Wednesday, August 29, 2012

6 months!

August 21, 2012

Buglet! Half a year old! How can that be?!


If last month was marked with challenges, this month must have been our reward -- I cannot even begin to describe how FUN you are!  


Taking your photo this month was a challenge, because you are now constantly on the move!  


You aren't crawling yet, but you sure are giving it the good ol' college try!  And until you master that skill, you are happy getting to where you're going via barrel roll. 


Now that your nighttime sleep has resolved itself {knock on wood...}, you are back to your happy self.  When you are especially pleased with the world around you {or, more often, yourself!}, you turn on what we've dubbed the Wide-Mouth Bass Smile.  There is nothing in the world that tickles me more than those crinkly eyes and that huge, gummy grin... although your skeptical, furrowed brow stare comes in a close second!


Lots of new behaviors and firsts this month... 

You started practicing with a straw sippy cup, and you got the hang of it after just a few attempts. You absolutely love drinking out of the sippy, as well as any other "big person" cup!  If someone is drinking in your presence, you want a sample.  You will grab at any glass or bottle and tip it over if we're not paying close enough attention.

Gimme more of that banana nonsense, woman!

You also started enjoying ice and frozen banana "pops" from the mesh teether, and you sampled avocado, squash, and peaches as we eased our way into Baby Led Weaning.  Watching you try new foods is truly one of my favorite things about motherhood so far -- you are so inquisitive when it comes to your culinary adventures!  Additionally, you just straight-up enjoy chilling in your highchair.  You are so happy to be a part of the action, be it joining us for a meal or supervising supper prep. 


The Boom is also pretty thrilled about this solids business. 


You started tummy sleeping at the very beginning of your sixth month.  Talk about boosting your mama's anxiety levels -- I watched that monitor like a hawk the first few nights!  You weren't quite comfortable with your new sleeping position either, as you would wake surprised to find yourself on your belly and scream for us to come flip you back over.  After a few nights of this fun new game, you decided it was all good on your stomach and have slept like a log from 7:00 PM until 5:00 or 6:00 AM ever since.  That's a pretty early hour to rise and shine {although I'm not complaining too much about a 10-11 hour sleep stretch!}, so I try and convince you to snooze until 7 after a quick nursing session.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes we're up for the day before the sun.  You've almost completely transitioned to two naps a day... one beginning around 8 or 9 AM {depending on when you've woken up} and another any time from 1 to 3 PM.  If we're not out and about much during the day, you might still take a third nap {I guess you're bored with just me to entertain you!}, but those are few and far between.  And, oh yes, you still napped in my arms throughout this entire month.  We'll talk Nap Bootcamp next month, my munchkin!

Just kickin' back with a good read.

We had a great visit from Colleen and your future bestie Ella this month, and of course, a fabulous trip to Colorado!  You also attended Hatch Chile Festival -- a very proud moment for Mama, indeed! 

It's the mooooost wonderrrrful tiiiiiime of the yeeeear! #HATCH

Womp, womp... You had your first fever this month, right after we returned from Breckenridge.  Your temperature hovered around 103 degrees for about 24 hours, but you definitely felt crummy for another 48 hours after the fever broke.  I took you to the doctor just to rule out ear infections or other issues, but you were a-okay.   It was a rough few days, but you bounced right back! You had some additional fussy days due to teething... I seriously feel as if I've been blaming whiny days on teething for over two months, but this time, I was correct!  Your first tooth partially broke through the gum right on August 21!

Further #Hatch Procural #sundays

A few randoms to round out the commemoration of your sixth month... You seem to gravitate towards anything blue.  Remote controls intrigue you, especially the white and black one.  You grab at our faces all the time now and often try to put your hands in our mouths.  Hair pulling is your current love language.  

WIDN- supervising play w/ L's new favorite thing...the remote. Tagged by @ktmt925

Leity Bear, you just couldn't be more delightful!  Six months ago, I knew I loved you beyond measure, but I never would have guessed all the thousand little ways in which you enrich my life.  Here's to the back end of your first year being just as exceptional as your first! 

Feb 21, 2013

To the moon and back. 

Love, Mama

Chopstick Wizardry
Chopstick Wizardry: Her Patronious Charm is a Bowl of Panang Curry

Six Month Stats & Milestones

- 18 pounds {approx - will update next week after her checkup}
- Diaper size: same as last two months
- Clothing size: all 9 month sleepers; 6-12 month clothing, depending on brand

- visited Breckenridge, CO {first time hiking & seeing the mountains} - August 2-6
- First Hatch Fesival - August 11
- First Tooth - August 21
- started riding in the cart when out shopping

- Nicknames: Leity Bear / Bug, Buglet, Buggie, Nugget, Muppet, Happy Buddha
- Favorite Toys: colored links, Sophie, black & white teething ring, Baby Einstein Musical Jumper
- Favorite Books: Pajama Time, Little Goose, The Lorax
- grabs faces, hair
- twists entire body to try and grab or inspect items 
- purposefully rolls to get objects
- pushes up into "cobra pose" 


  1. I can't even take her with the rolls and the grins and the awesome. Happy six months, L!

  2. We are in the market for a highchair - what kind is that? I like that it doesn't have ugly zoo animals all over it!!

    1. It is the OXO Tot Sprout Chair & we love it!

    2. Thank you! I will check it out! And happy 6 months L! she's adorable!

  3. All of her nicknames crack me up. We are starting to have quite the nickname collection for Quinn as well.

  4. She is beyond cute! Love that sweet smile and the delicious arm rolls! Six months is so fun. And if you can believe it, it just keeps getting better and better. Happy 6 months to your baby girl!

  5. -i die over her owl outfit

    -i die over her arm rolls

    -i love that this was an amazing month for you guys. gotta love a payback after a hellish month!

  6. At the risk of sounding demanding, are you going to provide another cloth diaper update? I am 36 weeks pregnant and preparing for the big ol' CD adventure and have appreciated your thorough reviews of research and what has worked/not worked along the way....I have assembled our starter sets of charlie bananas, bum genius, funnibunz, and all the wipes and solution, detergent, diaper pails, throw a little flattery your way, a lot of it is based on your if you about some CDs ad nauseum please!!!!

    1. I am definitely planning an update - just as soon as we perfect our new "now she's eating solids" regimen!

  7. Here is go again, am also exploring the idea of baby lead weaning (here is is my child isn't even out of the womb and i have already moved him to solids before he has even breastfed!)I would appreciate your thoughts on how L has been doing with the "program". Also, totally understand looks like i am a crazy baby post stalker and trying to turn you into a mommy-blogger...

  8. She is precious and it seems that y'all are having the MOST fun!! I am expecting my first little chickadee in a few short weeks and instead of nesting in the form of cleaning out closets I have been cooking, baking and freezing. Many of the recipes are yours! I wanted to share a hybrid I made with one of your recipes. I have followed your bran muffin recipe before and loved it! The last time my mom came to visit she brought me a delicious batch of zucchini muffins so I kinda combined yalls recipes. I followed yours to a T and in the last step where you combine I everything I added about 3 cups of freshly grated zucchini, a couple of dashes of cinnamon, a couple of splashes of vanilla and about 3/4 cup of chopped pecans. I figured the extra nutrition from the zucchini and the extra fat from the pecans will be a boost during those late nit/early morning feelings. Love your blog!


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