Monday, August 13, 2012

don't fret!

And just like... the 17 best days of television is over and gone for another four years.

No more battle royales between Phelps and "Get That Grill Outta Yo' Mouth, Young Man" Lochte.

No more Fantastical, Gymnastical Bitchfaces.

No more poor wardrobe choices by Bob Costas.

I mean, what are we all expected to watch after supper now?

Unfortunately, I can't help you with that conundrum, but...


I can help you with the actual supper part! 

YES.  Like a narcotic balm for your Olympic Hangover... It's HATCH TIME! 

It's the mooooost wonderrrrful tiiiiiime of the yeeeear! #HATCH
Some folks do Pumpkin Patch Photos... We pose amongst peppers

That's right, folks!  Basically the most wonderful time of the year that doesn't include 24/7 Christmas carols on the soft rock station or steaming seasonal coffee beverages in red cardboard cups.

The Hatches have landed and are ready for enthusiastic consumption! 

{If you're confused about my current manic state, go ahead and take a little clicky here!} 

{Also, I've had some questions about storage... I roast - or have the market roast them for me - and then freeze in Ziplocs -- they'll keep for 6+ months of goodness!  This year, I'm planning on freezing 15-20 pounds of chiles.}

I'll be trying out a bunch of new Hatch recipes for review in the coming weeks {4 out of 5 of this week's recipes are Hatch-centric}, but until then, get your hands on a case or twelve, if you're so inclined, and give a few of my standard favorites a go!    

Happy Hatching, lovelies! 


  1. Hi Kate, my Mom and I had lunch at Central Market Friday. I had Hatch Chicken Mozzarella Club pizza, TDF! Two of my favorite things on my favorite food, hatch + bacon (and spinach and pesto) on pizza. No.Words.

  2. You are the Hatch Ambassador! Our chiles are scheduled to arrive on Saturday and I am SO EXCITED.


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