Thursday, August 9, 2012

PPT: Happy 100th Julia Child!

When asked {as one so often is?} who I'd include at my Ultimate Fantasy Dinner Party, I always wonder to myself if it would be kosher to ask Julia Child to both attend and prepare said magical, mystical meal. 

I'd like to think she'd heartily accept on both accounts... and that we'd be fast friends by fat-skimming time on the boeuf bourguignon.  

In my Orange Bavarian Cream dreams, right?  

I'll admit, Child in the flesh is a bit before my time.  Five years ago, I was more familiar with Dan Aykroyd's spoof than The French Chef herself.  But, during my bout with unemployment, the cooking bug bit hard, and the culinary memoir bug even harder. My Life in France felt like the diary of the aunt one grew up admiring unabashedly.  Julia was a force... unapologetically comfortable in her skin in a way that wasn't necessarily conventional and surely wasn't easy... and funny -- so funny.  

Consider me a girlfan for life.

Are you doing your happy dance?  

 Or, perhaps, your very best, heartiest BONJOUR?

You best be believin' these are on their way to my mailbox.  If I had any wall space at all, they would just as soon be matted, framed, and on display in my kitchen.

As it is, I will likely tuck them away some place special for a while... another small reminder that life really is delicious. 


  1. Love, love, love these! Must procure at once!

  2. Wow those are truly perfect. I'm going to a cooking demonstration tomorrow hosted by JC's sous chef - quite excited!

  3. I have a pantry in the new house and totally want to cover one wall in pegboard for pot hanging a la Julia. Love the cards!

  4. I just bought a Shannon Martin card with the "If you're afraid of butter..." quote on it to frame for my kitchen!

  5. I love these - especially the butter ones.

    I wish I had her self confidence now!

  6. I need these--the running joke in my family is to spontaneously yell "I just burnt the dickens out of my finger!" while cooking...keeps things interesting!


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