier and quicker to nurse you back to dreamland than rock or soothe you in other ways. To combat the regression, we tried cluster-feeding, then bottles {which you subsequently refused and have shunned ever since - fun!}, and then, finally, taking away your sleep sack.  Oddly, the sleep sack {or lack thereof} was the magic bullet.  But, then it became impossible to put you down at night.  I'd nurse you to sleep as I'd always done, but now your eyes would pop right open, and you'd scream at the top of your lungs the minute your back hit the mattress.  We suffered through a week of you screaming at bedtime - sometimes for two hours or more - while we rocked, walked, shushed, cajoled, and sang you to sleep.  I swore I would never "sleep train" you before six months, but on Day Eight {three days after I wrote this post - ha!}, I downloaded Ferber on my Kindle and bit the bullet.  We started the progressive checking method at bedtime and for any wake-ups earlier than 3 AM.  I am happy to report that it worked quickly, and with very minimal crying.  My ever-evolving thoughts on sleep training deserve a whole separate post entirely, but I will say I got my first taste of tough love this month, and {cliche alert!} I'm positive it was more difficult for me than it was for you.  But I was so happy to have my cheerful girl back -- We can definitely attest that you are infinitely peachier when you've had a good night's sleep! 


After our Ferber Party, you are back to bedtime at 7 PM, one nursing session between 3 AM and 4 AM, and waking up for the day in between 6-7 AM.  You are still napping in my arms, usually three times a day {a "long" morning nap and two short afternoon naps}.  If we have a big activity in the middle of the day, you drop the middle nap.  I tried two days of Ferber Nap Bootcamp, and it was readily apparent that you are not ready for "nap training."  While I'd love to be able to get things done during naps, I have to admit that I adore cuddling with you and just relaxing.  I know I'll have to toughen up on naps soon, so I'll soak it in while I can, thankyouverymuch. 

Loungin' in mah denim

With these frustrations, there have been equal, if not greater, joys.

Thrilled to be here. Thanks for asking.

You began rolling both ways with gusto this month, and it's so much fun to see you on the move!  


If there was any doubt you were exploring the world by mouth before, hoooboy, you surely are now.  You gnaw on everything - your colored links being your absolute favorite teething toy, but fabric of any kind is a popular choice too.  We are in the market for a nighttime lovey, as you currently chew your jam-jam sleeve or collar in your sleep and wake up cold!


You laugh now... Not just little baby giggles, but big belly laughs.  And you sit in your Bumbo or in your highchair and play with your toys with such a look of concentration on your face... We can practically see the wheels in your brain working!  It is so fun to watch you discover the world around you!


You continue to be an extremely social little dumpling!  You smile readily at friendly new faces and love getting out of the house and seeing new sights.  You started riding in your Bumbleride stroller without your carseat this month and you looooove that!  We've been trying to power walk at the mall at least once a week {usually with our buddies Brittany, Nora, and sometimes Audrey} since it is too hot to exercise outdoors.  You'll last the entire three hour outing without a meltdown now that you can ride like a big girl! 


After you got a mean ammonia diaper burn this month, we started implementing nightly Nakey Time.  Girlfriend, you must be a wee nudist -- I do believe this might be your favorite time of day! 

 Oh ya know, just reading mah book nekked

We also celebrated your first Fourth of July this month.  No fireworks this year, but there was brisket, pool time, and patriotic garb.

Happy 4th!
Thrilled about our first 4th
Also thrilled about her float

Leity-Bear, as your spunky personality continues to develop, you continue to bring the fun!  You are a delight every single day -- even the ones that are tough for both of us!  

{Day 3} Goofing around with this nugget #bestpartofday #julyphotoaday

To the moon and back! 

Love, Mama


Five Month Stats and Milestones

- 17 pounds {approximate weight from a sick visit - they didn't take height or head circumference} 
- Diaper Sizes: same as 4 months
- Clothing Sizes - all 9 mo for sleepers; 6-12 mo in clothes, depending on the brand 

- visited Atlanta - June 22-24
- rolled from back to tummy - July 1st
- celebrated first July 4th 
- started riding in stroller without carseat 

- Nicknames: Leity Bear, Leity Bug, Buglet, Muppet, Nugget, The Happy Buddha 
- Favorite Toys: colored links, Lamaze soft / crinkly book, Baby Einstein Musical Jumper 
- Favorite Books: Sandra Boynton books, The Lorax
- chews on everything - hands, clothes, carseat and stroller straps 
- consistently rolls both ways


  1. ah, 'the hard stuff' has begun. Hate that part of parenting (although I never sleep trained) but thankfully those happy times still outweigh the yucky ones. I am in love with L's arm rolls. Cannot handle it.

  2. I cannot even believe she's five months old already. And E's favorite time of the day was always "nakey time". It still is. One can only hope she'll grow out of that before high school.

  3. L is certainly one well-dressed baby girl! Seriously. I love all of her outfits. As for the tough stuff that you two encountered in month 5, I promise it gets better. But for now, yes, enjoy those sweet snuggles!

  4. My lil' one is also 5 months and Proud Mary rolling all over the place. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only mom who congratulates their lil one like an eastern European gymnastics coach for accomplishing the roll. I also found that MotherLove diaper rash and probiotic helps with any severe ammonia burn. Oh the joys of saving the planet through CD.

  5. The sleep stuff is killer! I also thought we had a great routine down, but now the 5:30am wakeups are my kryptonite. I do have a lovey recommendation, and this may help you with sleep as well. My 6-month old daughter loves her A+A loveys ("issie"), and her sleep seriously improved once we introduced them. They are a great cue to her that its time to sleep (esp now that you ditched the sleep sack) and that combined with thumb sucking has her soothing herself so well these days. Good luck!

    1. So funny you mentioned these bc I just ordered a set on Saturday! I hope we have the same success you did!

  6. L is adorable! How fast the time goes by. Did the baking soda in her bath help her rash? My daughter never took a pacifier but she loved little Taggies blankets as her lovey. She would sit in her swing and suck on a tag until she fell asleep. We had one of the small sized blankets.

    1. It did! As did the Motherlove balm several people mentioned - I am forever indebted to reader suggestions!

  7. Um just read that Bumbos are being recalled. That's scary! And I'm not a mom but know that it's a popular seat!

    1. Yes, Bumbos have been recalled before, mostly due to poor parental judgment and supervision. We only use ours on the carpeted floor when L is in arm's reach & completely supervised. They should never be used as a place to put a baby while a caregiver does something else.

  8. I love you little L bear. Your belly laughs are an instant day brightener for your Auntie L. XOXO


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