Monday, October 8, 2012

Nice Little Weekend + Menu Recap

October's first weekend brought deliciously chilly temperatures and fun with family, friends, and football!  

October 2012 027

After sitting out the first two home games of the season, our little family trekked down to Austin to cheer on the Horns!  GranJan, L, and I let the menfolk fight the hard fight at DKR, while we hung back at home for fajitas, vino, gossip with good friends, and twinkie photoshoots...

October 2012 008
Both of them are thinking "GIRLFRIEND STOLE MY OUTFIT!"

While Mack doesn't count "moral victories," I thought we played well and hard... and I'm looking forward to beating the hell out of OU {see also: devouring my yearly Fletchers} next weekend! 

We capped our weekend off with a birthday celebration for E's dad at the Ritz.  While L is still a bit too young for a Firefly cocktail at the Rattlesnake, she did sample {and devour} Dean Fearing's tortilla soup, halibut, and redfish... To say this hippie-yuppie {huppie? yippie?} mama was proud would be an understatement! She was also very impressed to discover Fearing's hands out complimentary purses, post-meal!

If y'all think I'm letting go of this brownie handbag, y'all have another thing comin'. 

Now... some of our meals from last week...

Linguine with Arugula Pesto & Cherry Tomato Sauce
modified from Gourmet Today
Linguine with Arugula Pesto & Tomato Sauce #wfd #meatlessmondays
Oh Ruth, you never let me down!  This might very well be my new favorite non-mac-n-cheese pasta recipe... and, it is super easy {and beautiful, to boot!}. 

Green Chicken Curry with Broccoli
modified from Everyday Food
Green Curry Chicken #wfd
This was fine.  Actually, it was very simple and satisfying... If we'd all had the flu, this recipe would have received two thumbs up.  But we didn't have the flu.  We had a hankerin' for curry {fine, fine, the hankerin' was mine}, and this just didn't have a strong flavor.  Maybe it needs more curry paste, or maybe I should have used full fat coconut milk instead of light.  I should note that L couldn't get enough of it. 

Venison with Leeks & Brown Rice
Brown Rice with Venison & Leeks #wfd
This was one of those Hail Mary suppers... I threw three on-hand ingredients together, and they happened to work well together!  I sauteed my dad's lean venison sausage together with one sliced leek. {The sausage is smoked, but does require some cooking... I didn't use any fat in the pan - just the juices rendered from the sausage itself.} And I mixed that together with a brown & wild rice mix that I cooked with chicken broth.  YUM. 


  1. Pretty much dying over L in the smocked UT dress. Cutest thing ever!

  2. Look at her bright eyes! So sweet.

    Totally adding the linguine to my must-make list. Looks divine!

  3. I want to cook like you do! It always looks so wonderful. How do you find the energy?

  4. I love looking in on your blog (i found it through another) and I love the menu mondays..going to have to try some out! I also have to throw in that I am from WV and a huge mountaineer fan....Go Mountaineers!!!

  5. That last picture has me wondering what venison tastes like...because it looks DELICIOUS.

  6. Love that smocked UT dress! Too cute!


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