Wednesday, October 3, 2012

7 months!

September 21, 2012


You are officially closer to one year old than you are to being my itsy newborn!  However it is that we got here so quickly, I am so happy with this current stage!


We started your seventh month off with a trip to Lake Michigan with your Wake Forest Aunties.  This was your fourth round trip on an airplane, and, while flying presents new challenges the older you become, you did great overall once again.  You also did much better than anticipated during our stay -- I was a little worried that you would be totally thrown off with eleven adults bustling about under one roof, but you were generally happy and even napped a few times by yourself in the pack-n-play.  As to the beach, you were not a fan of the water {too cold!}, but did like to sit on a blanket and observe -- and you loved taking walks along the beach path in your stroller.  When we would walk by the water with you in your carrier, the sound of the waves put you right to sleep -- nature's own white noise machine!  Perhaps my favorite part of our trip was watching you and Mister O really interact!  Y'all were much more interested in one another than you were two months ago.  


You attended your very first tailgate this month when we traveled to Waco to see Dad's Baylor Bears play.  Despite the heat and humidity, you were happy {per usual} to be a part of the party... and happy to go back and hang with Mama J and Joy when all the excitement got too tiring! 

Ready for her first tailgate... Sic 'Em, Bears!
Supervising. #tailgate #sicembears
Aaaaaaaand we're done.

You're showing off a few new skills this month... Practically overnight you went from needing back support to stay in a seated position to sitting up completely unassisted for long periods of time. If you're in the right mood, you'll sit and play independently for up to 30 minutes!  By the end of the month, you could safely transition from sitting to your tummy / hands-and-knees, and you are confident reaching out and grabbing a toy without toppling over. You are very close to crawling, but still not quite there... Needless to say, I am loving this upright-but-not-yet-crawling phase! 

Baby Belly. #latergram

With your new sitting skill comes big confidence in the grocery cart now.  You would much prefer to shop with something plucked from the aisles than your ol' boring toys. 

My size!

You also got the hang of Peek-a-Boo this month and will pull your lovie off of your head, our heads, or even your bunny's head.  You will do this over and over again and always seem giddily proud of yourself! 

forgive my annoyingly shrill Mom Voice

I am proud to report you are napping in your crib!  This deserves about a million exclamation points, but I'll refrain.  As much as I adored holding you, it was time.  We used a little bit of Ferber, a little bit of the Sleep Easy Solution, and a lot of Mama's Intuition to form our very own Nap Bootcamp.  We had a few really rough days, but we powered through, and you now take both naps {you dropped that third sucker completely} in your own bed. Now the length of those naps... we'll just say they vary greatly. If you can get past the 30 minute mark, I know it's likely to be a solid 1.5 hour plus-er.  Unfortunately for my to-do list, you seem fond of the half-hour power nap.  But!  You're usually in such a stellar mood even after such a piddly little snooze that I can deal with all those unchecked items!  

Backpackin' it.
adorableness that has nothing to do with napping

I probably don't need to say how hard you are rocking eating solids, since baby-led-weaning is practically all I talk about. I just can't help myself - it's too much fun to watch you sample new foods and eat with such gusto!  As I hoped, you eat everything and your favorites are too many to list.  You eat lunch and supper every day, taking a leisurely hour for each unless we are out and about. 

Spanakopita Lover...a girl after my own heart #babyledweaning

You are very into The Boom now.  You constantly look around to see where she is, and if she sits close enough to you, you will reach out and grab her.  We say "gentle!" constantly {in regards to the pup and other grabby hands situations}.  You are also very interested in getting your mitts on her bone {along with many other "off limits" items around the house}.  


You still love books, but you really want to help hold the book, turn the pages, and gnaw the whole thing to kingdom come.  The  majority of our nice hardback books are in hibernation in favor of the board book variety.  You are very fond of "Do Cows Say Meow?" -- your GranJan brought this to you and the laminated pages boast flaps that are large enough for you to lift by yourself. 


Your consonant sounds are getting clearer and clearer... We are pretty sure your first word will be "dada" - you say it clear as day now, but not necessarily with purpose.  You sure do love your Dad, though!  You light up when he's around and are quick with your smiles and laughs!  We look forward to lunch with him every week!  

iPhone Photos 1512
We like our crazy hippie tactics with a side of smocking. #babyledweaning

My sweet buggie-bear, you continue to transform before our very eyes.  Waking up to your smiling face every day is a privilege I promise never to take for granted. 

To the moon and back. 

Love, Mama

iPhone Photos 1604
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Seven Month Stats & Milestones

- 18 lbs 15 oz {95th percentile}
- 29 3/4 inches {above the 95th percentile}
- Diaper size: same in BGs; one notch larger in the leg openings of FBs & CBs; size 3 in disposables
- Clothing size: 9 month or 12 month

- trip to New Buffalo, Michigan: Aug 31 - Sept 3
- first tailgate: Sept 15 {Baylor vs. SHSU - Baylor victory!}

- sits unassisted for long periods of time
- naps in crib twice daily
- eats solids twice daily
- plays Peek-a-Boo
- nurses 5-6 times a day
- sleeps 13 hours at night with one quick nursing session

- Nicknames: Leity Bear / Bug, Buggie, Buglet, Muppet, Nugget 
- Favorite Toys: Baby Einstein Musical Jumper, anything that isn't a real toy {measuring cups, vitamin bottles, spatulas}


  1. Quinn is all about the non toys as toys too. He adores the shampoo bottle during bath time and goes after the remote constantly. Miss L is too precious.

  2. The picture of her yawning with The Boom kills me with cuteness. Love it!

  3. She is adorable!! Thanks to you I am reading Baby Led Weaning and anxiously awaiting the time that my little one is ready to start solids (I am thinking about two more months.) Y'all have definitely inspired me to get into it!

  4. Very sweet post. She is just precious and you can tell you are totally enjoying being a mommie!

  5. Does the Boom have her own floor-time quilt? L is absolutely adorable!

  6. She is so cute! I love these updates as we are two months behind you and know what to look forward to. :)

  7. Such a flashback to Sam at seven months! This is when things really start to get fun. Enjoy!

  8. In that first photo, it looks like she is thinking/saying, "I'm a big girl now!!!"

  9. LEITY BUG! YOu are so very loved. I can't believe how quickly you are growing and changing. Also, please tell your Mom I'm going to need to see those pictures from the Lake! So cute. LOVE BOTH!


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