Thursday, September 13, 2012

follow ups

Dudes.  Wow. 

Y'all really showed up with the Trader Joe's recs.  I received more comments on that post than I did on our wedding day.  

I unironically applaud your priorities... seriously. 

So, thank you.  Not from my thighs.  But from my belly.  

It's probably a very good thing that the "close" TJ's is a good 30 minutes away for the time being. 

In the past 24 hours, we've enjoyed... Organic Mozzarella Sticks {LJH approved for BLW}, refrigerated Spinach Tortellini {in Molly's Cajun Chicken Tortellini Bake - highly recommend}, Cornbread Mix {add some chopped Hatches and BAM - "homemade"}, Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks, the Mexicali Salad, and half a jar a wee bit of Cookie Butter.  We have some Whole Wheat Pizza Dough, Fresh Mozzarella, and Two {$3} Buck Chuck to test tomorrow... I'm pumped. 

I'm also thrilled with all the feedback on Baby-Led Weaning!  It is not a novel idea by any means;  parents have been feeding their kidlets this way this was for-- who knows how long {ever, probably}, sans fancypants label.  And yet most people are quite surprised when they see L actively grabbing and sucking on table food.  I'm practically giddy with all the interest I see in this "movement" {there's the drama again} on the interwebs. Soldier on, BLWers! 

{Man, my 19 year old self is SO CONFUSED right now.}

Hmmmmmmm, what else, what else...

We like our crazy hippie tactics with a side of smocking. #babyledweaning

{Are you sufficiently distracted from the general lameness of this post?  Yes?  Excellent.}


  1. stop it. she looks SO SO SO big and old in this picture!! need to get home and meet her while she's still squishy baby and not yet a leggy toddler!

    p.s. - i have never been to trader joe's. need to remedy asap

  2. What a sweet picture! Love the dress!

  3. LOVE the smocking & cant.believe she is so big already! I loved the.idea of BLW and did a.ton of research, and Tyler thought he was cool with it, until the first time she gagged and he freaked out, so we had to do purees. ESP with such a picky eater right now, I wish we could have done it!


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