Thursday, November 15, 2012

8 months!

October 21, 2012

Leity Bug!

This post is a long time coming... let's see if I can remember all the good stuff you were up to last month!


There were fewer big events this month than in months past -- no trips out of state or the like. But we sure had fun sticking close to home!


You and I joined a great MeetUp group for local parents and kidlets.  We meet our new buds at least once a week for playdates and outings.  We've discovered new parks {and gave the swings a go for the first time... you were a fan!}, enjoyed First Tuesdays at the DMA, and strolled through the Arboretum.  And we are both pumped to see friendly familiar faces at our Baby Bounce Basics music class every week! {Mama is also be pumped to have found a group of women who enjoy talking about something other than their little angels, but we can discuss that later!}


We made a second visit to the Pumpkin Village and Arboretum with GranJan and T-Pop, and we also took in the Chihuly exhibit.  I'm not sure you were as impressed with all the glass sculptures as we were, but you proved to be quite the trooper!  That particular weekend was a fun one for you -- you spent quality time with both sets of grandparents!  While we attended the {abysmal} TX/OU game with GranJan and T-Pop, Gigi and PawPaw kept you all day.  You napped and ate great for them, proving {once again} that all my stressing was for 'naught. 

One pro of living in TX? Wearing our favorite 3 mo dresses as tops in the Fall! @kappaprep
Mini Cheese Fiend @TillamookCheese
Could not love my bug more.

Your fine and gross motor skills continue to develop before our very eyes... You can wave {sometimes}, flip yourself from one direction to another while seated, and you have that pincher grasp down pat!  We now have to cut your food into bite-sized chunks; otherwise, you get so excited about eating that you shove too much food into your mouth.  Folks are constantly amazed with your eating skills... Other babies might be crawling all over the place and pulling up, but your forte is at the dinner table! 

Daily Dose of Baby Cheese

You are laughing more and more this month. You've always been quick with smiles {although not for the camera... you consistently look decidedly unimpressed in photographs}, but you used to guard that laughter like Fort Knox... Now, tickling, The Boom, and zerberts are pretty reliable sources of laughter. 


You have the most expressive eyebrows and forehead. You give me these looks like "really, mom?!" and they just crack me up... I can see flashes of your teenage years and they are terrifying.

Watch out, Boom.

Oh. Yes. You started C-R-A-W-L-I-N-G this month!  It's really an army crawl, and you still prefer the barrel roll for long distance travel, but it definitely counts for something.  You are most likely to crawl for shoes or The Boom's bone.


We installed your big convertible car seat this month, and you enjoy it much more than the infant seat.  I think you like being able to look out the window and check things out! 

After 4 days of Terrible, someone is finally feeling Betterish!

Your sleep remains relatively unchanged.  You go down for the night at 7 and wake once to nurse anytime from 3:30 to 5:00.  You wake up for the day around 7.  You attempt two naps a day in your crib.  The first is almost always at 9 am on the dot, but the second is much more flexible, depending on what we're doing that day.  You still haven't embraced the great glory of napping.  You might nap for up to an hour and a half... but it's usually more like 30 or 45 minutes.  Or sometimes, you refuse to nap at all, preferring to roll around in your crib, jabbering to yourself.  Those days are particularly tiring, but you have such a happy temperament that I can't complain too much. 

No photos, asshole. #waiting

The only downer of the month was the super virus you caught right before your 8 month "birthday."  You ran a fever for the better part of five days {topping out at 104.2 and scaring the pants off me} and were generally pissed at the world {understandably so}.  It was a rough week for the both of us!  I did cave on my No TV Before Two rule and let you watch your first Sesame Street episode {fine, fine, and 30 minutes of Nashville... you loved the singing!}. It was a special "sick" treat, and I was happy it distracted you momentarily from your discomfort. We made two visits to the pediatrician and suffered through a truly miserable catheter experience, but came out the other side no worse for the wear and enjoyed some TLC thanks to a visit from GranJan.  

Leity Bug with a Lady Apple!
Now if only that navy now top came in my size too... #babyootd

Buggie-Boo, I say it every month, but life with you just keeps getting more fun!  I'd say I can't wait to see what next month brings, but, since this little ol' post is so late, I already know what's in store {spoiler alert: yep, you're still the most fun tot around!}. 


To the moon and back. 

Love, Mama. 


Eight Month Stats & Milestones

- 19 lbs 5 oz {sick visit estimation}
- height unknown
- Diaper size: same as 7 months
- Clothing size: some 9 mo, some 12 mo, and even some 12-18 mo

- first time swinging at the park
- new MeetUp friends
- began riding in your convertible car seat
- first pumpkin patch visit(s)
- started crawling {army crawling} - October 10

- plays well independently 
- crawls and scoots for shoes and Boom's toys
- sleeps 7-7, with one wake up 
- eats solids twice a day
- naps twice a day
- nurses 5-6 times a day

- nicknames: Leity Bear, Leity Bug, Buggie, Buglet, Bugaboo
- favorite toys: small board books, measuring cups, pink polkadot rubber duck, Melissa & Doug wooden worm
- favorite foods: grilled squash / zucchini, sweet potato, avocado, spanakopita 



  1. Awwww that last one with daddyo awwwwwww is all I can awwwwwww say about it awwwww

  2. Joining a Meetup group saved my sanity as well. We've been getting together for over a year now, and it's awesome seeing them grow up together.

    Also, we STRUGGLED with the two nap thing. My guy would nap for 30 minutes in the morning, and then fight the afternoon nap like it was his job. When we finally transitioned to one nap (we did it early, around 11 months), he started taking 2-2.5 hour naps right away. Knock on wood, we haven't deviated from that too, too much. It does get better!

  3. Eeek! She's so big and so cute! And she looks just like you!


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