Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Favorite Bebe Things: 3-6+ months

Recently, I've been scrounging around Ye Ole Interwebs for Favorite Things Lists for the 12-24 months set in preparation for L's first Christmas.  In doing so, I realized today I never posted the items that were indispensable to us as we moved from the newborn phase into full-on big baby mode.  

As such, I give you our picks for the post-"fourth trimester" / pre-walking wee ones...

This stroller was likely the registry item over which I agonized the most whilst pregnant.  I really wanted an all-terrain / jogging stroller that I could also use for every day errands.  I seriously considered the BOB, but found the Bumbleride Indie to be lighter and more compact. It maneuvers easily through narrow store aisles and travels well. And for my exercise purposes {ie: power walking / light jogging at a pace slightly faster than that of a tortoise on speed}, it fits the bill perfectly.  My only gripe is that the net basket, while roomy, is awkward to access if you're storing a diaper bag or larger parcel. 

New Danielles / Old Baby.
We loved the Moby when L was itsy bitsy, but as she grew {and as temperatures rose}, a carrier that doesn't require wrapping became a necessity.  I originally registered for the Ergo, but exchanged it for the Becco Gemini once I learned the Ergo doesn't allow for a forward facing carry... Our girl likes to look out!  Other than the forward facing option, the Gemini is very similar in design and material to the Ergo.  Baby can ride facing in towards your chest, facing in on your hip, facing outward, and in a back-pack style.  L always seems comfortable riding in the Gemini, and E and I both enjoy wearing it. 

Spanakopita Lover...a girl after my own heart #babyledweaning
I would think it's pretty obvious how much we use our highchair... It is both highly functional {no fabric surfaces... everything is easy to wipe down, and the pads and straps remove for deep cleaning} and aesthetically pleasing {scoff if you will, but this was important to me as you can see the damn thing from our living room, dining room, and kitchen due to our open floor plan}.  The tray slides and locks on and off with one hand -- not something I fully appreciated until I actually had a wiggly child suctioned to my body.  Wheels would be a nice addition, but I can also pick it up and move it with one hand / arm.  It morphs from a highchair to a toddler seat to a big kid seat, which is a nice touch {and helps justify the price tag}.  While we're discussing meal time, these Bumkins SuperBibsget big thumbs up from us as well! 

{Day 6} Baby BarcaLounger #chair #julyphotoaday
With the exception of our Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper, Blue{which we like fine -- it does the job}, we haven't upgraded L's toys much at all since birth.  We registered for several of the Lamaze toys to hang from her playmat.  The mat has long been retired, but the Lamaze critters persevere!  We have the peacock,the moose,the crinkly book,the beaver,and the soft blocks.

While we're talking toys, these damn rings might be the best $5 I've ever spent.  L went gaga for these for months.  I would say they were her favorite teething toy along with Sophie{who, if you live in the world, you already know you need}. And now that she's not as enthused by them on their own, I still use them every day to attach other toys to her stroller, car seat, restaurant high chair, shopping cart basket, etc.  If I'm ever invited to your baby shower, my gift will be the one tied with a bow made of colored links. 

This tub was lucky number 3.  The bucket was a no-go, as was the foam froggie.  But!  She loved the sling  when she was tiny {who wouldn't love their very own water hammock?}, and she still splashes around happily in the "toddler" portion of the tub.  It is a huge-ass piece of ugly plastic that resides in my tub, but at least no one is screaming at bathtime.

{Day 22} #upside-down ...or at least #wrongsideup. I need a cocktail. This is stressing me out. #julyphotoaday
E, lover of gadgets, did the research on our baby monitor and he did a damn fine job. The camera swivels a full 360 degrees, gives a clear picture day and night, and does not interfere with our Wifi as I've heard some wireless monitors can. I love that it displays the nursery temperature on the monitor display.  We also dig the "walkie-talkie" feature... you can hold down a button on the display, speak into it, and your voice transmits through the camera in the nursery.  I admit E and I use this mostly for our own entertainment when one of us is downstairs and the other is upstairs with L, but it's also nice to tell L we're coming to get her when she wakes up, and I can see this feature being very useful for communication with an older child.  Other Pros... you can add additional cameras to the same display for multiple children / rooms / angles.  There is a musical lullaby option, as well as an alarm feature {I'm guessing that would be for an older child?}. It's pretty fancypants.  My only Con... It would be nice to be able to turn the sound completely off.  Not that big of a deal since you can turn the volume way down, but there are times when I just want to see her but not hear every single little sound.  

And we're still using...
  • All our Aiden + Anais items.  We don't wash them nearly as often as we used to, but the burpy bibs and swaddle blankets are still part of our everyday arsenal!  No longer for swaddling, we use the blankets for play, as changing pads, as cushioning in shopping carts and restaurant highchairs, as light stroller blankets... the list goes on and on.  L also sleeps with one of these lovies each and every night and nap... thank gawd they come in a two pack! 
  • Baby 411. I consult this book constantly... at least once a week.  The toddler version is definitely on my Christmas list! 
There you have it!

Now, back to that Christmas list... Any recommendations for much-loved toys for the 12-24 month age range?

* Every single one of the items appearing in this post were purchased by us or gifted to us by family and friends. No blogging freebies in the bunch! 


  1. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen or Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Home. Can't go wrong with any of those!

  2. You know I'm adding some of these things to my registry this afternoon....

  3. We have a chicco high chair, but I am tempted to exchange it for the one you have. It looks so much easier to clean.

  4. I have the same complaint about my stroller, a babyjogger. I like it, but not the basket underneath. I would love a new high chair (we got the space saver version) but not that she's a year old it seems silly. Then again, we have a counter height table so it's not like she's going to be in her own chair for awhile...

  5. Margot is 11 months now and her favorite toys (which was a surprise to me) are the melissa and doug wooden puzzles. I wouldn't have guessed she'd play with this yet but I had some out and she went crazy. She plays with a little baby piano, wooden stacking rings and blocks and wooden cars and trucks. She also loves to play with a big stack of board books. I also found that she still plays with a lot of her smaller toys just in a different capacity. Things she used to put in her mouth or rattle she likes to "sort". We keep them in baskets and she takes everything out of one basket and "re-organizes" them into different baskets and bowls. She also started to love to play with her little dolls this month. She has one in particular, francie, who she likes to carry around and hug and go to sleep with. We are thinking of getting her a rockign horse or moose (love this one at Ikea) for christmas.

    1. L also loves the M&D puzzles! Our library has them and she goes nuts! We have 3 of those on her list!

  6. Dell Harper is OBSESSED with her Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen. She will play with it for 30-45 minutes solo. It's amazing (and inexpensive, go ahead and get sweet L one as a happy prize!).

  7. Henry is a big fan of this giraffe walker (http://www.diapers.com/p/wonderworld-giraffe-walker-n-shape-sorter-109194) though I know we didn't spend that much on it, so definitely shop around if you end up getting one. He is going through a "sorting" phase and loves that feature. I love that it's not plastic.

    Also, I wish I had known that our monitor would interfere with our wireless network so badly. I'll keep yours in mind in case ours "accidentally" breaks.

  8. This series of lists is such a lifesaver for me. Thank you.

  9. I concur with everything on here (except we have a city select for both boys, about 10 baby carriers (including the gemini (which wins for cuteness but overall the ergo is still my fave for comfort) and clip on highchairs that I hate but we needed for space.

    12-24 months - anywhere chair, laugh and learn thing (ours is like a house), music table, shopping cart, baby doll.

  10. My go to gifts for 1-2 year olds (including my own when they were little)- stacking/nesting blocks, first baby doll (I like Corelle), anything to push in front of them (doll stroller, cart, walker thing) or pull behind them (cart), bilibo, the dolls with the buttons, zippers, etc, "quiet books", and the Alex picnic basket.

  11. Oh, yes. I second the rocking horse. I got our eldest our rocking horse when she was 1. It's still here and in use years later!

  12. Things we like at 12 months:
    stacking cups - his play with them gets more sophisticated as time goes on (from banging them together to taking apart/putting back together) they are great for bath time, too
    Stacking blocks - we have the basic plastic Fisher Price "doughnuts," but we are getting more use out of the more complicated Plan Toys stacking cones (same story as cups, play evolves with time)
    Walking toy - we have a hand-me-down push cart type thing. Its been great while he learns how to walk, and I can see it becoming part of imaginary play later (it is a mail cart)
    Rocking horse - we have the IKEA rocking moose. He's not that jazzed about it right now, but in the mean time I think it looks kind of cool.
    Leap Frog pretend house - it has buttons to push and doors to open/close. Its been in rotation since about 8 months
    Leap Frog pretend phone - the little guy is obsessed with buttons (see pretend house) and playing with this beats the hell out of ripping the keys off of my laptop.

    Other: I heartily second your recommendations for stroller and high chair. I wish I had read more reviews! We have the Bob, which is great for easy trails and walks (jogs?! ha) but it is a MONSTER. I just dropped another $200+ for a Maclaran that fits in the trunk. I wish I had spent the time to find one that worked for both, rather than wasting time and money (not to mention the Chicco stroller that died after about a month of daily walks)
    Same deal with high chairs. I started with a Stokke trip trap knock off, picked for looks. It was a damned nightmare to keep clean and get the boy in/out of. Have gone through 2 more iterations, only to land on the cheap knock-off of your chair. Should have read reviews and spent the $$ one time with one that works from the start.

  13. Melissa and Doug puzzles and nesting blocks! Madison is almost two and she LOVES them. My 6 month old boy is also very interested in her mega duplex legos because they are bright and colorful! Board books are always nice and I invested in some nice sippy waterbottles from Camelback and Nalgene that are BPA free. Also, IKEA for the win. They have an amazing art table and supplies for super cheap.

  14. Sam's current favorite toys: his tunnel and circus tent (from Ikea); a big blue ball that he picks up and throws around the house; a giraffe bike that he pushes and rides; stacking rings and stacking boxes; the shape sorting cube by Melissa and Doug; his tool bench; and Mega Bloks.

    And on his Christmas wish list: a play kitchen (perhaps the one from Melissa and Doug) and all the accessories to go along with it.

  15. My girl is 19 months now, but things she loved at L's age were (the first 2 were probably her favorites):
    Fisher Price cookie jar shape sorter
    Wooden stacking rings
    Fisher price Laugh & Learn Learning home
    Any sort of table her height that she could stand at and play
    B. Okiedeoke Microphone and the B. Hellophone
    Doll stroller
    Any of the Leap Frog fridge magnets like Fridge Phonics
    Leap Frog MyPal Violet

    At this age she loves:
    Her Little Tykes slide which I put in the basement for the winter
    A little tent with an attached tunnel I got on clearance at Babies R Us
    Wooden blocks
    Plastic costume jewelry
    Stuffed animals
    A Magnadoodle
    Coloring books and crayons
    Balls, all kinds of balls

    And she's always loved books, favorites right now are the Little Blue Truck books


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