Monday, September 17, 2012

Menu Monday

We had a stellar weekend in good ol' Waco!  Between cheering on the Horns, the Bears, and the Deacs, we always have a very busy Fall... See also: a very diverse GameDay Wardrobe. 

After spending the morning showing Mama J and Aunt Joy all of her new tricks, L geared up for her very first tailgate.  We're still working on her Bear Claw, but I think she nailed the fashion portion. 

Ready for her first tailgate... Sic 'Em, Bears!
Supervising. #tailgate #sicembears
Aaaaaaaand we're done.

After partying ourselves out, we left E to cheer on the Bears and returned to Mama J's to change into our burnt orange and watch Texas beat the piss out of Ole Miss.  

On Sunday, we trekked back to Dallas, pumpkin spice lattes {first of the season!} in hand, to enjoy the cool, steady drizzle... E reminds me weekly that he'd be perfectly happy in Seattle if only I were game.  Alas, my heart remains in Texas {albeit 200 miles South down I-35}, where "cool" is defined as anything below 90 degrees. 

Anyhoo... ZEE MENU!  It's been a few weeks since I posted our meals -- mostly because I've been lazy in taking shitty photographs of the food I've prepared, but also because we haven't eaten anything that y'all haven't already seen half a dozen times.  But!  I got my rear in gear this week {better late than never}, so here we go...

Grilled Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce & Grilled Squash
roasted red pepper sauce recipe here
Grilled Chicken w/ Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Grilled Squash, & Rice Pilaf #wfd
Pretty simple stuff here... Simply grilled chicken breast with my absolute favorite sauce, grilled zucchini squash {wash 'em, slice 'em, toss 'em with EVOO and seasoning salt, and grill 'em!}, and a little Near East rice pilaf action.  The perfect end of summer {Texas, remember?} meal! 

BBQ Brisket Twice Baked Potatoes
BBQ Brisket Twice Baked Potatoes #wfd
We enjoyed Sunday lunch with my in laws at Hard Eight BBQ out in Coppell... H8 is our favorite BBQ spot in the Dallas area - definitely worth the drive!  We had a bunch of extra lean brisket left over, which I mixed with the "innards" of two baked potatoes, a little Stubbs Hickory Bourbon sauce, and half a cup of sharp white cheddar cheese.  I restuffed the 'taters and baked them at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.  Served up with green salad and you have another super easy, low maintenance meal. 

Hatch Turkey & Beef Chili
adapted from my Hatch Turkey Chili recipe
Hatch Turkey Chili #wfd
I have two standard chili recipes - my mama's Traditional Beef & Bean Chili and my own Hatch Turkey Chili.  My inaugural batch of 2012 was a slight adaptation of the latter, and, oh yeah, it was delicious! Modifications:  I usually use 2 pounds of ground turkey breast, but the market only had turkey thigh... I took a little chance and used 1 lb of the thigh and 1 lb of 96% lean ground beef.  It turned out tasty, but I prefer the turkey breast in this recipe. Additionally... I used a few of summer's last heirlooms instead of canned tomatoes, and one can of red kidney beans plus one can of black beans {in lieu of 2 cans of kidney beans}. 

Cajun Chicken Tortellini Bake
courtesy of Duchess of Fork
Cajun Chicken Tortellini Bake a la @duchessoffork #wfd
Y'all. This is so good. And easy. Modifications: I used grilled chicken that I already had on hand {I usually grill up a few chicken breasts on Sunday for easy lunches and time-saver suppers}, orange bell pepper, spinach tortellini from Trader Joe's, and shallots instead of onion.  


  1. Where did you find that adorable Baylor dress? The hubs is a diehard fan, so my pinterest is chock full of Baylor Etsy finds for our soon to arrive baby girl, but I haven't seen this!

    1. I purchased it off Etsy from this shop:

      It looks like she's taking a break, but hopefully she'll be back! It took a while to receive since it was custom, but the quality is great and I am super pleased with it!

  2. I got so excited, I found canned Hatch chiles the other day!! Yes, yes, I realize not the same as fresh, but allllll the way here in VA, this was a major discovery. Can't wait to use them!

  3. The tortellini bake looks delish! Also, the cheeks on that baby kill me! :) So cute!

  4. Sweet little one. All these dishes makes my tummy grumble. Certainly, I must have that on my stop over list. Got my eye on your next posts.


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