Thursday, October 11, 2012

can't stop {won't stop}...

... watching The Big Jig on TLC.  Everything abhorrent about Toddlers & Tiaras? The Big Jig is decidedly not.  Let's just say if you checked my search history right about now, you'd find every possible combination for "Irish Dancing Dallas"... for both child and adult. 

...wearing the poo out of this pullover.  Because Temperate Thumbs need love, too.  And because this Lululemon knock-off almost makes sweating fun. 

Thumb holes.

...noshing on Lighter Butternut Squash Mac.  It's no Hatch Mac, but it's much more thigh-friendly.  Even more so if you make it sans brown butter. {PS: It's Leity Bug BLW Approved!}

Lighter Butternut Squash Mac #wfd #latergram

...lusting over the Frye Melissa Button boots.  I might just have to bite the bullet this year.  The only thing holding me back, aside from the price tag, is the poor choice in ClipArt. 

...nodding in agreement with the enthusiasm of a just-jostled bobble-head.  The farther I get into this Mom Gig, the smaller and smaller my parenting soapbox gets.  {And yes, I'm aware at how laughable that statement appears considering my entire 8 months of parenting experience, but... whatever.} This one is bookmarked for the rest of all time. 

I have no pictorial illustration for this one.  
Please accept a photo of my child's ridiculously adorable hat as she eats wood chips.

...feeling confident in my "skinny" jeans.. thanks to all of your comments, words of encouragement, and personal anecdotes.  See also: Christina Applegate is the new President of my Lesbian Island


Your turn! What's blowing your skirt up this week? 


  1. I've been stalking the Frye Melissa boots too! I love them!

  2. I leave for Vegas in 12 hours!!!

  3. The Irish dancing special on TLC got me back into Irish dancing a few months ago. Then I got pregnant and had to stop. The music is addicting to listen to and the dancing is a great work out. I loved it! Highly recommend if you are wanting to try something different for a workout

  4. The hat is awesome.

    Buy the boots. They are classic. I bought my first pair of Frye boots a couple years ago and I love them, wear the crap out of them, and they won't go out of style.

    NARS velvet lip pencil is rocking my world this week. I bought one, went back and bought another and am seriously considering buying more...

  5. I am wearing the Frye Melissa Button boots as I them a week ago but have yet to venture out of the house in them since I've never spent so much on a pair of boots. They are way too pretty to return, so I think tomorrow is their day to start being in constant rotation on my feet! I purchased them with a 20% off code on Amazon that helped my wallet out. Buy them!


  6. finally bit the bullet and ordered the Frye boots and I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival! Tip: I ordered them from and they've always got great promos. I got mine 20% and 7.5% cash back on ebates. Best deal I had found so far!

  7. I got those Frye boots for my birthday last year and I can say with 100% certainty that good boots are the key to happiness (or, just feeling really cute. whatevs.)

    Also: loved that HuffPo piece. Someone anonymously sent my husband a copy of Babywise while I was pregnant and I'd truly like to hunt that person down. WHO DOES THAT?

  8. Thanks for the laughs this week. I am excited to head to Frisco for the weekend. Will toast one for you at the Breckenridge Brewery! And let's see how I can get at 2 year old and a 6 month old to take a picture for Christmas cards. Yeah right!

  9. I lusted after the Melissa button boot when it first came out a few years ago, and finally bit the bullet back in late 2010. Major disappointment. I have 4 pairs of Frye boots and these get the least amount of love. I'd go for the Paige riding boot or any of the harness styles over the button boot. Also, the shaft is incredibly tight, and I would consider my calves to be average sized.

  10. Oh Frye's! I want a pair so much. I may bite the bullet too.

  11. 1. You are awesome and reading your posts is like a little 1/2 glass of wine at 4pm (ok, today I might have already had a full glass by 5pm and on an empty stomach so my newly pregnancy/breastfeeding low-tolerance body thinks its drunk, but its Friday)
    2. The Huffington post article made me laugh out loud.
    3. I need to try the butternut squash mac recipe. The peanut has become a little bit addicted to mac and cheese (the real deal, no powder at least), but he's not eating so much vegetable matter now. This might be a good compromise. Also: do you actually cook the squash from raw, or do you ever go with something like frozen squash cubes?

    1. Yay for Number UNO!

      I used per-cubed butternut squash from the store and roasted them, then used the food processor to purée it the chicken broth!

  12. um - loving everything about this post.
    1. youre hilarious
    2. thank you for posting the link to the anything but babywise article - new favorite read.
    3. you DO look fabulous in those jeans
    4. i need to get coco a hat like that - freaking cute.
    5. if i ever make dinner again, im putting that mac on the list of things to try asap.

  13. WOO HOO!! I'm a former Irish step dancer/teacher and love the resurgence of step in the mainstream :)

    1. How is it possible that you just became cooler?

  14. Have you tried the C9 premium pants?

    I mean, $40 for Target pants is questionable, BUT if they're a good alternative to the lululemon ones, then I'm in.

    I love that HuffPo piece. A friend of mine just had her first, and when I saw her recently, she burst into tears when I asked her how she's doing. BEEN THERE. But then, she told me that her sister had introduced her to babywise and getting her baby on a schedule was really helping. I just bit my tongue, because I really hope it's working, but what if it's just making her more stressy? We don't need this ladies!

  15. I have not tried the pants but I'm going to next time I make a Target run! I love my Wunder-Unders and a really old, fold over Lululemon pair, but who doesn't need another pair of (cheaper-ish) workout pants?!

    Babywise is really the only "parenting thing" over which i have trouble controlling my side-eye.

  16. Ok, the photo of L in the bear hat is so cute I can't even look at it anymore. Like, I want to frame it in my childless house. Do you think my fiance would call the wedding off? Or would you come and find me and have me take it down? It's just too cute.


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