Tuesday, November 27, 2012

9 months!

November 21, 2012


It feels like we were just singing Happy Birthday to 8 month old you {maybe because I just wrote your 8 month post - oops!}... And here we are again -- 9 Months!  Three-Quarters of a Year!  I'm going to gloss right over the part where I sob over your rapidly-disappearing babyhood, and get right to the fun stuff...


You are officially super-mobile this month... You have a crazy hybrid crawl -- part army-crawl, part traditional hands-n-knees, and part bear walk.  You now spend play time crawling, then pushing yourself up to a seated position... wash, rinse, repeat; over and over and over again.  You are no longer content to play in the open dining room where I can see you from the kitchen -- after a few minutes, I look down and you are right at my feet... or, more often, halfway to The Boom's water dish.  I wouldn't say you have separation anxiety yet, but you definitely prefer to be where "your people" are.

buds. #latergram

You are not pulling up yet... except in the bath.  You had your first seemingly-major boo boo this month when you tried to pull up in your infant bathtub and slipped out of my hands as I reached to stabilize you.  I was terrified that you'd cut your tongue or your chin, because there was a decent amount of blood, but it was just a tiny cut on your upper gums from your two bottom chompers.  Suffice to say, the big blue baby tub is no more.  You weren't so sure about being the little fish in the big tub at first, but you've warmed to your new bathing turf... as long as your rubber duckies are within reach!


The duckies!  Oh the duckies!  You love your rubber duckies.  You bathe with three and have a fourth in your toy bin.  In the tub, you often try to hold all three ducks at once, and you cry when we have to leave them behind at the end of bath time.  During squirmy diaper changes, a duck to hold almost always calms you down.  You were even the cutest little duckling I've ever seen for your first Halloween {a 100% appropriate costume that I can take absolutely zero credit for}!  We didn't do a whole lot to celebrate, but you were the belle of our playgroup's lakeside picnic ball, even though you weren't super pumped about the {multiple} photo shoot{s}.

One final gratuitous costume shot... The Party Fowl says Quacky Halloween! #latergram
Because if we don't wear all of our pumpkin themed outfits in a 24 hour period, we will have failed at Halloween.

We've always felt that you love music and rhythmic sound, but this month, I think we can state that as a fact!  You love to position yourself next to a wall or cabinet and kick, kick, kick your legs and laugh at the sound, and your favorite "toys" are ones with which you can drop a beat {an over-turned mixing bowl, measuring cups, small boxes, old child-safe vitamin bottles filled with beans}.  And!  A week ago, you started dancing.  I cannot even handle the cuteness when you start bopping your head and kicking your feet to whatever music is playing.  You will dance in your highchair, in your car seat, on the floor... the world is your stage.  You will even start flailing your legs and hips if we are bouncing you and stop before you're ready.


"Miss Mary Mack" is your kiddie song of choice this month {officially ousting Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old McDonald}; it is your absolute favorite at our Baby Bounce music class and is almost always guaranteed to draw out a smile for photographs.

New fuzzy fleece

We are pretty positive you said your first {and second... maybe third?} word this month... "dada."  I came home from a hair appointment while your Gigi was watching you, and I snuck up behind you while you were eating lunch, like your daddy does when he comes home from work during supper... You whipped your head around and excitedly exclaimed "dada!"... only to look crestfallen when you saw it was just me.  You've also said "dada" when you see photos of your dad around the house.  You often will say "baba" when you see The Boom... and I think you know what you're saying when you shout "duh! duh! duh!" in the bathtub with your duckies.  I understand that the "mmmmm" sound is a bit more difficult, but could we maybe work on "mama?"  Perhaps as a Christmas present?

Patriotic Outfits: Check! Civic Duty: Check!
Ready to roll! I don't know how all you Mamas-in-Cold-Climates do it... L is wearing a long-sleeved onesie, jeans, socks, a sweater vest, and a hoodie, and I feel like I just completed a 50 min cardio class. And it's only 55 degrees outside. #AmateurHour

Lots of Firsts in the Activity Department this month, as well... First voting experience, first trip to the zoo,  first train ride, and first finger painting endeavor! You were pretty "meh" about all of them, but I sure had fun... and you were a great sport -- always happy to be along for the ride.

No freakin' stickers {AGAIN...COME ON DALLAS CO.!}, so this shall have to do... Baby's First Voting Experience!  #election2012
Gorgeous day for the DMA + food tricks at Klyde Warren Park!

We made the road trip to Austin this month for Gran Jan's birthday... and you promptly came down with a bad cold.  There is nothing more sweetly pathetic than a coughy, wheezy, sneezy, snotty baby.  Even though it sucked you were sick again so soon after that nasty virus, you were much more agreeable this go 'round.  You are not much of a cuddler when you're feeling well, so I drank in those sniffly snuggles, let me tell you.

Almost packed the burpy bibs up last weekend... So glad I didn't! Best Runny Nose Rags Ever! #sickiessuck

Two more teeth this month -- those top front teeth finally popped through!  You look like such a big kid now when you smile.

We've got lots of hot coffee, 6 pounds of squash to chop, and the cutest damn waffle eater there ever was... Happy Thanksgiving Prep Sunday!

You added breakfast to your regular daily meals this month, and you're officially a fan. You love waffles and scrambled eggs.  Your other favorite foods this month were taco meat, tuna, and mac-n-cheese.  And you still can't get enough of avocado and sweet potato.  And you're definitely back on the bananas, after a bit of a strike. You really only nurse now when you wake up for the day and before you snooze {morning nap, afternoon nap, and bedtime} - sometimes there's an early morning snack thrown in for good measure {around 4:30 or 5 am}.

I could photograph this child eating waffles for hours.  Breakfast is officially her favorite meal. #babyledweaning

I refuse to jinx the situation by claiming your naps are finally on track, so I'll just say this: napping is much improved and much more regular this month.  Let's keep it going, kiddo!

Leftovers for breakfast = nap-crashed in record time.

I wish there was a Thesaurus for entire sentences, because I'm sure everyone is getting sick of me proclaiming "it just keeps getting better and better"...but it's true each and every month. You are a joy, plain and simple, and we could not love you more.


To the moon and back.

Love, Mama


9 Month Stats & Milestones

- Height & Weight to be updated after your doctor's appointment next week
- Diaper Size: 3 or 4 in disposables; still 3 snaps open in the middle / one snap open on the rise in BGs
- Clothing Size: Sleepers are all 12 mo or 12-18 mo; clothes are mostly 12 mo or 12-18 mo

- first Halloween {Oct 31}
- first Election Day {Nov 6}
- first zoo trip
- first craft projects 
- dances to music
- confident crawler
- top two middle teeth

- eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner
- sleeps 7-7
- naps twice a day
- nurses 5 times a day

- Nicknames: Leity Bug, Leity Bear, Buggie, Bug, Buglet, Monkey
- Favorite Toys: rubber duckies, anything she can bang to make noise, shoes, curling ribbon
- Favorite Foods: waffles, eggs, mac-n-cheese, sweet potato, taco meat, banana, tuna. 


  1. 9-12 months has been my favorite time so far - hope you love it as much as I did :) Also, someone once told me (with absolutely no scientific evidence to back it up, so take this with a grain of salt) that it takes babies awhile (not sure how long "awhile" is) to really realize that they are separate beings from their moms... so I used that little tidbit to comfort myself when Davis was all about "dada" for a long time! And now he says "mama" or "mommy" about a thousand times more often than "dada," so, I WIN! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh she sure did get big fast! What a little love.


  3. Love this age! Aw man, the first boo boo is SO hard--glad she got that one out of the way for you. And she is seriously getting so freaking big and mature! Definitely not an itty bitty baby anymore (not that she has been 'small' in quite some time, but you know what I mean). Love those eyes so much.


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