Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fowl Play


My approach to L's first Halloween has been slightly... 




For months, I've been all geared up to make her costume.  I was thinking Baby Sushi {because if it's good enough for Martha, it's good enough for me}.  I mean, if my child wouldn't make the cutest damn Shrimp Tempura Roll, then the Pope ain't Catholic. 

But then, E mentioned he'd like her to be a pumpkin.  I scoffed at this suggestion, but then warmed to the idea with all its warm-fuzzy tradition.  After all, we were both pumpkins on our first Halloweens.  So off we skipped to PB Kids only to suffer major sticker shock for a costume that wouldn't even be at the receiving end of a "Trick-or-Treat."

So we were back to Sushi Roll. 

And then, at some point during The Great Plague of 2012, I threw my hands up, got all Practical & Uppity, and started spouting nonsense about babies not needing costumes, blah blah blah, she can just wear one of her three pumpkin themed outfits, yadda yadda yadda, we don't even have anywhere major to go on Halloween, la la la la laaaaaaaaame. 

What do you mean "no costume?"
I am aghast.  No, really.  I have no words.
I can't even look at you right now.

Finally, it all came to a head yesterday when I had a melodramatic {is there any other kind} Mini-First-World-Problem Meltdown, because OHEMGEEEE WHAT ABOUT THE MISSED PHOTOGRAPHIC OPPORTUNITIEEEEEEES. 

Good Friends With Older Babies to the rescue!  Thanks to B, we are now ready to knock 'em dead at our little Halloween picnic tomorrow.  And, if I do say so myself, I think we did better than raw fish or the classic gourd... 

Adorably Melancholy Duck!

This getup is actually ridiculously apropos given my little duckling's current bath time ritual of cuddling all three of her rubber goslings at once.  Seriously, if one escapes, shit is lost


Hopefully I'm able to capture a few more pleasant-faced photos tomorrow, but until then...



  1. I knew this would bring a laugh after seeing your facebook post, ha. L could not be cuter - love the duck!

  2. She is absolutely squeezable! What a great costume!

  3. Just a friendly reminder (from another mom of slightly older baby girls) that, while Pottery Barn Kids' Halloween catalogs are very seductive, it's not necessarily an exclusive choice between either PBK or homemade. Just for reference for next year:




    Now granted, I did not see the PBK pumpkin costume this year, so it may have blown these examples out of the water in cuteness, but I'm assuming it was also in the $50 or $60 range? And a couple of these are on sale now, but even at full price topping out at $35, it's much more sane. Actually, my 6 year old was a pumpkin for her first Halloween, only because I was shopping for a gift for a friend at a little boutique in early September and they randomly had this little rack of baby costumes. . .I hadn't given a single thought to her first costume, but a perfectly sweet little pumpkin costume for $15 presented itself, so I said, good enough! A pumpkin it is. Now this makes my sixth Halloween as a mom of daughters, and I have yet to give in to the madness of the PBK costume prices! Really stickin it to the man, right? Like they care about my measly $60. :)

    By the way, she is just the most adorable little ducky ever, so don't give the pumpkin or sushi another thought! That picture of her clutching her bath babies? Oh man, I need another 8 month old in my life again RIGHT NOW!

  4. Can I die from a cuteness heart attack? That is one cute baby duck!

  5. This is the most precious costume ever! Happy first Halloween, L!

  6. Oh my goodness, she is so cute!! I love the duckling costume! I went Halloween costume overboard and got 3 of them during a flash sale on Zulily one day. Dinosaur, Pumpkin and Superman. You better believe he will be wearing all three today at some point. Even if I have to make him sleep in one. Also, he'll be a Thanksgiving pumpkin...and a Christmas dinosaur!

  7. Thank you! She's so cute, your commentary hysterical. You have readied me to take on San Francisco HalloweeeeeeWonTheWorldSeries chaos today. Thank you.

  8. I LOVE the bath picture holding all 3 ducks. Don't want to leave anyone out!

  9. Cutest darn duck I ever have seen! Love the serious face - it makes the costume all the more adorable and hysterical. And her holding on to her rubber duckies for dear life is just precious. Happy Halloween little ducky!

  10. her grabbing the ducks in the tub is the best thing ever.

  11. You have to warn people when you give subheadings to your pictures of that baby girl.. I think I spit tea on my work monitor and now it looks funny! Yes, it is 2:12 am here, I work nights.. Your blog is the wake me up I use.

    I love her looking away. She is thinking.. like really mother, first halloween and nothing, you got nothing!

    I have 7 kids with my husband and my youngest is 12 and we have moved out of the "season of all things kid cute".. Your blog makes me smile and your little one is just a doll. Hope you had a great first Halloween. Next up.. Turkey anxiety and then Christmas.. you ready for this right? LOL.. Enjoy.

  12. Love your blog. I've nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Visit my blog for details:



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