Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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In the near future, I'll surely dedicate a few interweb paragraphs to our fantastical Labor Day holiday to Lake Michigan {New Buffalo, Indiana, to be exact} {I write Indiana out in its entirety because I can never remember if the state abbreviation is IN or ID} {I'm pretty sure it's IN} {but not positive} {surely ID is Idaho} {nope, still not positive}.  I'm just waiting on the photographs.  And I say that without a single iota of impatience, as it's mega poor form to sit back whilst other folks take pictures of your vacation and then expect said folks to have nothing better to do than email you a bunch of jpeg files just so you can write a damn blog post while the topic is still semi-relevant.  

Until then, enjoy this collage of crappy phone photos that you've probably already seen on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram.  Because I'm obnoxious like that. 


I will say we had an excellent time with my college favorites, their respective menfolk, and our two newly minted tiny humans.  Two things, and then I'll move on to other bullet points that are likely of even less interest to you...

Thing The First. I am blessed {gag, there's that word} beyond measure to call such intelligent, accomplished, hysterical women my family.  And it tickles me to no end that our husbands and man-friends fit so seamlessly into the mix.  Or at least that if they can't stand us and our incessant retelling of college glory day tales, they drink another beer and keep it to themselves. 

Thing The Second. You know the vacations you took as a small child with those crazy family friends who called themselves Aunt and Uncle?  The ones where everything seemed way more laid back than your normal life and the adults didn't really seem to care if you only ate Velveeta for lunch?  Yeah, at any given moment, at least one of your parents* was sufficiently tipsy for the vast majority of those trips.  Makes a lot of sense now that you think about it, doesn't it? 

*Note: It probably wasn't your mom... at least until after you went to sleep.  Then she was enthusiastically playing boozy Cranium with the best of 'em.



So I guess it's Fall now?   

I don't know.  I'm not sure how I feel about this. 

I mean, I'm ready and all.  I'm ready for boots and scarves and tail gating and pumpkin everything. 

Believe you me.  

But the high today is 101. 

Do you want to drink a pumpkin spice latte {which apparently has it's own abbreviation now? PSL? Sorry, Starbucks. That gets the side-eye.} when it's 101 outside? 

I think I'll save the majority of my Fall Jubilation for October.   

No need to rush things. 

Unless we're talking about Christmas.  I can do Christmas tune-age in July. 


Watching L discover solid foods via Baby-Led Weaning is without a doubt one of the most delightful things I've ever experienced.  

I used to hate those messy faced photographs of other people's children.  

I mean, gross. 

Carb Loading. #munchkinmeals lunch: whole wheat waffle + whole wheat elbow pasta w/ cheese (aka: post-vacation/pre-grocery run) #babyledweaning

I soooooo get it now.  

I used to hate people who posted messy-faced photos of their child. I mean, gross, right? I GET IT NOW. SORRY FOR THE JUDGMENT, INTERNET FRIENDS. #babyphotobomb #latergram

Apologies for all the silent judgment, past-takers-of-mess-faced-kidlet-photos. 

In all seriousness, BLW has been a huge success in our household thus far.  The list of foods that L has tried grows almost daily, and she rarely meets something she doesn't like... She can do without watermelon, and steamed broccoli is the devil {although a piece of broccoli from some stir-fry was just dandy!}.  Everything else, she samples and consumes with great fervor.  

I'm working on a Baby-Led Weaning post.  Between that, the cloth diaper update, and a post on our favorite baby gear for the 3-6 month set, I'm sure to bore y'all to tears in the coming week. 

Get jazzed. 


  1. I can't wait to read the upcoming posts!

  2. I way away from poppin out my own behbez but I fully admit that I already discussed BLW with JM. I've been so fascinated look at your blog and Samma's and it's just such a no brainer to me. Even with Z, who is clearly weaned already but has been branded by many of her family members a "picky eater", we have started to just ask her to try things. We've found that if we just explain to her what it is, or encourage her to help during the preparation of a dish in the kitchen, she is far more likely to try and even like something we cook.

    In closing, keep the baby mess face pictures coming and thanks for inspiring this future mom with the blw posts :)

  3. I discovered BLW too late to try it with my son, and I so regret missing out on it. Already planning to try it for future babies.

  4. I'm really interested in learning more about BLW! My son is 5 months it too late to start with him? Can't wait to read your post!!

    1. Not at all! 6 months is the recommended age!

    2. YAY! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to read your next post on BLW! :)

  5. Oh, I got excited when you said fluff. Ha! I'm one of those moms now. Ack!

  6. I imagine I'll be sending you some BLW emails in a few months....this is your warning!

    Glad y'all had a lovely Labor Day weekend with friends. Nothing better than long weekends with those people you love!

  7. messy baby pictures are my fav! So cute! I too am craving fall brews, despite the summer temps!

  8. I was thinking about BLW and nursing the other day when you mentioned that she didn't like broccoli and watermelon. Haven't you abstained from broccoli due to it messing with your milk=unhappy, gassy baby? And you don't like watermelon? I wonder if L is not wild about those since she has not tasted them via milk before or frequently? This is the shit I think about instead of the legal work staring me down.

    1. Hey, I don't blame you - this is important shit to ponder! I'm a-bettin' you're not too far off on the correlation! Have you tried giving DH any of the foods that triggered gas as an infant?

  9. Kate, do you share your instagram name?

    1. Cheesefiend - same as my Twitter!

  10. Your "second thing" just made me laugh out loud for real - once the kids got older and more self-sufficient our moms would turn their sun visors upside down to signal (to the dads and/or us) that we were pretty much on our own for supper because they were past the point of no return.

    Responsible parenting? Maybeee not, but at least they warned us.

  11. Vacations with friends are the best! Especially when you have such cute munchkins to tag along.

    And I'm so happy to hear BLW has been such a success! It just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

  12. Quick(ish) BLW question for you. My daughter is 7 months old, but I feel that we're taking BLW pretty slowly since I work outside the home and don't have as much time to devote to it during the week. Since you seem to be a little further along: how do you handle watching the salt content of L's food? I see you mentioned stirfry. So far, I've just limited to single ingredient "sticks" and pancakes, since I'm worried about salt in most of the foods we eat. Am I being too paranoid? Should I have let her try the baked french fry last week? Thanks!!

    1. It's totally good to be concerned about salt! The BLW says the limit for babies under a year is 1 gram of salt per day or 0.4 grams of sodium. So I just check the nutritional values on the back of anything packaged I give her. And for "adult food" I offer, I omit the salt when I'm cooking and add it at the table for us instead.

      Really though, the amount of food she eats is so small right now that we've yet to come close to the recommended daily amount. For example, the soy sauce in the stir fry would definitely make a cup (or even half a cup) of it off limits, but I just offered her the one broccoli floret. Or the waffles she eats - a full serving (2 waffles) comes close (.38 g) to the sodium recomendation, but she only eats 1/4th or 1/2 of one waffle a day!

      So I say let her try the baked fry if the rest of her meal is made up of non-salty things! The book suggests offering a little water with anything salty as well.

  13. ERMAHGERD L is so cute. I'm excited to read your BLW post when it happens! I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for M to start sitting up before we think about starting, which doesn't look like it's happening any time soon.

  14. I love your "first thing" and...well, your "second thing" is pretty spot on. I love you!

  15. Hey Girl! Did you ever write a post about New Buffalo? Couldn't find it. Looking to go to Lake MI to meet the parentals and do a rental this summer. Curious what you thought of New Buffalo, where you stayed, did you dine out, do anything? I know you had the kiddos, so maybe it was more laid back and not chock full of jaunts to a town with quaint shops and winery excursions! All the rentals I'm seeing up near St. Joes and South Haven (with 3-4 bedrooms) are honestly dumps... I'm horrified!



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